Do You Shapewear?

A couple months ago I agreed to review a shape wear piece by Leonisa, a brand that  is relatively well known and has been advertised on a few day time TV talk shows.


Truly Invisible Bodysuit Shaper. Images from


Truly Invisible Bodysuit Shaper. Images from

Let me be honest with you – I don’t do shape wear! I don’t think I need it, I don’t believe in it, and all the other 101 reasons why I think it’s bogus!

First of all, it’s extremely uncomfortable. When I first took the Truly Invisible Bodysuit Shaper (shown in the images above) out of the packaging, I didn’t think I was going to manage and get into it. Here is a tip – remove all the jewelry and put your hair in a bun! Make sure you apply makeup afterwards, as there will be a lot of huffing and puffing.

Going to the bathroom is a pain! As well as breathing, sitting, walking and all the rest!

The bra portion wasn’t padded, which was a big letdown (even though it looks like that in the photos)! I haven’t worn a non-padded bra since 2008! A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

Maybe I should’ve gone for a different type of piece, something like this – for that occasional muffin top fix…

Images from

Images from

Well, I guess I’ll be smarter next time!

There are situations when one can make shapewear work! I think it’s okay wearing it for up to 4 hours, but no more! Say you have an event, and that naked dress you have been dying to wear! Then go for it!

In the end, shapewear is not for me! What I like is eating healthy and working out! That’s the best shape wear for me! What about you? Do you do shapewear?

Happy Monday,


PS. I was provided an item for review in exchange for my honest opinion. Well it’s as honest as it can get!

Proskin Blogger Challenge update Week 3


Here it is you guys! Week 3 updates!

The numbers in parenthesis indicate difference from the previous week!)

Hips 32″ (-1″)
Top of thigh 20.5″ (-0.5″)
Widest part of thigh 21″ (-0.5″)
Above knee 14″ (-1″)
Below knee 13″ (-0)
Widest part of calf 13.5″ (+0.5)

As you can see there is some progress out there 🙂 And I am definitely noticing a difference in my thighs. Yay! Working towards defining that gap between my thighs (yes, I’m one of those girls!)

Another thing that I’ve started is Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis program.

I did both cardio and a workout in my proskins last week and I’m not going to do it anymore. Sorry for the next piece of TMI but I sweat a lot, so I’ll keep wearing my leggings to bed, because that still gives the result.
I have been cheating for the past few days though and only doing the 30 minute workout skipping the cardio.

Plus everyone at work seems to be on the Paleo diet, so I’ve been cutting down my bread intake as well.
So here you have it! I spilt all my beans! Now you spill yours 😉
Have a great weekend,