Feel Good, Eat Better, Save Time with PlateJoy Meal Planning Service

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As Tom Ford once said: “Time and Silence are the most luxurious things today”. And while I definitely value silence, I value time a lot more. A lot of you may know me as a crazy diet girl who is always trying new recipes and eating odd meals. If you ask my coworkers, they will confirm that I eat for nutrition, and can often be found crunching on a carrot or munching on a kale leaf. Side note: I love kale and have googled kale tattoos on a number of different occasions.

So since I am not getting any more hours in my day, and my plate is starving for variety, this year I decided to turn to PlateJoy for help.

PlateJoy is a custom meal plan service. Their goal is to help us eat healthy and save time. They are not a meal delivery service, but rather help you create a one week meal plan based on your dietary needs/preferences.

Instead of spending hours searching for recipes that match my preferences, PlateJoy creates a plan tailored to my nutrition needs, tastes, portion size and time constraints, with as many simple, delicious recipes as I want each week. All of the recipes can be printed or exported as PDF and saved.
PlateJoy also sends a grocery list thats built to save time at the store, and that gives me the most bang for my buck (and reduces food waste!) because ingredients are being used across multiple recipes. The best part is, the ingredients can also be delivered right to my door via Instacart.

The first step you do answer a few questions about yourself and your family. Some of the questions include the following:

  • How often do you eat meat?
  • Are you limiting carbohydrates?
  • What kind of ingredients do you try to avoid?
The system then generates your very own menu. I swear it’s like Christmas every time! I love a good menu full of surprises.
Then you simply update the pantry letting the system know what items you currently have and what items you need and viola! You get a grocery list that can also be printed or saved as PDF.
Every week you will get an email reminder to update the menu, and while you are at it, you can update the questionnaire! Have friends or family coming to town? Up the number of people you are cooking for and impress everyone with your great culinary skills!
I can’t begin to describe how valuable I find this service. The recipes are amazing, the snacks are healthy, there are batch meal options. I added in a weight loss goal as well, so I know there is portion control! I don’t have a lot of time or motivation to make breakfast in the mornings, so I adjusted my time limit to 10 minutes and now I get all sorts of amazing breakfast options! And just look at these delicious recipes! How can you not drool?
platejoy-review platejoy-review platejoy-review
A couple other cool things that come with your membership!:
  • Your very own personal chef who can help adjust your menus to your preferences.
  • Your digital pantry that remembers what you have on hand each week. You’ll be able to update it with every menu, to make sure your shopping lists accurately reflect what you have.
  • Nutritional information for all meals — you can find this at the end of your recipe guide!

If you choose to subscribe, make sure to use this link in order to receive $15 off any meal plan!

LIVESTRONG Zhenya – It’s over!

Well over is not exactly the right word! My daily posts are over, but I am keeping my profile on www.livestrong.com , for my own personal record, you can check it out if you want too!

Some results, some numbers…

I lost 4 pounds in a week, just by tracking my calories down, working out, eating right.

I can finally say that I’ve had 64 oz of water every day during this period of time.

I worked out for at least 10 minutes a day, plus walking – walking is a GREAT exercise!

I am now one of those people who reads all the ingredients and counts the calories when buying food at the supermarket.

I have finally gotten used to drinking a glass of water before every meal!

Thank you for checking out on my journey with me (it was short but good). I might blog about it in the future, just to keep you updated, tell you how I am doing. Don’t forget my FAV FAV FAV YouTube Channel, wonderful workouts, videos in Russian and English


Live Strong,