4th of July in style

4th of july style fashion

4th of july style fashion

4th of july style fashion

4th of july style fashion 4th of july style fashion


4th of july style fashion

This 4th of July let’s have fun, celebrate in style, spend time with those we love, and set off a firework or two. Sam and I got lucky to get outfitted by Tipsy Elves this year. Their 4th of July styles and clothes are incredibly comfortable and easy to wear on any other day, and in any weather! Tops and Tees are so vivid and bright, we can’t wait for next weekend!

What can be better than having one of the founding fathers on your shirt? Party like a Patriot tank is my favorite for this year, but you will see me in my Honestly Hungover tank on campus in the fall. Sam really liked his I want you to Beer Me and Drunk off my Ass Tees, and as far as the windbreaker goes, we sail, so it’s going to come in handy on lake Minnetonka!

We’ll be at the Edina parade this 4th of July, so if you find us in the crowd, come say hi!

Photo credits: Blake Anderson

4th of july style fashion


4th of july style fashion 4th of july style fashion 4th of july style fashion 4th of july style fashion 4th of july style fashion 4th of july style fashion 4th of july style fashion 4th of july style fashion


First Day in America, 4th Time Around!

You know how it’s always important that everything gets a good start? I think I got a pretty good one today. It was my first day in America today, well first day on this trip, and it’s the 4th one and hopefully the last one. After yesterdays events I don’t know when I am going to have enough courage to get on an international flight again. The only downside is jet-leg, I woke up at 4.30 am, and now it’s 8 pm and I am sleepwalking. I am also making dinner. I guess I can be pretty proud of myself for combining the two! Who would’ve thought!

I was finally able to dig into my YouTube giveaway! Loving all the bags and necklaces! I remember blogging about it a while back. But if you’ve missed that post or forgot, that was when I won a Ted Baker purse and some other stuff!

I was also able to go through the clothes that I left with Sam last fall! Trust me, those feel like brand new clothes now! You know the trick that works with the kids when you take away their toy and hide it, and then give it back to them a couple months later and they play with it like it’s new? Yeah, I totally fell for that!

There were many other great things today. Our neighborhood is amazing! I wish you all could come and visit! It’s so green, and there are flowers everywhere. I also forgot about the bunnies. There were no bunnies roaming the streets of NYC, so I forgot all about them! I love watching the animals here, even if it’s just squirrels!

Some other things that I did today included:

– walking Sam to work

– teaching my ESL lessons

– unpacking and organizing the walk-in closet/storage room

– talking to my mom and cousin

– shopping at the farmer’s marker

– shopping at Marshalls

– shopping at Target

– going out for a drink

– writing an even bigger shopping list/to-do list for the weekend

I am so so excited tomorrow is FRIDAY!

I am also planning on writing about my trip here, all the fun and not so fun stuff. And now Sam and I are off to eating some delicious chicken that I made!





PS. My camera broke, so for future shots I am going to have to use my phone, the quality isn’t great, but at least I’ll be able to show where I live 🙂


40 Kilos of Life

Yup, that’s how much I am allowed to bring. Technically, only half of those kilograms are going to be free. For those of you thinking in pounds, it’s 88lb alright! Well, plus the carry on, and everything that I can bring on myself. Still confused?

I am talking about my luggage! The thing is, I am moving, moving soon, moving fast, and I know that it’s going to be here before I know it. Some of my friends keep asking me when the flight is. I don’t know, I haven’t booked it yet. Now you are probably all wondering what do the 40 kg include? Clothes, my friends, mostly clothes.

I had to pack one of my suitcases today, because my uncle is going to take it to Moscow in his car, so that I don’t have to drag it there myself! Which is nice. So I pulled out most of my fall/spring and winter clothes. And now I also want to take some books, and some of my bridal magazines need to go back. I honestly have no idea how I’m going to do it all. But when I do, I will definitely let you know!

I wish the 2nd bag was free, alas, it’s not! But as you may have guessed, it’s going to be all summer clothes, and my make up, and accessories and all the other fun stuff.

I will keep you posted on what else I bring, and maybe will even make a video on YouTube!

How do you pack? Light? Not so light? Do you try and bring everything you need or just the basics? Let me know what you think!