Walking my New Shoes

I’ve been dying to wear my new thrifted Cabin Creek shoes. And today, I finally did 🙂 Here is what else I wore

Cabin Creek shoes – Goodwill – $4.99

Vintage Skirt – Salvation Army – $1.99

Grandma’s top and necklace – PRICELESS

Vintage Coach Bag – Steeple People – $10








Hope you al had an awesome weekend!



How Small Shoulder Pads Make A Big Difference (When Removed)

Here is the best thing about freecycling clothes – you never know what you are going to get!
I recently ended up with a lot of polka dots items! Here are 3 of them:


I took out little post it notes and wrote how I wanted to refashion those items. One of them being a shirt (that I turn into a blazer in todays post – it was so easy, you are going to fall off your chairs 🙂 )and then the other tfolk polka dots surprises are pants, both of which will get refashioned sometime soon, hopefully this weekend!

The first thing I wanted to do was get rid of the shoulder pads, because they werent rocking my boat!


Then I rolled up the sleeves! Since this is a 100% polyester Chaus top, I can’t imagine anyone wearing this as a shirt! Maybe in the winter, but you would still sweat buckets! The tricky thing with polyester though is that when rolled up it doesn’t necessarily hold the intended shape, so I suggest you make a couple stitches and hold that rolled up fold in place, or you can jut safety pin it, if you are like me 🙂 I told you it was going to be easy! And perfect with skinnies:



Sorry for being MIA – I had training at work – free food and beauty products 🙂 ah – life is good 🙂
Have an awesome weekend everyone!

Affordable Costume Jewelry from www.gofavor.com

I first learned about GoFavor around this time last year. I remember my two favorite thrift twins (Steph & Melissa from TheFashionCitizen) did a haul and a giveaway sponsored by that store. I didn’t really pay that much attention to it back then! But then something happened, well that something was me going into Len Outlet and seeing how expensive everything was, so I decided I could spare $20 and get some necklaces, that would most likely be unique to Minneapolis.

I spent about $23, and got 8 pieces, which I think are pretty awesome, one of them is very nerdy, and reminds me of this computer game called Machinarium, that Sam got for me once. Does that now make me a hipster? Nah, but let me stop talking and show you what I got:

Don’t you just dig it all? Well maybe not all, but most of it! I especially love the Owl Pendant, it was only 99c!

I was originally going to post a picture of every single one of those necklaces separately, but I figured it’s a lot better to just give you links. And pictures of all these pieces incorporated into my outfits will be gradually posted on my blog 🙂

Multilayer Chain Necklace  – http://www.gofavor.com/retro-style-black-synthetic-gemstone-multilayer-bib-necklace.html
Geometrical Choker – http://www.gofavor.com/fashion-black-geometric-shape-choker-pendant-necklace.html
The Owl Pendant – http://www.gofavor.com/vintage-owl-pendant-long-chain-necklace.html
Love – http://www.gofavor.com/unique-love-pearl-chain-necklace.html
Peacock Locket – http://www.gofavor.com/vintage-peacock-long-chain-locket-necklace.html
Robot Pendant – http://www.gofavor.com/vintage-robot-pendant-long-chain-necklace-fashion-jewelry.html
Black beads Chocker – http://www.gofavor.com/charming-black-beads-choker-necklace.html
Cream Rose Pendant – http://www.gofavor.com/vintage-cream-colored-rose-pendant-long-chain-necklace.html
You can also get a 13% discount if you use this code – SAS13

Now you gotta let me know which one of these you liked the most and which one you liked the least!



Впервые я услышала о сайте GoFavor около года назад. Я помню видео девчонок близняшек  (Steph и Melissa с канала TheFashionCitizen) – в нем они рассказывали о своих покупках и делали раздачу призов, предоставленных этим он-лайн магазином. И в том году мне как-то было на все это наплевать! Но в этом году что-то изменилось, скорее всего мне просто захотелось дешевых украшений, потому что после того, как я зашла в магазин Len Outlet и посмотрела на цены, я решила, что стоит потратить $20 и купить бижутерию с более дешевого сайта, плюс такие украшения вряд ли будут у кого-то еще в Миннеаполисе.

Итак, на $23 я купила 8 украшений, которые, как мне кажется подойдут ко многим моим аутфитам, одно из этих украшений достаточно гиковое и напоминает мне компьютерную игру Машинариум, которую мне подарил Сэм. Не знаю делает ли это меня хипстером, но хватит болтовни, я покажу вам что я приобрела!

Классно, правда? Украшение с совой стоило всего 99 центов! Изначально я хотела показать вам каждый предмет по отдельности, но потом решила, что обойдусь ссылками )))

Бусы с цепями и черными подвесками – http://www.gofavor.com/retro-style-black-synthetic-gemstone-multilayer-bib-necklace.html
Геометрические бусы – золотые с черным – http://www.gofavor.com/fashion-black-geometric-shape-choker-pendant-necklace.html
Сова – http://www.gofavor.com/vintage-owl-pendant-long-chain-necklace.html
Love на цепочке – http://www.gofavor.com/unique-love-pearl-chain-necklace.html
Кулон с павлином – http://www.gofavor.com/vintage-peacock-long-chain-locket-necklace.html
Робот на цепочке – http://www.gofavor.com/vintage-robot-pendant-long-chain-necklace-fashion-jewelry.html
Бусы с черными круглыми подвесками – http://www.gofavor.com/charming-black-beads-choker-necklace.html
Желтая роза – http://www.gofavor.com/vintage-cream-colored-rose-pendant-long-chain-necklace.html
Скидка на 13% – SAS13

Фотографии аутфитов с моими новыми украшениями будут постепенно выкладываться на моем блоге, так что подписывайтесь – это бесплатно!

И обязательно скажите, какое из украшений вам понравилось больше всего, а какое не понравилось вообще )))

Всем отличного дня!



Great Vintage Finds and Thoughts on becoming a Vegetarian

Today has been one strange day, but every day is strange in Zhenyaverse! That’s why I blog about my life, and not my neighbors life. Besides if I blogged about their life, you all would be depressed and crying your eyes out. Well, let me tell you a secret, there are sad times in my life, especially when I go visit my Grandpa at the hospital. Good thing he will be home soon!

The first thing I want to share with you, is that Sammy D from Sammy Davis vintage added me to her blog roll! Yup! I made it, I am famous now 🙂 You can check it out here http://sammydvintage.com/ , I am right there under Fab Fashionistas! That’s right, it’s me! Love you Sammy D! I will be bringing you vintage from Russia! 🙂

As some of you know I have recently made myself a skirt, and it’s all vintage too, because fabric is from the 70’s or so, it has paisleys people! Alright! (Can you tell I am hyper? Because I am, it’s all that coffee I’ve had tonight! Coffee and yoga! If you have never done yoga check out Namaste Yoga by Kate Potter, right now! Go and google it! She is that amazing! Well finish reading the post first! 🙂 ) So today I was looking around and found these amazing pieces of fabric, in the colors that I absolutely love. I also found a pair of white gloves, so if you have any ideas when and where to use them (other than Minnie Mouse on Halloween), I will be extremely grateful.

My mind wanders on! I followed a recipe I learned from one of my friends at the Bridal Shower, and made this wonderfully – amazing vegetarian dish.

Now vegetarian or not, it’s worth trying. The veggies are from the frozen food isle, so is the dough! Butter the pan, put it all in, sprinkle salt and spices, add some oil, cover up with the dough, and bake for about 40 minutes at 350 F. For those of you chicken lovers – you can add that too!

I have tried becoming a vegetarian before. A few years ago when I worked at DHC, my friend Jessica showed me a book called “100 things to do before you are old and boring”! And one of them was “being a vegetarian for a week”. Back then my week ended several days early, because I just couldn’t resist spaghetti! Yes, I have great memories of camp food! So maybe now, I will actually stick to the plan! Let’s see if I can be a vegetarian for a week!

PS If you love sewing and have ideas on what magic I can do to those vintage fabric pieces, let me know!


Have you ever won? A lottery? Won in a game? Won anything? I have recently won a YouTube giveaway, and this was the most perfect giveaway for me, which included both purses and jewelry! The package came today, and since I am not there, Sam opened everything and showed me on Skype! He is the best fiance, really! I am not going to post pictures of what I won, well except for one thing, this Ted Baker purse in purple!

You can see the rest of my goodies here


Also please support the girls if you are into DIY and fashion! Subscribe to their channel! Thank you Stephanie and Melissa!

Thrifted Tunic in Today’s Outfit

I went on a thrifting shopping spree last week, the only reason why I did that – a 90% off sale that I couldn’t resist! And I decided that this week I am going to add an Outfit of the Day type of post, in which I am going to show you, how I incorporated my thrifted purchases into my daily outfits!

So here is my $1 tunic. I am wearing a hand made vintage top underneath ( learn more about it here http://beingzhenya.wordpress.com/2011/03/26/diy-tank-topcamisole-made-out-of-a-vintage-nightgown/) , a pair of brown leggings from who knows where :), my Kimchi Blue oxfords from Urban Outfitters, a thrifted BCBG jacket from Housing Works on Columbus Ave, and a purse, also from Urban Outfitters (Kimchi Blue).


DIY Tank Top/Camisole Made Out of a Vintage Nightgown!

Are you wondering when this girl’s DIY projects will end? NEVER. Because, just like yesterday’s quotes stated – Life is a DIY project! So take it literally and make something similar to what I do, or take it metaphorically and turn the table, take the matters in your own hands, become the boss of your own universe!

This is the same nightgown that I used lace from to make yesterday’s lace flower for my DIY Vintage Purse project! You can learn more about it here


Now this is not my original idea, I have stolen it from someone while surfing the blogosphere, and because I sometimes don’t pay attention who it was, I can’t give you a link to her blog, but maybe, just maybe you’ve seen something like this on the Internet before, and can leave the links to similar projects in the comments section. Just be nice, as I’ve already told you, I am not going to take full credit for this idea.

I want to apologize in advance – I forgot to take the before picture of the nightgown, yes, I was so excited to make that lace flower yesterday, that I basically ripped the bottom half off of it! Now there were some holes patched up and such, so that part was immediately cut off. And this is what I started with.

If you take a closer look, you can already see that I’ve already hemmed the bottom. This is a closer picture of the lace top (my favorite part of the project!)

It took me about 3 episodes of Chelsea Lately to finish the hem! You will be surprised, but I had leftover lace from the flower, the part that was originally hemmed at the factory! And that was the part I needed!

This is a picture of me hemming the lace, I folded the top part, and created a lace strip, that I later attached to the bottom of the top

Just like that!

It took me some more episodes of Chelsea Lately and Sex and The City to finish off this part. I didn’t use a sewing machine, it’s all HAND SEWN!

And a close up!

It turned out a little longer than I thought, which is actually a perfect length if you want to wear it as lingerie, but a little too long for a tank top. Now you all are probably wondering “Why is this looney tune making something to wear in public, which is obviously lingerie?” Remember Madonna? And the 80’s? Yeah!

And of course my fav 80’s outfit worn by SJ Parker!

And here is what my project looks like on me!

I added my Grandma’s vintage pin to add more vintage to my vintage!

This is what the pin looks like in it’s box!

Here are some more pics that I took in my new outfit!

And then I decided to pin my yesterday’s creation to my today’s creation!

Hope you enjoyed it, show me some love, leave me a comment 🙂


Vintage Purse Makeover

My grandma was a one of a kind fashionista, as difficult as it was to follow the latest fashion trends in the USSR, she managed to do that! Unfortunately I don’t have a lot left, but I am planning on creating a post in the nearest future, and posting pictures of some of the vintage outfits.

A while back I found this purse…

It is made out of fake suede, and even though it looks pretty good in this picture, it looked worse in real life. There were some yellow stains, seemed like it was caught in the rain, so I decided to dye it, with some suede spray paint that you can usually find in a shoe store. I went for dark gray. And it ended up looking like this!

The flower on the side was an addition I made today out of some vintage lace I cut off an old nighty. It’s a pin, so you can wear it on the purse, on your clothes or even in your hair.

This is how it was made…

I combined two strips of lace and sewed them together, to make it look like this…

Then I just kept on adding layers, and this is what the final product looks like…

And from the back…

You can see the little pin attached (I have no idea where all my bigger pins disappeared to)!

This is how the flower looks on my “The Limited” sweater

And on the purse with me carrying it…

And one more…

Vintage Jewelry

As I was organizing my jewelry box today, I found some pieces I wanted to share with you. All of them are vintage, some I got from my grandma, some I thrifted back when I lived on the UWS. Enjoy!

I wore this with my DIY Gap shirt, you can check out a post from March, 8,2011, to see how this looks on a person!

These are the pins I added to my collection.

These are from a thrift store on 83rd and Columbus!

My Gap/DIY Shirt Part 2

I just wanted to post a picture of this shirt in an outfit! The necklace is vintage, belonged to my grandmother. The before of the white shirt can be found here


Gap shirt, and the grey cardi were both freecycled. The jeans (Armani Exchange)  I am wearing underneath cost me $1 at a garage sale in Murray Hill, NYC!