Winterizing your Hair

This is going to be a post about different hair treatments, some of which I’ve tried, some of which I haven’t. But as long as you are a hair freak like me, meaning you love your hair and taking care of it – this post is for you!

My number one favorite product is the Coconut oil. It comes in many different sizes and forms (brands and amounts), and serves it’s purpose really well. It’s also very versatile, I’ve heard people put it on popcorn, and fry with it, but I wouldn’t go to such extremes, I usually put it on the ends and keep it in for at least 30 minutes, then I was it off. The danger of coconut oil is – if applied to your roots in lavish amounts, it’ll take forever to wash out. So be careful and don’t over-coconut yourself!

My second favorite is the Henna-Placenta treatment, that’s been on sale at Walgreens for 99c all last week. So I went and got 3 packets, one of which I’ve almost used up. The trick with this treatment is to make it last. One packet is good for 3 treatments (at least that’s how it works for me, and I have medium length fine hair). But you are going to need a shower cap for this treatment. Make sure you save yourself some money – go buy a 15 pack of shower caps at the Dollar Store. Whoever decided to charge $3 for a shower cap was a cruel, cruel person!

I love this treatment here – it’s a deep conditioning mask that I brought from Russia, smells like a pear, works like a charm. Why is there an ostrich on the jar? Well it contains emu oil. I know this can’t be found in the US, but if you are ever in Russia go buy it, come back to me and I will tell you how to use it!

Moroccan oil is another thing that’s been extremely popular lately. My friend Lena tried this oil treatment and said that it was perfect, didn’t make hair greasy or anything. And it’s a leave-in treatment too! Gotta love those. BTW this line is on sale at Walgreens this week! It’s a buy one get one free! So I highly recommend making a trip to your local Walgreens, but check out the Weekly Ad first, to make sure that you have the same deal in your city, like we do in Minneapolis. Don’t want to send you to a Walgreens for nothing!

Back in the day when I was living in NJ and my hair was a hell of a lot different colors, I was desperate to try anything, even hair mayonnaise. And even though this treatment wasn’t for my type of hair, it still worked pretty well! I did get weird looks from the cashier when buying it though! Oh well, what wouldn’t you do for your own hair?


Now moving on to the treatments that I didn’t like. L’Oreal Ever Sleek was so sleek, my hair got stuck together and looked greasy 30 minutes after the shower. I can’t speak for the shampoos and conditioners, but the leave-in didn’t work for my fine hair at all. So I kissed that one Good-bye! Good thing it was only a sample.

ย  ย  Another not so great treatment is the Garnier mask for color-treated hair. It’s only benefit – is the good smell! That’s all.





Now, we all know Organic is supposed to work wonders! WRONG! This Burt’s Bees treatment was the worst one I’ve ever tried. Again, the smell was the only appealing feature. But if I used everything that smelled good, I don’t know who I’d be!



And now the products that fall into the “MEH” category:

Some other helpful tips, other than deep-conditioning, would be:

– cut back on the blowdryer, straightener and curling iron,

– wear hats/scarves or both ๐Ÿ˜‰

– don’t go outside with wet hair (my husband is guilty of that!)

– it’s also important to eat healthy and drink a lot of water, but you already knew that, right?

Happy Thanksgiving week! I am too excited for the upcoming Christmas, and the holiday season in general, hope you are too!





  1. Yes, you can find emu oil in the US!

  2. Oops, forgot the “t” at the end of coconut :/

  3. I love anything coconu-related, oil, water, shampoo, you name it! I started using Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil a couple years ago and have used as a hair treatment as well as a moisturizer, it’s absolutely addictive, I love it!

    • I have a small jar of coconut oil, that I got from CVS, but I am planning on buying a larger one once that runs out. Thanks for heads up on the Spectrum brand!

  4. You can try olive oil. Put some olive oil before you wash your hair, wrap it with a wet hot towel and leave it for 1/2h . It makes hair stronger. Try to use it often at least once a week .. while you polish your nail; you will be surprised. Cheap and healthy. No bad smell or greasy hair, I promise.

  5. You know I have to say love your reviews on these products but….as a mother of 7 kids I will never buy a product with the word placenta plastered across it. I don’t care if Ryan Reynolds offered to put it on my head naked while Antonio Banderas whispered sweet nothings in my ear in Spanish and fed me Godiva chocolates. It’s just a rule I have ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Well the only reason why I bought it was because it had the word HENNA next to it ๐Ÿ™‚ I know how good it is for hair, but when it comes to placenta, I know what you mean. In Russia there are clinics that make women get abortions and sell the placenta to French and other European companies that produce cosmetics. On the other hand – 7 kids – WOW and I admire you!

  6. I swear by Aussie Sydney Smooth 3 Minute Miracle. You use it the same as conditioner, leave in for -you guessed it- 3 minutes and your hair will be soft, untangled, amazing. I also cannot live without Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum. I call it my “hair magic”. lol As for more natural hair treatments: “shampoo” with baking soda, condition with apple cider vinegar. Sure your hair will smell vinegary but only until it dries and once it does you’ll be amazed at how soft, light, and smooth your hair will be. Also: mix a little honey into your usual conditioner, wash out well – smooth & soft yet again. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Meg, I used to put honey water in my hair, it did make it shinier! Vinegar wise, I make an apple cider vinegar/rosemary oil treatment that helps faster hair growth ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  7. When I was still living in the Philippines, I used fresh coconut milk on my hair. It worked wonder. But it could get really greasy I have to shampoo my hair at least twice.

  8. I love coconut oil, moroccan oil, matterfact, just about everything you posted I like or have used before.

  9. I’m a coconut oil girl too. I would be lost without it.


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