Kid Koala Nufonia Must Fall Review

Kid Koala Nufonia Must Fall

Kid Koala Nufonia Must Fall Kid Koala Nufonia Must Fall

Kid Koala Nufonia Must Fall is a beautiful love story between a robot and a human, spiced with everyday issues and troubles we all face unraveled before my eyes last Saturday night at the Walker Art Center. Having gotten the tickets as hand-me downs from my in-laws, Sam and I didn’t know what to expect. And that was the best part.

The show featured a puppet theater, that we got to tour afterwards, video, a string quartet and a nest of electric instruments. You could watch the musicians, or the screen, or the puppeteers, and be equally entertained. The experience could be described as entertainment borderline fascination.

T4 Robot is the main character, who works as a customer service rep then a sandwich maker is the main character.  He wears over the ear headphones and records everything that’s going on around him on cassettes. He seems to be in his own little world, wrapped up in his problems. After T4’s boss replaces him with a new robot that features 8 arms, and can do 4 times more work, T4 leaves the building, he shares the elevator down with a girl named Malorie, who becomes his love interest. Malorie has a coy smile, a pet cricket and two tickets to go on vacation. As the story unfolds her interest for T4 becomes obvious, and not to spoil things further, I recommend checking out the show if it comes to your city.

As dramatic as some of the scenes were, quiet a few generated laughter. There were even a few local references here and there (Target, Surly and MSP airport here’s looking at you).

In the end it was a story of how our daily struggles are nothing compared to the love and laughter we share with those close to us.

Kid Koala Nufonia Must Fall IMG_5527 Kid Koala Nufonia Must Fall Kid Koala Nufonia Must Fall Kid Koala Nufonia Must Fall Kid Koala Nufonia Must Fall

Kid Koala Nufonia Must Fall

4 years

Sam and I got married 4 years ago today! I still can’t believe it’s been this long. And maybe compared to other marriages 4 years isn’t that long, we are still amazed at how far we’ve come along.   

We had a great time last night at the Walker Art Center’s Pop Remix, the terrace was open and we got to see a fashion show featuring Emma Berg’s new line, as well as Christian Joy Costumes collection!   


Afterwards we ended up going to the  Uptown diner for burgers and malts! 

Happy Friday everyone! Have an awesome weekend! 

Rock the Garden Recap + Very Girly Cocktail Recipe



Last Sunday I got an awesome chance to see Rock the Garden, from a rooftop. My in-laws live in Lowry Hill right behind the Walker, so Sam and I literally climbed the roof. We are not as glamorous as you may have thought when you started reading this post 😉

The two bands worth mentioning are The Ghost of A Saber Tooth Tiger (ft. Sean Lennon), and Modest Mouse. Sean Lennon looked just like I remember him from when he performed in Moscow, just with longer hair.

Modest Mouse was amazing, and of course not enough. But they were totally worth climbing the roof for. And it was even better because Sam climbed it with me.

We managed to fit in Father’s Day dinner, a walk, and some cocktails in between performances.

2015-06-21 20.42.30

And I wanted to share our cocktail recipe with you, but be warned, I eyeball everything:


– rum

– fresca

– orange/tangerine tropicana

– scoop of watermelon gelato

How to:

Start with rum, then add orange/tangerine juice, then some Fresca, top it off with the scoop of gelato, and add some more Fresca to melt the gelato. Don’t forget ice! I only had one of these, but I definitely could’ve gone for two more 😉





My look: DressForever 21,

Turquoise necklace (similar) – thrifted,

Birkenstocks – not shown here 😉 – Hautelook

The Color Blue



A couple weeks ago Sally McGraw of Already Pretty invited me to attend Girl’s Night Out put on by Lee Jeans. I had to agree because I have never owned or even tried a pair of Lee Jeans on in my life, and the event also took place at the McNamara Alumni Center at the U. And since I was already on campus that day I didn’t want to miss out on hanging out with some of my favorite blogger people, and meet new ones.

The party was amazing, just what I needed after a long day of class. Plus I got to catch up with Sally, Katie Schutrop, Megan and Nora of Two Birds, and finally meet Elizabeth Dehn of Beauty Bets.

Now about the jeans. I will be honest, I was impressed. Shelby, who works for Lee was extremely helpful and attentive when it came to picking out the size or the style. It was all about what I wanted and what I was looking for.

I am a huge skinny jeans fan, and I really wanted a pair of those, but they were out of my size. So instead I walked away with a pair of bootcut jeans, which I loved, and may be more on the classic side and not my edgy side, but gotta tame that edge somehow, right?

One thing about those jeans though – they are so comfortable and literally feel like yoga pants. They stretch but at the same time don’t stretch out, so they don’t lose their shape by the end of the day, which is amazing.

I have been wearing them on and off for the past week and a half, and last Saturday night when my brother and sister in law were in town, we all went to the Walker, which is celebrating its 75 anniversary, so all of the galleries are open, including their selfie station! We had a blast!

WalkerArtCenterSelfie BlueJeans

ChuckClose CrystalLightChandelier KeithHerring

2014-10-23 09.13.10

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On the go snacks

Disclosure: This #BarNutrition shop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are my own. 



I have to admit, going to college in September is terrifying. I know it will stretch me and push me out of my comfort zone. No, more like, pick me up like a tornado and drop me off in OZ. I am mentally preparing, and equipping myself with all sorts of tools. And of course the freshmen 15 come to mind (even though I am not going to be a freshman), and with all the commuting I am going to do, food will probably be the last thing on my mind. I can already see myself living off of coffee. But because I don’t want to faint in class, I decided to look into some snack options that are different from my usual choices, like these Wellness Life Choice Bars that are only available at Walmart in the cereal isle (see them right under the granola sign? I rarely go to Walmart because it’s out of the way, but I think these bars will make me go there more often). When it comes to on the go snacks, I am all about nutrition. So these peanut butter energy bars became a perfect solution. Plus right now there is a coupon you can use, and save $1 off a box of 5 (while supplies last).


But why wait till september to stock up and eat those delicious bars? Yesterday my friend Jameson and I went to explore Minneapolis Institute of Art (a post about that to come!). As embarrassing as it is, having lived in Minneapolis for 3 years, this was my first visit there. And it was amazing. Of course after 3 hours that we spent walking around the most beautiful art space in Minneapolis (sorry, Walker Art Center), we were both tired and hungry. So I had a little snack on the bench.





What are your favorite snacks? What do you eat when you are on the go?

Weekly Wear May 24

hello-dress-blue-cardigan-outfit silk-dress-rachel-roy polka-dots-coach-purse-jeans minneapolis-sculpture-garden daisy-romper

How was your week? I know I had a blast! From that daisy romper that I bought on Tuesday, to the fact that everyone thought it was pajamas, to then you all telling me on Twitter and Instagram that you love it, and that I should keep it! The verdict is: I am keeping it!

Thursday was probably the highlight of my week, when we went to the Walker, Sculpture Garden and Brit’s Pub with my friend Michelle. She was an awesome first house guest. And we had a blast! The Hopper exhibit at the Walker is by far the best one I’ve seen there. Maybe because it’s from The Whitney Museum, and whatever comes from New York, I am automatically bias? But to be 100% honest, I love early 1900 art. But can’t stand the neon vaginal or penal installations that people like to call modern art these days. So definitely go check out the exhibit! I am sure you’ll love it!

hopper-walker-art-center hopper-the-whitney-art-museum

How was your week? I am off to take siding off my house! I hope you have a productive and amazing Memorial Day weekend!

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Эта неделя была намного лучше предыдущей. Я наконец-то купила себе ромпер, и мне все равно, что многие на работе думали что это пижама, в Твиттере и Инстагрм, вы все сказали, что он классный! Так что он остается!

Четверг был самым лучшим днем недели, мы сходили на выставку художника Хоппера, посмотрели его творчество из Нью Йорка!

Извините, что по-русски мало, я пошла сдирать сайдинг с нашего дома!


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