Sewing Goodies

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I just have to share these with you! As some of you may recall I was on Refashion Runway, and today I wanted to share what was in my awesome prize that I got from Katherine of Pillows A-La Mode! And to make it easier for everyone, I took a video with my new Nokia Lumia phone! Check it out here:

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Thrift Haul Where Shoulder Pads come to DIE!

Let’s call it my Christmas Thrift Haul! My finds are as unpredictable, as Minnesota weather! Megan from Mr C. & MeΒ and I have been planning this thrift trip for a while, but last weeks SNOWPOCALYPSE delayed it. This weekend it rained… Yes, Global Warming is getting the best of our winters (I can always go back to Russia for that, but I hear it’s not going that well there either πŸ™‚ )

I also dragged Dominika with us, and the clothes that she got is absolutely amazing! Especially (SPOILER ALERT!) vintage Christian Dior pants! But more on that later!

Our first stop was Arc Value Village in Richfield, where we found the Dior pants, as well as some Ed Hardy shoes. But being the geniuses that we are, we didn’t get the pants.

Then we hit up Goodwill in Bloomington, and Dominika found this amazing fuchsia shirt, and well, that’s when we went back to Arc to get those pants! Thank goodness they were still there!

Our next and final stop was Savers in Bloomington, and that’s where I ended up spending most of my “thrift allowance” money (Okay I just made that up! I don’t have a thrift allowance, but I try and follow the “$20 limit per store” rule that I stole from Sammy Davis. Maybe I should give myself a monthly thrifting allowance? What do you think?)

And here is what I got:

Fabric first!

2012-12-16 21.26.15

The top one is a really bright pink, and unfortunately my iPhone camera doesn’t do this fabric justice. The only thing I was really bummed about was the price. I paid $8.99 plus tax for 7.5 yards. Now the original tag was still attached to the fabric, and it read $7.50! What’s up with that Goodwill??? The middle and the bottom fabrics are meant for a dress I am planning on sewing sometime in the future! Hopefully soon!

I also got this awesome vintage pattern, and the great thing about it is – ONE SIZE FITS ALL! So come to me with your fabrics and we can make you a dress like this. I am planning on altering the sleeves, though!

2012-12-16 21.28.38


And finally the dresses! All vintage, all from Savers, $3.99 each! I love each and every single one of them!

2012-12-16 21.26.39


2012-12-16 21.27.03


2012-12-16 21.28.10


Of course two out of the three dresses came with shoulder pads, but I took them out faster than a blink of an eye! Now only to figure out what to do with them! They are so pretty, I can’t just throw them away!

2012-12-16 21.32.51


So? What do you think? Did I do well? Not so well! It all came to under $30! Don’t forget to check Megan’s blog and see what she got!

Have a great week!


Experiencing The Sewing Experiment

I think I scored it big on Freecycle today, probably life changing big, but “life-changing” under one condition – if I master the art of sewing. Now, to me sewing isn’t simply following the pattern, it’s an experiment. Even when it comes to trimming/hemming/letting out some pieces. I often want to see how short or long I can go, and what I can do with the leftover material if there is any.

Now, here is what I got today:

A box full of lace trim, and some other sewing supplies, like zippers, ribbons, buttons, and some random earrings (which I thought would be fun to wear) I will definitely do a post on those!

And a box of sewing patterns:

There was a ton of children’s patterns as well, which I don’t need, so if you need some – let me know ASAP!

Now, mastering US measurement system is going to be a challenge for me, someone who grew up in a metric world! But I am sure I can conquer all those inches and a half πŸ˜‰

Now, I will be sharing my projects with you, I will also be using lace and trim in DIY’s and smaller projects!

I want to ask you for advice though, if you sew, or know someone who sews/designs/fixes/tailors clothes, send them my way, I would love to talk to them and get some advice! (My mom is the first person I am going to turn too, because she sewed a whole bunch of clothes for me when I was younger, but I would love someone else’s advice!)

Thanks for reading and subscribing, I love everyone’s advice and comments! Hope you all had a great weekend! I have something special for you all tomorrow πŸ˜‰