Having now permanently lived in the States for over two years, I can definitely say that this is my favorite time of year! October brings beautiful colors into our yards, Halloween candy and treats are followed by November and Thanksgiving, and then, Christmas is right around the corner.

This morning I was browsing Pinterest for holiday decor and DIY ideas, and have fallen in love with the holidays even more. This year I have a whole house to decorate! And Target has great decor and entertainment ideas.

And how can I forget about the holiday fashion? Check out these amazing styling options:

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I especially love the fur!

With these accessories you will be the IT girl of every party!

One thing about being an immigrant is one can often be alone during the holidays. So this year I am planning on celebrating something called Friendsgiving, inviting a few friends over, sharing the laughs, the joys of friendship, and of course the drinks!

White Russian

Shirley Temple

Would you come to my party?

Happy Friday,


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Target. But, as always, the holiday picks, ideas and opinions are all my own.

Fall Trends 2011

You are not going to read about those in any of the fashion magazines, because these are not fashion trends, these are the trends that dress your heart and soul, the trends that keep you warm and the trends that brighten your day better than the bright colors from the pages of Elle, Vogue and all the rest!

1. Apple Cider!

2. Leaves Fights in the Park!

3. Reading a good book on a rainy day!

4. Walking through the puddles in those brand new rain boots! 

5. Wearing Knitted bulky scarves!

6. And Holidays, with the family! 

Happy Fall 2011 everybody!




PS. There are only 111 days until Christmas!