2014 WINGs Flight of Fashion

hot-pink-pants secret-garden casual-nude lbd jersey-cut-out-dress rocker-chic-braids chic-stripes crazy-crochet petite-lbd patterend-denim-suit bold-tribal-print-pants

I love when fashion meets a good cause. And when it comes to WINGs Flight of Fashion, they don’t call it the most meaningful fashion show in the Twin Cities for nothing. And last Friday I had an amazing opportunity to attend that fashion show.

United Way WINGs is committed to investing in women by providing them with the tools to succeed both financially and professionally. Flight of Fashion helps support the WINGs mission by empowering women through fashion and philanthropy.

They raised over $25,000 to support all the different programs they have for girls and women just that night!

The show took place in a beautiful Radisson Blu at the Mall of America and was hosted by Minneapolis-based style expert Grant Whittaker, and Allison Kaplan from MPLS St. Paul Magazine.

Plus a huge shout out to Haus Salon for the wonderful hair! Totally digging all the braids!

To learn more about United Way Women’s Giving, click here.

Of course on top of seeing new styles and looks from local boutiques like Maha, Minq, Motto, Grethen House, June, Fashion Avenue (my favorite upscale consignment shop) and Arrow, was seeing my wonderful blogger friends from Minneapolis/St Paul area! Aren’t we a great looking group?


From left to right: Katie from To Live for Style, Yours Truly, Cate and Tammy of Wild Ruffle, Meg and Nora of Two Birds, and Sally of Already Pretty 

beingzhenya-alreadypretty beingzhenya-toliveforstyle

 I am wearing: DKNY sequin pants – thrifted, nude heels – Target, button down – TJ Maxx, Necklace – Wild Ruffle, tote – Free People

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L is for Lace {A-Z Challenge}

lace-dresses-shop lace-collection-shop lace-shoes-shop

As much as I would like to make this post about leather, I am going a different, more feminine route this time and posting about lace. Some may consider lace old fashioned, it definitely doesn’t have the edge leather brings to an outfit. But sometimes no edge is good. I feel like I’ve been edgy with a lot of my outfits lately. I think it helps me stay strong and confident. You know they say – be careful about your style, it tells people who you are. Sometimes I want my style to state that I am tough and strong and you better not mess with me. But today I am feeling girly and flirty, today is about lace.

If your style could talk, what would it say about you?

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PS. There will be an edgy outfit featuring my amazing faux leather jacket later this week! But shhh!


K is for Kimonos and Kaftans {A-Z Challenge}

kimono-inspired Kimonos-Kaftans

I am a little behind on my A to Z challenge, but here is letter K post. I am really excited about it, because I made it all about kimonos and kaftans (caftans). I know a few brave people who have actually worn those in real life, and looked amazing! I am hoping to be able to pull one off sometime this summer. But don’t you just love oriental inspired clothing?


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Personal Microderm Device – My experience


It’s been 3 weeks since I started using a Personal Microderm Device. I remember when I first heard about it after one of the seasons of The Bachelor ended (yes, back in the day I used to watch that show), and thought to myself – Wow! That’s a neat product. I am so excited to actually own it and share my thoughts and experience with you. And as you may have guessed, this is a sponsored post, but I wouldn’t be sharing it, if I didn’t think you’d find this review useful, and as always – all opinions are my own!


So what is PMD Personal Microderm device?

“PMD is an amazing device that helps women uncover their most vibrant, radiant complexion through an easy series of treatments. It replicates the treatment given by professionals by using the same Aluminum Oxide crystals on the patented spinning discs. The hand-held tool uses vacuum action to gently pull skin towards the disc for optimum exfoliation. Once it removes the dead skin cells and reveals a clear, healthy complexion, your skin is able to absorb products much more effectively. It works will all skin types and unclogs pores, smooths, evens tone, reduces blemishes and improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.” 

How do you use it?

This is a very helpful video that talks about the device. It covers everything from plugging it in, to cleaning it, to avoiding the eye area. It talks about the do’s and don’ts and helps you find your way to a clear complexion.

How do I use it?

I use my device once a week, usually on Saturday night, before bed. I like using my device at night, because it allows me not to worry whether I am wearing enough sunscreen or not. Plus I use a thicker, richer cream at night time, and I want that to absorb quickly.
The first time I used the device was a little funny and awkward, it almost felt like I was vacuuming my face. But I got the hang of it soon enough. And no, it doesn’t hurt at all!
I am still on my white training disk and am loving it. I will probably replace it after one more treatment and switch to the green one.
I have only tried PMD Personal Microderm Device on my face, with an exception of testing it out on my arm. I am kind of nervous and excited to try it on my elbows or heels.

Have I noticed any results?

Absolutely! I noticed that my skin is a lot smoother, especially on my cheeks (that’s always been my problem area). My acne scars heal faster, and if I pop a pimple (let’s be honest here! Who doesn’t do that?) it goes away faster too.
I am paying special attention to my nose when I treat my skin, I am really hoping it will help with black heads!

Skincare with PMD

As interesting as it’s going to sound, PMD offers a 3 step skin care system along with the device. Having worked in cosmetics, I am a huge fan of a 3 step system. So that definitely earned them some points with me!

Special Offer 

Not only am I sharing my experience and review with you today, but I am also excited to share this discount code! It’s good through the end of May and will help you save on your own PMD Personal Microderm Device. Just enter pmdbeauty25 at checkout!

I am definitely planning on using my device for a couple more weeks, and then taking a break. I want to make sure I do what’s best for my skin. I will probably cut back on the microdermabrasion during the summer, since I spend a lot of time outside.

Overall the device is easy to use, it’s effective and extremely helpful. I can see it becoming an important part of my weekly skincare routine. 

Have you ever gotten a microdermabrasion? What about a PMD Device? Do tell!

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J is for Jumpsuit {A-Z Challenge}



Once a big fashion no-no becomes a big YES, I’m on it! And that’s what jumpsuits are this season.

Having been obsessed with them for the past two weeks, I finally made it to the store on Tuesday to try one or two on. No luck for me in that department yet. But jumpsuits are definitely flattering and compliment almost every body type. Plus they are so easy to style.

Hopefully I’ll have some amazing outfit photos for you styling a jumpsuit. And if you find a great vintage one, send the links my way! Will you?

Meanwhile I am obsessing over this Nanette Lepore jumpsuit!


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Peace and Grunge

grunge-look grunge-outfit grunge-inspired modern-grunge

Happy Friday and a flash back to the 90′s. With the weather finally warming up and spring being here, I can’t stop but take more and more outfit photos outside. My almost 18 year old photographer is amazing, and I love her so much for dealing with me almost every day! Thank you Elvira, you are a star!

Being busy is hard. Being busy and blogging almost every day of the week is hard. Being Zhenya is hard. But in spite of all that, it’s still fun and amazing. And I count my blessings every day when I get to share my post with you, because I get to share my life, my passions and my dreams with you.

Grunge is something I WASN’T in high school. But it was amazing to try on, and I’ll be honest, I loved it!

90′s style love it or hate it? Do tell!

And even though I am a day late for #ThriftStyleThursday, I know these girls have some great ideas and inspirations for you:

Spoolish // Buttons and Birdcages // Sandpaper Kisses // Sincerely Miss J

Alligator Toe // The Two Cent Chick // Snippets with Alex

Eclecticity // Confessions of a Refashionista // sistasfromcali

Erika’s Style Diary!

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I is for Indie {A-Z Challenge}

  indie-chic indie-style indie-boho-look boho-chic

indie-style-look-collection indie-style-shop

I is for Indie, and indie is trendy. I learned that back in 2006, and haven’t forgotten it since. Indie to me means a symbiosis of styles, pieces, and eras. Indie to me is taking time to make (sew, knit, crochet, embroider, …) my own clothes. Indie to me is thrifting and looking for inspiration in the vintage pieces I find.

Indie to me is wearing cowboy boots to work, and being proud of it! What does indie mean to you?

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H is for Hologram {A-Z Challenge}

holo1 hologram

Another day in the Fashion Alphabet and A to Z challenge. Letter H is for hologram. A trend I am yet to try. And since I don’t own any amazing clutches or shoes, I am going to share my amazing Mavatar collection with you once again! As I sit here sipping my green tea, I have to admit I am loving all those Milly items so much, I hope you share my obsession!

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PS. Have you tried oil pulling yet?


Florals and Flare

florals-flare-grey-outfit flare-pants-skinny-legs flare-gap-trousers blonde-blogger fashion-flare-pants flare-trend-spring-2014

Gap flare trouser pants – thrifted, Merona grey cardigan – thrifted, Mossimo black booties,
American Rag top – Macy’s, BeingZhenya necklace – ONecklace.com, Watch – Marc by Marc Jacobs,
Lucky Sunnies – TJMaxx

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful outside and I couldn’t NOT spend at least half of my day in the park. It’s very easy when you have my job. I might have caught a little sun on my nose as well!

I sort of fell for the flare trend again, and was specifically shopping for wide bottom jeans last Sunday at Goodwill. I am so glad these cost only $4.50. They are truly magical, like in that Sisterhood series, they make my legs look so skinny, I love the visual illusion and silhouette they create. And I’ve never gotten so many compliments on my pants before.

Too 70′s? What do you think about flare?

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G is for Glamour {A-Z Challenge}


Merriam-Webster defines glamour as “a very exciting and attractive quality, a magic spell, an exciting and often illusory and romantic attractiveness”. Oxford Dictionary says: “The attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people or things seem appealing or special”. It’s a word that sounds almost the same in Russian as it does in English. Glamour is universal and it’s everywhere. Glamour is full of excitement and appeal, it’s something we want and long for. Glamour to me is life in a big city. Travelling. A career. Designer clothes…

But then it becomes my goal, and I am working my way through the daily routine to get there, to my better life. And while I am on my way, I’ll shop some!

fragrances-spring-2014 glamour-shoes-spring-2014 glamour-clothes-spring-2014

View the rest of my collection on Mavatar and apply to become a Mavatar publisher here!


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