Warby Parker’s New Limited Edition 1922 Collection

Warby Parker, a company that brings us the latest designer sunglasses at affordable prices, has come out with another great eye wear collection with a vintage twist and I am so excited to be sharing it with you today!


This time the designers are taking us back into 1922! And before I share pictures of the product, let’s look back into the era (photos courtesy of Shorpy.com)





I actually think those ladies could use some Warby Parker sunglasses to go with those hats 😉



Now let’s take a look at the collection:

WP 1



The New Collection includes 3 new styles: Porter, Duke and Joplin. That includes both eyeglasses and sunglasses! Let’s take a look at some of those:

WP Duke

Duke Optical in Gold




WP Joplin

Joplin Sun Silver



WB Porter

Porter Sun Gimlet Turquoise




I hope you enjoyed the release of this limited edition collection as much as I did! Which style do you like the best? I think I am definitely a Joplin girl!

Happy Tuesday and stay tuned for more posts on BeingZhenya this week!



  1. I swear I had the frames in the first pic in 1991. I feel like my youth is made fun of.

  2. I like the Porter!

  3. Love the post! Kinda want the glasses now that I’ve been staring at them!

    • I know! Me too! It’s the second time I promoted WP product on my blog, and when they emailed me this time around, I asked them for a pair of shades, to which they said no, but maybe in the future! But they are known for their quality and design, maybe I’ll splurge after all! 🙂

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