Rain, Rain, Go Away Outfit of the Day

Spring is slowly on it’s way to Minnesota! And even though it rained this past Saturday, Sam and I still made it to one of our favorite places in Minneapolis – Target overstock basement at the Salvation Army! And here is what I wore:

2013-04-06 18.14.16


Jacket – Land’s End, thrifted Salvation Army

Jeans – Mossimo (Target brand), thrifted, Salvation Army

Boots – Macy’s, Christmas gift from Sam, 4 years ago, I think?!

Bag – Coach, thrifted, Salvation Army

Scarf – Banana Republic, from a clothing swap

Our trip to SalVal was surprisingly good! I found a GE juicer for $25, and let me tell you, I’ve been juicing ever since:

2013-04-06 17.06.12


So let me know what are some of your favorite juicing recipes are! I will be definitely sharing some of mine later this week or early next week, once I’ve tried a few more out!

I hope you all had a great weekend!



With my Slip Showing a Little…


I was recently inspired by Dulce (@DulceCandy87 – on Twitter) and her thrift haul video, where she shows clothes bought at a local thrift store, including some great vintage slips!

Her’s were all “dress” like, and when I went to my fav thrift store yesterday, I got two that were just skirts!

But where did the whole tradition of wearing slips came from? I remember my mom used to have slips for her skirts, and I used to play with them when I was a kid. I could never understand why the slips couldn’t be worn in public, and had to be covered up.

Slips first appeared in the 1920’s, they changed over decades, the skirt slip is actually called a half-slip, which makes total sense. And the term slip dress appears as well. Now the slip dress is simply a dress that follows the lines of the slip but is made in fabrics and weights to be worn as an outer garment. So it’s not the slip that you can wear out in public. Or at least it wasn’t.

Now, things have changed! And they’ve changed for the best!

You can wear slips with sweaters…

And as dresses…

And under skirts, like in the good old days 😉

And here are the slip dresses (make sure you realize the difference between them and the regular slips!)

And I know that for the latter one you might need a perfect figure, but you don’t need it for any of the other styles above!

As brave as I am, I think it will take me a while to actually wear my vintage slips on their own! I am going to stick to the “under-skirt” option for now 🙂



PS. Slips are really cheap at the thrift stores, I paid $5.50 for two yesterday! Not so much in a vintage shop! So check your local GoodWill or Salvation Army, before going on Ebay or to a vintage shop!