Top 5 Winter Looks

1. Chunky Sweater + Corduroys

2. Monochrome
3. Maxi
4. Fur
5. Puffy Coat


  1. Feel free to send a little snow my way!

  2. Love the idea of a maxi skirt in winter! Cute!

    xo, Kenya

  3. I love the first look, too. Must find mittens like that!

  4. I love those yellow tights in the fifth look (Puffy Coat). Are they Hue?

    • No, they were cheap from some random store in NYC, like Strawberry or something 🙂 Had them for ages!

  5. The first one is perfect! ! ♥

  6. As great as these ar, the only thing I am wanting right now this winter is summer… 😉

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