Henna, now that’s a first!

As some of you may know I went up north to a friend’s cabin last weekend. But before I went I tried something I’ve never tried before – henna! Yes, I am 27 and have never tried henna tattoos before! I used to put henna in my hair back when I lived in Russia though! It’s a very good strengthening treatment for your hair!

So when one of my aids offered to stay after work and do it, I gladly entrusted myself into the hands of a 17 year old!

2013-08-01 18.28.431


I got a sun inspired ornament on my left wrist and a peacock on my right calf

2013-08-01 18.29.151


I thought Andrea did an absolutely marvelous job and I am so grateful she offered to do it after work and spend time hanging out with me, my husband, and a few of our other co-workers! It was a fun night!

I also found out what was in the henna mix, and why it smelt so good! I kept smelling my wrist for the rest of the day, even when we went to Target 😉

2013-08-01 18.44.15

Plus I also learned how to take care of henna:

2013-08-01 18.44.18

It’s good to be friends with teenagers these days, isn’t it?!

Have you done/tried anything new and exciting lately?



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Some St.Patrick’s Day Goofiness

Since today everyone is St.Patricks’ Day, and as far as I am concerned today everyone is Irish, I decided to celebrate with a fake green tattoo made with the help of some brilliant green! And viola – here is the result!

Last year Sam and I went to St.Patrick’s Day Parade on 5th Ave together, but this year, I am in Russia, so I will be watching it online, or going through some pics from 2010!

The Dream Tattoo

Now this is literally a dream tattoo, as in a tattoo from my dream. I had it on my right wrist, and apparently it was a great conversation starter! I remembered it very vividly, and though I’d share it with you! I know I am not that great of an artist, esp. when it comes to lines, but just to give you an idea. And NO I won’t be getting this anytime soon, or anytime at all!