My Vintage Lace Collection

My first idea was to make a YouTube video about my lace collection, and I did make one, it was up for about a day, but then I realized that YouTube isn’t for me yet, and that I should focus more on my blog.

Today I will share some pictures of my vintage lace, that’s the lace I use to create some of my DIY projects, mainly they are lace flowers. Why flowers? Because they are easy to make, and look pretty! (To read more about my DIY projects go here:

or here

Up first is the lace I am planning on using in tomorrow’s DIY project, so you will read about it tomorrow, it’s a teal/sea-foam green color, very vintage, very pleasant for the eye. Came of a vintage nightgown, unfortunately I wasn’t able to turn it into a tank top, it was too worn out ๐Ÿ™

Next is the lace I used in my most recent DIY project, about a vintage purse. I created this flower pin to go with the purse, but then decided it would be better to wear it with different jackets, or even in your hair. The very first link mentioned above will take you to the post about that project. Here are the two kinds of laces I combined. The black one came in a wide long strip, like regular fabric, and the white one came off another vintage night gown, which I successfully turned into a tank top last week!)

The next piece is very interesting and unique. It is going to look perfect on a V-neck shirt, so once I find a perfect shirt or top to put it on, I will create another DIY/Vintage masterpiece and share it with you.

These two kinds of lace are very wide, so they would make perfect linings for tank tops, or skirts (it will look like you are wearing a slip underneath). Again, love the florals on the lace!

The next two pieces I will show you aren’t lace, they are more like ribbons, and will serve as a perfect finish for pillows or picture frames, if you are into that stuff. I am planning on incorporating them into a blog post as soon as I find some couch cushion ๐Ÿ™‚ Why? Will tell you later!

And the two final strips of lace that I am going to mention are cut offs, I know one came of yet another night gown, and the other one came off either a pillow case, or some shirt (can’t guarantee either one of those, though). They need a little more work, and a little more imagination on my end!

Thank you for checking my vintage collection out. Again, a new DIY post is coming up tomorrow, I will keep you posted!

Love and Lace Flowers,