Sarah Jessica Parker on Shoes, Life and New York

Yesterday Nordstrom had a Twitter chat with Sarah Jessica Parker. I was lucky enough to have time during the day for this (you can see how straight my priorities are ūüėČ ) and got to ask one of my favorite celebrities a few questions, which she answered. What I really liked about this chat was how little self-promotion or brand-promotion SJP actually did. She mostly answered questions about her every day life, and as usual was inspirational and kind. So here is some everyday wisdom from @SJP in 140 characters or less:

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Who is your favorite celebrity and what would you ask them if you had a chance?

Happy Friday! 


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Oscars 2014

In anticipation and preparation to tonights Oscar’s Viewing Party at Muse, it only makes sense to start creating boards and collections of the beautiful clothes one is expected to wear. So before I choose the actual outfit, I am going to play around with these:


Being a big fan of SJP (who isn’t?) I have also been lusting some of the shoes from her new Nordstrom collection. They would be perfect for tonight! Of course it’s -1 in Minneapolis and I am very uncertain about what to wear.

Who are you excited to see on the Red Carpet tonight? Who is your favorite nominee? Let me know, and stop by tomorrow for the recap of the viewing party I am attending and announcement of the giveaway winner!

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Houndstooth & Vintage

Before there was snow, before there was winter, there was just me, in my houndstooth coat…

2013-11-30 15.52.53 2013-11-30 15.53.06 2013-11-30 15.53.33

The coat has seen it’s better New York Days, but I love it more each day. Maybe it’s the discontinued line, or the store that went out of business… But the memories we share will forever be ours!

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3101_185758535603_4715428_n 3101_185758510603_5678468_n 3101_185758490603_1471186_n 3101_185758455603_7765521_n


Do you have a piece in your wardrobe that is sentimental to you?

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Rock Your Denim Vest!!!

2013-05-12 15.27.13

2013-05-12 18.08.57

I’ve recently heard that if you want to see all of the latest fashion trends – go to Forever 21 – that’s where you’ll find them! And that’s true – everywhere you look in that store – you see something different and stylish, plus they have some classy pieces as well! I don’t really shop there that often, so those of you who thought I was now promoting for F21, think again! I did go in there during my trip to Chicago, simply because it was a free standing store! If some of you don’t know, I hate malls, just hate going inside, shopping there is too much for me (I wonder if you fellow thrifters have the same problem?), anyways, the one thing that I saw and liked was the denim vest, and besides if Jessica Alba can rock hers, why can’t I rock mine? Besides I saw this trend later featured on Chic Trends and I personally think it’s awesome!


Photo from


The only problem was – I didn’t have one! So I went off to Salvation Army in the Warehouse district and found a Ralph Lauren one for $6! Just to compare, Forever 21 vests retail for at least $20! My original plan was (if I didn’t find the vest) to get a jacket and chop the sleeves off!

But here it is, my denim vest and the outfit I put together! We also went to Walker where my mother in law is a tour guide, so I got my very own personal tour of the two newest exhibits! Thank you, Sandra!

Walker 1       I am wearing:

Shoes and Tights – Target // Shorts – New Yorker// Sweater – AX (thrifted)//

Denim Vest РRalph Lauren (thrifted) // BagVintage Kenneth Cole 

Sunnies – Lucky The Weekender//Necklaces – H&M, Express//

Bracelets – SJP’s Bitten, H&M, VIntage //Earrings – Vintage

Walker 2

Walker // Exhibit Painter Painter

Walker 3

Walker 4

Walker // Exhibit Autoconstruccion

Walker 5

Walker 6

Walker 7

Happy Monday everyone!



PS. I can’t get over the pictures my new Samsung Galaxy camera takes! What do you think?

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