Wish List. Timeless.

After having talked to a lot of fashion bloggers, many of which I am proud to call friends, one goal or resolution seemed to stand out for 2014 – Buy more timeless pieces. Invest into timeless pieces.

I think the problem or issue with style and fashion bloggers these days is that we spend so much money on trends, that by the end of the year half of our closet goes out of style.

So today I picked a few pieces from Persunmall.com that I would like to have in the new 2014 year, and that I consider timeless. (Right in time for Santa too 😉 )


1. Princess Style Dress – here 2. Simple White Dress – here 3. Elegant Heels – here


4. Vintage Inspired Dress – here 5. Heart Shaped Bracelet – here 6. Layered bracelet – here

7. Black and white dress – here 

What is your 2014 fashion/style goal or resolution? And what piece do you consider timeless?

Happy Holidays,


It’s Okay to Look: Van Mildert

I often find myself looking at clothes that are carried in stores outside of the US. I do believe that European fashion is somewhat different, and even though globalization’s got the best of this industry, there are still some differences and it’s totally okay to look!

Today I am going to look at Van Mildert, a chain of stores in the North of England (similar to our Nordstrom) with fashion, innovative product and lifestyle. I think UK was an obvious choice here regarding Kate Middleton and her perfect style! Catering for both men and women, these stores offer fashion across many platforms to the style and image conscious. Since 1996 they’ve been encapsulating all that is new and exciting within the fashion industry and showcase this product under one roof alongside some of the strongest and most relevant collections in the world. All stores offer a wide variety of collections to suit the broad clientele and are spilt across sections catering for young fashion, branded fashion, concept design, and premium sportswear.

But enough talking let’s do some looking 😉 That’s what we are here for after all! I was looking for fall 2013 and the first thing that I’ve noticed and really liked was the fact that every item is clearly labeled whether it’s the new collection or not! Thumbs up for that!

PicMonkey Collagetext

You can tell I am putting an outfit together here, can you not? 😉

I also think this Vivienne Westwood short coat would be perfect for fall:
VW coat copyLet me know what do you think of my picks for the fall, and if you are from the UK I would love to know more about the shopping experience at Van Mildert!