90s Style Fever {Thrift Style Thursday}

90s-inspired-look 90s-style 90s-fashion-thrift-style-thursday 90s-inspired-thrifted-look

The shinier, the denim-er, the awkward-er, the better. Here is to the 90s! To the fashion, to the beauty, to the fever. Finally this cut off skirt makes an appearance on my blog. Knowing me, you’ve probably learned that I will save that one particular item, for that one particular day, for that one particular outfit that I will shoot three years in the future. And overkill or not, I am loving this look, this style, and everything silver in between.

Happy Thrift Style Thursday my loves! I hope you enjoy this 90s style look, and it inspires you to create your own, channel your inner child, teenager, alter-ego, cat lady, vintage lover, nerd, geek, whoever there is inside of you that needs to come out!

This week I am so excited to welcome Sarina of Nuttier Than Nutella to our gang! We are excited to have you and hope you love #ThriftStyleThursday!

Here is our June schedule! I hope you are as psyched for it as I am! And if you want to join us, feel free to jump in! Make sure to let me or one of the other girls know, so we can add you to the list!

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Ну что, привет, 90-е! Чем чуднее, тем моднее! Сочетаем несочетаемое и ищем чем заполнить пробелы! На этой неделе пробелы я заполняла вот такой серебряной кофтой! А юбка эта лежала года 3, ждала своего момента! Делала я ее сама, вернее обрезала. В общем одна радость в этом посте сегодня!

Правда ведь классно шопиться в секонде? Дешево и сердито! Зато весело! Мой внутренний ребенок прыгает на трамплине от радости! Муся!

Всех люблю и хочу обнять мир!

I’ll Flash My Sails For Ya

2013-10-16 18.18.05

2013-10-16 18.17.50

2013-10-16 18.19.29

2013-10-16 18.18.20

A 100% thrifted outfit! That’s not rare for me at all! Just trying to make it budget friendly! Thank goodness it’s pay day 😉 My Sperry’s are probably the number one thing I want to show off! I scored them at a local consignment shop and was so so proud of my find, even though they cost $30, they were a great investment, and let’s be honest – Sperry’s are every fashion blogger’s must-have. Now the sweater! When I saw it at the Goodwill I immediately thought of my husband. We’ve been lucky to go sailing every summer, so this is a great reminder for me during colder months that summer (and HOPE!) is out there! The brown jacket (and we had this whole brown conversation before!) is also from Goodwill and is actually something I bought for my very first Goodwill Guest Post. I loved it so much, I kept it. Probably because it’s also from Steve and Barry’s and that store ceased to exist back in 2008… Sad face… And the jeans, well they are from Salvation Army, which I haven’t been to in so so long! That’s what NOT living in downtown Minneapolis does now! And going to my favorite location in the warehouse district is just not the same, it’s so crowded these days.

And there you have it! My Thrift Style Friday I guess! I will be in Stillwater this weekend, and hubs has promised to make it a date one! I love our date weekends! Even though his Birthday is coming up, he never forgets to treat me 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone and don’t miss Minnesota Blogger Conference recap tomorrow!

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