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Today’s dress is brought to you by…
Just kidding!

My friend Miche of Buttons and Birdcages answered my call to join the 27 dresses project and I couldn’t be happier! She was with me on Refashion Runway, but I’ve actually been following her for a while!

Here is what the dress is all about:
“I actually found this dress at a thrift store for $1.99! It was a little big, and way too long but I figured those fixes should be easy enough given that it was already pretty cute to begin with. It turned out to be an amazing summer dress 🙂

So here you have it a perfect thrifted summer dress that simply needed to be altered! Doesn’t it look great?

Check Miche out here: Blog – http://www.buttonsandbirdcages.com, Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/buttonsandbirdcages




Happy Wednesday!



PS. Shoot me an email at evgeniahutson@gmail.com if you would like to be featured in this project! And don’t forget to grab the button off the sidebar if you want to start your own!

Saturday “Shadowing”/Субботние похождения стилиста

Last Saturday I had an awesome opportunity to see what a personal shopper does, but not just any personal shopper, the one at a thrift store! Yes, those exist, and Michelle from Arc’s Value Village, was kind enough to let me shadow her for 3 whole hours.


Michelle and I connected over Twitter several months ago, neither of us could remember who tweeted who first! But I knew I wanted to meet her, and was extremely interested in what she does.

About a year and a half ago Michelle had the idea of adding a Personal Shopper service to Arc’s Value Village thrift store. And what originated as an idea in the middle of the night, has now turned into her full time job!  And just to let you know how popular the service is, Michelle is booked through May! And don’t forget that it’s 100% FREE service, you only pay for what you purchase! I think it’s a wonderful option for those, who want to thrift shop, but don’t know where to begin, or for those who are too busy to spend hours at a store.

I came in at about 11 am to the Richfield location, so I caught Michelle during her prep time, and then stayed for an entire appointment.

And this is how it works: the client books an appointment through a schedule system on Arc’s website, fills out a form, telling the stylist a few things about themselves, their style, what they are looking for, favorite colors, sizes, preferences, etc. And the stylist puts together 5-10 outfits, as well as offers some single pieces, accessories and shoes. Then, during the 75 minute appointment, the client gets to try everything on, the stylist gives advice, makes sure everything fits, pulls out extra items off the racks if some sizes are off. It’s also time to get to know the customer, take additional notes, and of course, give compliments!

It was everything I expected it to be and more. A creative positive environment, where you meet new people and help them look their best.

I also got to help Michelle dress some mannequins and fix a couple broken items 🙂

Make sure to like Arc’s Personal Shopper Facebook Page and follow Michelle on Twitter, and hopefully soon you’ll be able to book your appointment with me!

Have a wonderful week,


В прошлую субботу мне удалось понаблюдать за работой стилиста. Но не простого стилиста, а такого, который работает в магазине типа секонд хенд. Да и такие бывают! Стилист Мишель разрешила мне провести с ней 3 часа и полностью окунуться в ее работу!

С Мишель я познакомилась в Твиттере, честно скажу, я уже не помню кто кому первый написал, но меня сразу заинтересовала ее работа.

Идея личного стилиста зародилась у Мишель около полутора лет назад, и то, что началось с простой идеи в 12 часов ночи, теперь стало ее работой. И, чтобы дать вам понять как популярны ее услуги, я просто скажу что у нее нет “окон” до Июня! Также скажу, что услуга эта бесплатная.

В магазин в Ричфилде я приехала к 11 утра, попав на примерно полтора часа подготовки, и саму 75 минутную встречу с клиентом.

Все происходит очень просто: клиент записывается на консультацию на сайте магазина, заполняет анкету, в которой отвечает на вопросы о себе, рассказывает о своем стиле, какие предпочитает цвета, какие размеры носит. Стилист подбирает 5-10 аутфитов, несколько отдельных вещей, плюс аксессуары, обувь. Затем в течение всей встречи клиент примеряет подобранные вещи, стилист дает советы, а если что-то не подошло, ищет другие размеры. Она также задает вопросы клиенту, узнает его получше, добавляет неуказанную информацию в анкету и конечно говорит комплименты!

Все оказалось так, как я ожидала, и намного лучше. Креативное, позитивное общение с новыми людьми, которым вы помогаете выглядеть лучше.

Я также помогла Мишель нарядить пару манекенов и починить несколько вещей!

Обязательно зайдите на страницу Мишель на Фэйсбуке и последуйте за ней в Твиттере. И возможно совсем скоро вы сможете записаться на прием ко мне!

Всем отличной недели,


Christmas Eve Vintage Outfit



Vintage Hal Ferman dress, size 8, $3.99 – Savers

Thrifted Mossimo cardigan, $3.99 – Salvation Army

Leather belt, free – NYC swap

I also wore my MEXX suede boots and black leggings!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!



Vintage Dress Refashion

This is going to be a story of love and loss, but with a happy end, because love was more a like, and the loss was quickly recovered! But I did have a breakdown somewhere in the middle!

2012-12-03 22.32.25

I bought this vintage dress at Steeple People (thrift store in Uptown Minneapolis) last weekend, but I swear I’ve seen it there before, and that before was over a year ago. The dress then cost around $10, being 100% silk and vintage, that’s a decent price, right? But it was stained on the bottom:

2012-12-04 22.53.41


But this time it only cost $2, even “As is” written on the tag, I quickly decided I was going to chop off the stained part, and alter it, to make it shorter (it really needed it anyways!)

So here is the dress, turned inside out and all pinned, ready for the “surgery”

2012-12-04 22.55.48


Well guess what? I cut it in the wrong place! I don’t know what happened, maybe “it’s after 11 pm” did, but was supposed to only cut through the inside layer of fabric above the pins, well I cut through 2! And that’s when the whole world went black, and there was going to be no tomorrow, the Mayan’s were right, and all that jazz… Until I peeled myself off the floor, with the help of my husband of course, and went to sleep, already dreaming about how I was going to fix it all! And I did!

I added on this piece:

2012-12-05 21.25.29


And then to hide the seam, I made this out of lining:

2012-12-05 21.25.35


And ta-da:



It actually turned out better than what I originally had in mind! So Yay! The world gained it’s colors again!

Here is a close up of the new hem (just in case some of you wanted to take a closer look:

2012-12-06 08.12.27


Have a great day everyone, and remember even if you screw something up, there is always a way to turn it around!


Thrifting for Treasure 4: Jewelry (and other stuff)

I did it, I went and bought my first pair of vintage ear-rings. My grandma’s ear rings don’t count, because I didn’t pay a dime ( or a ruble, if you like) for them. Now these were a pair I got from Steeple People. Took my friend Zhanna there today. And she loved it! We also checked out the local Buffalo Exchange and there was a black Coach bag that I fell in love with, and you know how much I love vintage Coach purses, but I wasn’t willing to pay $24 for it. So I walked away from it. I know that it would’ve found a great home with me, but not for this much money.

I was also trying to find some bright colored jeans, and alas – that was unsuccessful.

Anyways – today I got:

1. 1980’s enamel ear rings. Don’t worry, I am going to clean those with rubbing alcohol before putting them on!

(Sorry for the quality of the picture – the writing above the earrings says – 1980’s pierced 2 – ) Yes, these cost me only 2 BUCKS!

2. Crocheted white shawl! I really really REALLY hope it’s hand-made 😉

I know my couch looks good wearing this 🙂 I promise to take pictures wearing it MYSELF!

3. A Crochet Kit! Which I am not going to use the way it’s intended. I have finally decided that I have time to open an etsy shop, so some cool things are about to come 🙂 This is some Victorian stocking pattern, which is just cool to see, because that’s vintage for sure!

4. Some free Star Wars! And a few Economists. This was for Sam. Star Wars were more of a joke, and the Economists were for him to see if he wanted to subscribe to that mag!

What did you thrift today???

Zhenya H