Your Inner Superhero

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One of my students brought this Batman mask to school yesterday, and then I tried it on! Have you ever worn a superhero mask? It’s like the thing gives you powers! Puts you in a better mood, and makes you want to do good! How amazing? But I can’t really wear it everyday, can I?

I had a really long day at work, between a 10 hour day, and a Skype call with my mom in Russia, and a staff meeting, with a run to McDonald’s somewhere in between, by the time I got home, I was exhausted. And to top it all off, my husband is sick. Sound familiar?

Stress can get into our lives unnoticed, and stay there, rooting deeply into our hearts. It turns into worry, which can lead to much more serious problems. I was thinking about that on my way home. I had to take the long way too, because the roads are still icy in a lot of places, which gave me more time, and here is what I came up with. 

It’s not about being able to do it all, it’s about what you can do. 

Stress is the root of all evil, plus it’s a root of all illness.
When I am stressed out, I get the worst back pains, but now that I know that, I can also tell when I am starting to get stressed, because my back is becoming tense, and I can tell myself to relax. 

Don’t forget about yourself.
Get that morning coffee, or the pair of earrings that’s on sale anyways. Treats are not just for kids! 

Don’t bottle things up, it never did any good to anyone. Husbands are there to listen! 

Have fun!
Do you know what the best part about that mask is? It came from a Happy Meal! Working with kids I often hear – I don’t know how you do it! Well, I don’t know either, but I have fun 🙂

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Have a great weekend! And check out this vlog video I made for you! 


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There is no such thing as a stress free wedding, but we all want to think there is :)

We all want a stress-free wedding don’t we? And well, very often it doesn’t work. I am not going to be lying to you if I say that for the past couple of days I have only been eating dinners and snacking, the rest of the time I have been drinking coffee. Seriously, coffee should be a food group!

I am trying to eat healthy, and stay calm before the wedding, but it’s just not working out. Especially when we are only 11 days away. My fiance on the contrary is having a pretty good time I think. The only thing he is kind of stressed out about is the upcoming CFA, which he won’t have to take until December. I know who won’t be doing early Christmas shopping with me this year.

Adding on to your wedding stress can be a million different factors. For me – it’s our freezer, that stopped freezing. At least it’s been taken care of and hopefully will be fixed today 🙂

But overall no matter what kind of stress you are going through, there is some one out there who has it worse. The good thing about stress for me is that when I am stressed out, I tend to lose more weight, and that is always a good thing 🙂

Have a stress free day everyone, and don’t let anyone or anything ruin it!

And remember – this blog is a STRESS FREE ZONE 🙂