InterLACEd {Thrift Style Thursday}

2014-01-23 11.36.01

Today’s Thrift Style Thursday post is literally fresh off the press! I just took these photos! So if you want to know what I currently look like – there you go! Minus the boots, and plus a blanket!

The polar vortex was merciful to me again, and I scored another day off. I really need a break from the whole “Ms. Zhenya…..” gig! (I am a teacher for those of you who didn’t know)

When it comes to lace, I personally believe that it’s hard to pull of. There are very few pieces that can actually be 100% made out of lace and NOT make you look like a giant doily.  In fact this dress is the only lace piece I have in my wardrobe.

2014-01-23 11.31.57

My goal today was to show off a look, that is based around lace, but where lace isn’t the center of attention, and is concealed. So I threw a newly thrifted Chico’s sweater over this Urban Outfitters dress. Added a couple accessories and viola!

2014-01-23 11.34.56

2014-01-23 11.33.22

You may notice my Ted Baker bag. Well we are in a love-hate relationship here. The bag was the very first prize I ever won in a Giveaway! It was absolutely amazing, because I won it all the way from Russia, and it was mailed to Sam’s house. I knew I was going to marry him at that point, so I could trust him with a handbag! But I haven’t gotten much use out of it, and it’s been in the closet for a couple of years. It’s also lost some of it shape! But I am determined to make it work this season. I am bringing my Ted Baker bag back!

Feel free to check other girls’ posts and join us! We welcome you with open arms 😉

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Happy Thursday! I hope you have a good day, and if you aren’t, I hope this gif makes it better!

Hair on Make A Gif



A day in life of a blogger: Mother’s Day 2012

Get ready for another overwhelming post with photos from our Sunday trip around Minnesota!

But first of all don’t forget about the GIVEAWAY! You can enter it here. Hurry, you only have a few more days to enter!

Now about our Mother’s day – since my mom is all the way back in Russia, we only had one to pay all of our attention to! My mother in law! I actually got Sam to take a picture with her!

How can you not love them?

Our mother’s day map looked like this:

That pottery place was great! They had free food and coffee too! And of course some cool stuff to look at and take pictures with! If you know me well, you know that I don’t usually buy anything at events like this, but after I am done there I go to a thrift store and find something similar (I have a post on thrifting for home coming up soon! I promise!)  So here are some shots of the place:

There were also these cute puppies, and they were so so soft, I wish I could’ve just taken them home with me!

We also got to take pictures in these awesome chairs, while the guys who were occupying them left 🙂

I also had to take a picture with a barn! These are just fun to spot here and there around the state! And I was always wondering why they were red (or very burnt out red 😉 )

Next we went to Taylors Falls! It’s a state park on the border with Wisconsin. To be honest, I wasn’t really dressed for the place, because it was so rocky, but we had fun anyways!

Look how strong Sam is!

Christmas picture 2012?

Inside a pot hole!

Outfit of the day: Urban outfitters dress and shoes, Steve Madden shades and the CVS Pharmacy reusable bag that has ORGANIC written on it 🙂

Our last stop was FRANCONIA:

It’s a sculpture garden, with some very unusual sculptures!

I hope you had fun looking through the pictures of our day with us! If you speak Russian don’t forget to check out this video! And even if you don’t speak Russian, go ahead and check it out!

1 Day 2 Outfits and Boo

Yesterday was my day off! And days off are amazing, I am sure you all know that! Plus I was on a mission – to buy Boo the cute little dog for Ingrid – the girl I baby sit! If you don’t know who Boo is – here is a picture!

I was able to order both the plush toy and the book about Boo from our Uptown Urban Outfitters, and have them ship it to my house for free 🙂 Oh the beauty of ordering from the store instead of online (that would’ve cost me $10!)

Anyways, once Boo makes it to my house, I’ll make sure to take some pictures of him for you before I pass him on to the cutest little girl in the area!

Now, I don’t want to be vain, or God forbid pull a Samantha Brick on you, but I went through 2 outfits yesterday. Here is the first one:

I am rocking my thrifted COACH cross body and BCBG Max Azria Jacket, my dress came from a sale at Macy’s, and the boots were a gift from my hubby, before we were even married. And then you know, the watch is the usual – Marc Jacobs, yes, I am obsessed 😉

After I placed my order at UO, I went to check out the Ragstock, and ran into my friend Tom, whom I haven’t seen for about 5 years! Here is some interesting info for you – there are 2 Ragstocks in uptown, both are in the same building, but I was so excited about everything I bought there, I had to immediately go home and change!

Hence, Outfit of the day #2:

As you can tell I am recovering pretty well after my surgery 🙂 Thank you all for warm wishes and loving messages! I appreciate all of them so so much!

Hope you had a good day yesterday!



Trending Now: Peter Pan Collar Dresses

Classy? Yes! Vintage? Yes! The Peter Pan Collar is as popular now, as it was back in the middle of the past century! It’s everywhere from Prada, LV and DKNY, to Vero Moda and Urban Outfitters. Moreover – there are tons of DIY posts on how you can make your own Peter Pan Collar and attach not only to a dress, but to basically anything.

If you are interested in an easy and fast Peter Pan Collar tutorial, I suggest you check out this video:

How are you going to wear your Peter Pan Collar?



PS. Tomorrow I have another Fashion Personality Special, an interview with a Minnesota native Emily Sandberg! Don’t miss out on that!

Sock it up!

Call me crazy, but I a, really digging the new socks with heels fashion trend this season!

Socks have been on my mind a lot lately, especially after I realized that I only have 4 pairs left, and all of those have holes in them! I know, I am worse than a guy! Especially if you take my husband into consideration, his socks are in perfect condition! I should take some sock wearing lessons from him!

Anyways, after checking out the oh-not-so-original Hanes and Fruit of the Loom, I decided that I am going to steal my husbands socks and wear them when I need to work out, or around the house. And my socks, well I am getting a whole new sock wardrobe, and when I do, my feet are going to look fab! Cinderella and her glass slipper won’t compare!

Good luck to you, and good luck to me stocking on the stockings!



To Infinity and Beyond

There are several great scarf trends out there this season. And my number one favorite is the Infinity Scarf!

What is an infinity scarf?

It’s basically a scarf that has no end, so if you want to make one, you are going to start off making a regular scarf, and then sew the ends together. I am in the process of knitting one for myself for the upcoming fall season!

Most of the retailers carry them. Starting with Old Navy and ending with Vince, and other designer brands.

Another famous infinity scarf that has been “out of stock” is the Missoni for Target zigzag scarf.

But as our local StarTribune called it – Target is the poor man’s Neiman Marcus – so we won’t go there 🙂

Anyways, Infinity scarves are great, and you should try finding one at your local retailer! Let me know what you find and if you want pics to be posted on my blog! 

Thrifted Tunic in Today’s Outfit

I went on a thrifting shopping spree last week, the only reason why I did that – a 90% off sale that I couldn’t resist! And I decided that this week I am going to add an Outfit of the Day type of post, in which I am going to show you, how I incorporated my thrifted purchases into my daily outfits!

So here is my $1 tunic. I am wearing a hand made vintage top underneath ( learn more about it here , a pair of brown leggings from who knows where :), my Kimchi Blue oxfords from Urban Outfitters, a thrifted BCBG jacket from Housing Works on Columbus Ave, and a purse, also from Urban Outfitters (Kimchi Blue).


Fringe Top. Yael Aflalo Inspired.

This is the second DIY project inspired by Urban Outfitters blog. I mentioned it earlier, and if you haven’t seen that first top, then definitely check it out here:

The second top was inspired by Yael Aflalo. This is what it looks like:

I came across a video on YouTube that showed a lot of great fringe DIY ideas, and apparently it’s very popular this season. So I decided to give it a try. Now I had the perfect white t-shirt to cut up. It was a PJ shirt, with some stains on the bottom (this was the perfect opportunity to get rid of them:) ). I chose a shorter fringe, because I wasn’t comfortable wearing a long one. And again, everything is hand sewn 🙂 For step by step instructions go here

And this is what I ended up with:

Also – would love some opinions on the necklaces! Which one do you think goes better with the outfit?

Thanks for checking my blog out:)


This Into That. Joyce Lee Inspired.

If you’ve ever been in an UO store, and you like vintage, retro and chic just like me, you know that it’s love from the first sight. Needless to say their sales are a gift from above! And of course I follow Urban Outfitters on Facebook!

A couple days ago I saw this post:

And immediately clicked on it! What I found was a great inspiration for at least 2 future DIY projects. One of which I have finished yesterday, and I am half-way through with the other!

Now the project that inspired me was originally created by Joyce Lee, Urban Outfitters PR Assistant.

She turned this:

Into that:

I also had a button down shirt that I wanted to experiment with, if you remember, and if you’ve been reading my blog, you probably know that I am talking about my vintage shirt with bicycles. But if you don’t remember, don’t worry, here is a pic for you, one more time!

So I decided to experiment. Off came the sleeves and the collar:

Then I hemmed the top:

Made the straps out of a sleeve (still have one sleeve left over 🙂 )

Made some pleats on the back:

And here is the final product. The front:

And the back:

And finally on me:

I hope you enjoyed it. I know I did!

Happy Easter everyone,


Matching Vogue

Last night in another boredom frenzy, after having forgotten about an ESL student, I started flipping through a 2008 Vogue with Natalya Vodyanova on the cover. And from there came my great inspiration, no, not from Natalya, from the Vogue! I came across this page

That reminded me of my amazing H&M gray sweater, that I could incorporate into my outfits, and match the ones in Vogue. So here is what I did!

1. I matched the ruffles perfectly, the only difference – my dress was teal, instead of white. Personally I prefer it that way!

Sweater: D&G

Skirt: Christopher

Clutch: Undercover

Sweater: H&M

Dress: Bought in Russia (that’s not a brand, it was actually bought in Russia at some discount store)

Necklaces: H&M, freecycled (free), gift from mom

Clutch: Target

2. I felt like a total loser, because I had a perfect piece to use for this look, and now I can’t find it. The chances are  – I threw it away! Pissed at myself I know. But I used what I had, and this is what I ended up with for Look #2!

Everything is D&G

Sweater: H&M

Dress: Urban Outfitters

Shirt: Saks Fifth Avenue

Necklace: Thrift Store

Clutch: Hand made

3. I chose not to copy look number 3 from Vogue, I am not a huge fan of gray sweatshirts, I had one from Walgreens or CVS (I think it cost about 6 bucks!) So instead I created my own look with a different sweater.

Sweatshirt: Topshop

Undershirt: Paul Smith Women

Skirt: Prada

Dress: H&M

Sweater: Voices of Europe

I hope you enjoyed my little “copy cat” experiment! This, again, proves that you can match your outfit of the day with almost any look from the Vogue Magazine, using the pieces you already have in your closet and a tidbit of imagination!