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I just have to share these with you! As some of you may recall I was on Refashion Runway, and today I wanted to share what was in my awesome prize that I got from Katherine of Pillows A-La Mode! And to make it easier for everyone, I took a video with my new Nokia Lumia phone! Check it out here:

Hope you had a great weekend! Check back often for outfit, beauty, fashion, style and sewing posts!




Husband’s Shirt into Tunic Refashion/Перешиваем мужскую рубашку в тунику

2013-02-07 08.08.01 (1)

I am going to be honest with you, this was supposed to be a dress. But then my proportions were really off, so I had to turn it into a tunic. But I have a couple more shirts that my husband has gladly (yeah, right!) donated, and maybe one of them will eventually turn into a dress!

Here is how:

1. Take a shirt and lay it out flat:

2013-01-22 21.56.31 (1)


2. Find a dress or shirt that fits you well, and lay it on top of the shirt, trace it:

2013-01-22 21.56.45 (1)


3. Cut along the lines:

2013-01-22 22.07.39 (1)


4. Hem the neckline and the sleeves, add personal touches (I went for a vintage lace collar and lace fabric), and you are done!

Have a great weekend everyone, and don’t forget to stop back tomorrow, I am having a SALE on my blog!



Всем привет! Сегодня я покажу как можно перешить мужскую рубашку в нечто носибельное для себя! Изначально это задумывалось как платье, но что-то не пошло! В общем мой муж пожертвовал (добровольно! хотите верьте, хотите нет) еше несколько рубашек, и одной из них суждено стать платьем!


1. Берем рубашку и раскладываем ее.

2. Сверху на рубашку кладем платье или футболку, которые более-менее сидят по фигуре, и обводим.

3. Обрезаем рубашку по линиям.

4. Обрабатываем горловину и проймы, добавляем что-то свое (я выбрала винтажный воротник и кружево для нижней части) и готово!

Всем отличных выходных, и не забудьте заглянуть сюда завтра! Я устраиваю первую РАСПРОДАЖУ на своем блоге!


Top 5 Refashions of 2012

Let’s face it, I did a lot of refashions, some wearable, some… not so much, but all in all it’s been a great year refashion wise! Let me present you with my favorite refashions! In all honesty, it wasn’t that hard to choose 😉

5. Dress to skirt refashion:


4. White Keds go Golden:


3. Tote Bag Goes Botanical:


2. You Can Never Go Wrong With Crochet Lace:


And the 1st place goes to,

of course,

The Vintage Coat

2012-12-01 16.05.04

I hope you enjoyed refashions on in 2012, 2013 will bring even more refashions, DIYs and fun outfit posts! Don’t forget to subscribe, follow, and like to stay in the loop!



T-shirt Refashion: Part 1

Here is a T-shirt, that I freecycled last week:


Please note that I have nothing to do with the church, I do view it as one of the main Minneapolis landmarks, and it’s definitely nice living in the neighborhood around it! I do support their ministry through Steeple People though, it is one of my favorite thrift stores in the area after all!

Now this shirt has a lot going on: stains, holes, etc. So I took my scissors and some supplies:






… and ended up with this 🙂

Now let me explain why I am making this a 2 parter, it’s already past midnight, I’ve been working on this for the past two hours, so I am kind of tired, and also missing some ingredients to finish this refashion. Please stay tuned for Part 2, it’s coming up tomorrow 🙂



Getting rid of armpit stains: White T-shirt Refashion

I know I am not the only one out there who has a trouble with yellow arm pit stains, and soaking in hydrogen peroxide doesn’t always help. And in that case there is only one thing left to do, and that’s to CUT!

I was 100% sure I took a before picture, but that seemed to have miraculously disappeared off of my phone. Anyways I had this H&M t-shirt for a while, and it’s one of those hi-lo hem line shirts that are ridiculously IN right now. But I was always self-concious wearing it, because of the stains. I know they don’t really show in the picture, but they are there! Believe me!

So I had no better option, but to CHOP:

Then sew around:

So that it looked like this:

Add some lace, because we all know that lace, especially when it’s vintage, makes everything look better!

And viola:

Sorry no face today, I have pink eye, and we all know how contagious that is 🙂

Let me know what you think of the refashion and how do you get rid of yellow armpit stains!



PS. This same refashion is available on the Re-fashion co-op blog page, because I am a refashionista 🙂

DIY Friday: Best stain fighting solution

A couple months ago I bought this gorgeous Betty Hanson vintage red dress, made in Italy. The only downside of it was that it had a few stains. Have I noticed those stains at the store, I would’ve never bought it. I have a rule about not buying clothes at thrift stores that have stains, because they never come out!

So instead of throwing this dress away, I decided to simply do this!

All stains are gone now 😉

Then I pinned some vintage lace to the front:

 Finally I sewed everything using my brand new sewing machine:

 I hope you all had a great week! Mine was fab! In addition to finally finishing this red sweater, I also finished a scarf and baked some cinnamon rolls for dinner! Yes, you heard me, cinnamon rolls for dinner!



Today’s DIY: White Bridal Fabric Necklace

Fabric Necklaces are in, so why not wear one on your BIG day? I have created a necklace that you can wear in the summertime or at a summer wedding. It’s asymmetry and the many different ways how you can wear it and add on to it make it even more appealing.

PS. It’s all handmade too 🙂

1. Find fabric or lace or tulle that you are going to use for the main part of your necklace – which means you are going to add on to it, sew things on, braid it, knot it, etc – wherever your imagination takes you.

2. Choose the pieces that you are going to add on to the necklace:

3. Add on as many or as few decorating items as you want

I added a ruffled ribbon with lace and some pearly beads as the main centerpiece.

And this is how it looks on a person (aka me – couldn’t make Sam wear it 😉 )

Happy DIYing everyone, and sorry for the picture quality 🙂

Love you all,




PS. Here is a cute cat picture for you!


Oh Barrettes!

First of all it’s a fun word to say! And second of all, they are super cute. But you gotta be careful, because some of them are really ugly!

I came across these barrettes while looking up wedding stuff. I believe I found them thanks to Calligraphy by Jennifer (check out their FB page

So yesterday, while I had nothing to do, I made some of my own, using up the leftover vintage lace that I had, crocheted pieces, and some “pearls”

Also, I thought it would be fun to put them in your dogs hair 🙂 But I don’t have a dog, so I found this one on line!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


DIY Lace Shoulder Bag

There is nothing better in this world than lace! And when lace is vintage, it’s even better! I have a post dedicated entirely to my vintage lace collection. And there were some follow up posts on what I did with some of it. Today is another post like this. I am going to show you how you can use strips of vintage lace to decorate a plain canvas bag bought at a craft store. The original bag looked something like this

You will also need lace, if you don’t have any at home, you can always buy some at a store, another way to collect lace is to cut it off some worn out clothes (i.e those tanktops that have lace on the bottom). Some of my lace came off vintage night gowns.

Make sure that lace is either smoothed out, or ironed. I had to iron some of mine. Also, when you are ironing lace, remember that it’s synthetic, so use the lowest setting! I have a steam iron, but I was extra careful, because I didn’t want to ruin my lace. I also wanted to use most of the left overs I had up. Mom found me a brand new roll of lace, which I am super excited for! I can’t wait to use it to make pillow cases for the couch for Sam’s & mine new apartment.

I also crocheted some lace as well. It’s really easy, and adds a unique feel to the final product. You can use any pattern that you have, or create your own, I did it with one of the strips.

I chose a centre piece for my bag, it was originally supposed to go on a shirt, as a collar decoration. But I like my shirts plain, not floral, so I put it on a bag! I actually sewed it on first. I had to sew everything on with a running stitch first, using some yellow thread. Then, after everything was in place, I sewed it all on with white, and took the yellow out!

After I sewed on the centerpiece, I started adding on the strips of lace. TIP: it’s easier if you start from the bottom. I only needed 3 long strips (another TIP: measure the width of your bag, and before you begin the project estimate how much lace you are going to need!) If you are not going to have a centerpiece all your strips are going to be the same length. In my case I had 1 centerpiece, 3 long strips and 18 short ones. You need to sew it all on, making sure that the short strips, the ones separated by the centerpiece are on the same level, otherwise it’s not going to look pretty. I also used the same lace in each row, as if the long strip was broken by the centerpiece, but you can play with lace and pattern!

So this is the final product! I have something to go to church tomorrow with. But overall, this is a great light summer bag! Enjoy!

Happy Saturday, and happy DIYing everyone, or as Sam calls it – DIMing (Do it Myself)

Crocheted Flower Necklace with Vintage Lace

Sunday’s DIY project is this crocheted necklace, that took me about 2 hours to make.

I learned how to crochet when I was in 6th or 7th grade. There was a crocheting club next to my house (yes in good ol’ Russia we had everything, including crocheting clubs), besides my mom was a great influence on me. She could knit, sew, crochet, cross stitch, etc. and well she still can do all these things. Recently, she has offered me a crocheted summer dress that she made last year, but I just couldn’t take it away from her, so I said “no”.

Back to the project though! You are going to need: some yarn, some filling, lace (I used 2 different kinds – white and beige), a crocheting hook (mine is 1.3 mm), 4 beads, some thread and a needle.

Start with crocheting all pieces:

Pick your lace, I used this vintage one

Create a ruffled piece like this, to sew on to the back of the crocheted flower:

Using a different kind of lace (or the same one, it’s up to you) create ruffles and sew them to the back sides of the smaller flowers:

Sew the flowers to the crocheted chain, tie knots to keep the beads in place, and tie the ends together.

Loving my DIY project of the day, what can I say 🙂