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Sundays are perfect! They are laid back, they are relaxed, they are mine! Sundays are great for planning, for inspiration. Since moving into our new home, we’ve been trying to decorate it and set it up just the way we like it. And so far, only the living room has been coming along. Of course setting up a home takes time, and a lot of patience, but I have been really focusing on the upstairs story and half space, that is also my office/writing space. Would you like to see my wish board?


The rest of my wish board is here:

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My other weakness are the shoes, and this spring, above all else, I want to be comfortable! What about you?

comfyspringshoes Check out the rest of my board on Mavatar!

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And finally, some accessories to share with you on this beautiful Sunday morning! I hope there is less snow where you are 😉


More of my picks of sunglasses, hats, scarves, and keychains here:

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Enjoy the rest of your weekend! See you tomorrow – I have an exciting new Giveaway for you coming up!


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Wish List. Timeless.

After having talked to a lot of fashion bloggers, many of which I am proud to call friends, one goal or resolution seemed to stand out for 2014 – Buy more timeless pieces. Invest into timeless pieces.

I think the problem or issue with style and fashion bloggers these days is that we spend so much money on trends, that by the end of the year half of our closet goes out of style.

So today I picked a few pieces from that I would like to have in the new 2014 year, and that I consider timeless. (Right in time for Santa too 😉 )


1. Princess Style Dress – here 2. Simple White Dress – here 3. Elegant Heels – here


4. Vintage Inspired Dress – here 5. Heart Shaped Bracelet – here 6. Layered bracelet – here

7. Black and white dress – here 

What is your 2014 fashion/style goal or resolution? And what piece do you consider timeless?

Happy Holidays,


January Wish list vs Shopping list

We all need wish lists, and we also need shopping lists, today I am going to share mine! We are going to begin with a shopping list. I am not going to bore you with grocery lists and cleaning supplies, but let’s talk home decor, make up and all the fun stuff!

Zhenya’s January shopping list!

1. Haircut (see yesterday’s post for more details!)

2. Perfume (I am all out, I do have a little sample of Demeter Fireplace, but who for the love of God would want to smell like an actual fireplace?)

3. A comforter/bed set! Yes I am in the biggest need of sheets, cute pillows and a bed skirt, though I have doubts on the latter. And I am determined to get mine from Burlington Coat Factory, or at least Marshall’s 🙂 We’ll see where I can get a better price. Sorry JCPenny and Pottery Barn, you are just not my cup of tea!

I promise to post pics and reviews on everything that I get!

Now on to Zhenya’s January wish list:

1. This awesome clock:

I’ll let you in on a secret, this is also available at Burlington, but I saw this one in Fargo, so I have no idea if it’s available in Minneapolis or not 🙂

2. Yarn, to make a cable knit throw, like the one I saw at the Galleria in Edina. Check out my post about Etsy to see what exactly I am talking about.

3. Diffusers, candles (SOY!) and other cute little things to decorate the apt with!

Now I will probably end up getting the stuff from the wish list too, but if anyone wants to send me some, I’ll be more than happy 🙂