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Sundays are perfect! They are laid back, they are relaxed, they are mine! Sundays are great for planning, for inspiration. Since moving into our new home, we’ve been trying to decorate it and set it up just the way we like it. And so far, only the living room has been coming along. Of course setting up a home takes time, and a lot of patience, but I have been really focusing on the upstairs story and half space, that is also my office/writing space. Would you like to see my wish board?


The rest of my wish board is here:

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My other weakness are the shoes, and this spring, above all else, I want to be comfortable! What about you?

comfyspringshoes Check out the rest of my board on Mavatar!

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And finally, some accessories to share with you on this beautiful Sunday morning! I hope there is less snow where you are 😉


More of my picks of sunglasses, hats, scarves, and keychains here:

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Enjoy the rest of your weekend! See you tomorrow – I have an exciting new Giveaway for you coming up!


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Motivational/Wish Board 2012

This is one of the IFB projects of the week, and since today is December, 31, and I was determined to blog and work out (well working out has nothing to do with blogging, but I need to work out twice today, cuz I skipped yesterday… anyways done with the blah blah blah, I’ll tell you all about my working out system sometime next week) I decided to work on this! The task is: Create a Motivational Mood Board and share on your blog! I know that a lot of bloggers have been doing recaps on their blog, the best posts of the last year, stats, and all that, I decided not to do that, but to look into the next year instead and create a motivational wish board. Sounds kinda ironic, I know. Here is the deal – wish boards are very popular in Russia, there is even a YouTube video on how to make one, but since most of you probably don’t speak Russian, I am going to share that with you! And to demonstrate everything, I am going to create a collage! It’s going to consist of 9 parts (like a 3 x 3). Your picture goes in the centre! Top left corner is where the money is going to be, or the riches, or anything that you associate with riches! Fame and Success will be right above your picture. Top right corner is a place for family, kids, etc. To the left of your picture you are going to put something that you enjoy, something that calms you down, or makes you happy. To the right of your picture you are going to put a picture of what you want your house to look like. Bottom left corner is travelling, a place where you want to go. Under your picture you are going to put something related to your career, the way you see yourself at work. And bottom right corner is for important people in your life, or people who inspire you! So you should end up with something like this!

Happy 2012! May all your dreams and wishes come true!