Sewing Books I Can’t Put Down

… but I have to return to the Library!

Today’s post is going to be about new sewing books that I’ve discovered for myself over the past couple of weeks! And I am going to immediately tell you, that I am in love, and some of those books, are making me think “Why didn’t I think of that earlier?” type of thoughts!

The first one is “DIY COUTURE” by Rosie Martin,

DIY Couture 1

My favorite part about that book is the fact that you don’t need any sewing patterns to make anything! The measurements are extremely easy, or you end up tracing the items of clothing you already have. So far I’ve only made a cape following the step-by-step instructions, but there is more in the making! And the best part is – there is more to that than just a book, there is a blog!

2012-12-02 21.32.18

The next book is STYLISH DRESS BOOK wear with freedom by Yoshiko Tsukiori,


And I literally want to make every single dress from this book, because they are that amazing! But it’s definitely for advanced seamstresses, unlike the first book I mentioned! I have already been scouting thrift stores for fabrics to use in order to make these dresses. I don’t know what it is about her patterns, but the simple lines and the choice of fabrics really attracts me to her books!

So these are the only two that I am really enjoying right now! What sewing books do you like?

Happy Wednesday!


Latest Thrift Finds

Here is the thing about thrifting – when you are looking for something specific – you can never find it. I don’t know if that’s Murphy’s law that applies to thrifting or what, but I’ve been looking for a black pleated maxi skirt everywhere with no luck. What I am looking for is something like this:

My problem is – I don’t want to pay top dollar for it, $20 tops ๐Ÿ˜‰

And I am pretty sure I’ll be able to find it sooner or later, because I really need it for work for the summer!

But let’s talk about my latest finds! These two scarves from Goodwill cost $2.99 each, the blue and white one was brand new and came with tags from a local boutique in Edina, MN

Aren’t these awesome? The yellow one is from Old Navy, and will be perfect for the summer! I can’t wait to wear it!

Yesterday I found some books, as well as a sewing pattern! Here’s what I got:

I get to keep everything but the I Spy DIY book, that has to go back to the library at some point ๐Ÿ™

I hope you are having a great day, enjoying the weather and what not! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog, I try and post every day!



Sewing by the Book

A lot of times I sew under the influence (be it some idea, another project, or memory), and sometimes I need more than that, I need a book. And what can be better when you score one that has the patterns too?

Today I was at Marshall’s picking out a perfume, and I came across this book:

I am sure you’ve seen other books from this series, the patterns are included in an envelope like so:

Now to give you a feel of what this book is all about I included pictures of some of the projects:

ย ย ย And all this for:

ย Yup, $7.50! How awesome is that?

What craft books do you like? Please do share!



Experiencing The Sewing Experiment

I think I scored it big on Freecycle today, probably life changing big, but “life-changing” under one condition – if I master the art of sewing. Now, to me sewing isn’t simply following the pattern, it’s an experiment. Even when it comes to trimming/hemming/letting out some pieces. I often want to see how short or long I can go, and what I can do with the leftover material if there is any.

Now, here is what I got today:

A box full of lace trim, and some other sewing supplies, like zippers, ribbons, buttons, and some random earrings (which I thought would be fun to wear) I will definitely do a post on those!

And a box of sewing patterns:

There was a ton of children’s patterns as well, which I don’t need, so if you need some – let me know ASAP!

Now, mastering US measurement system is going to be a challenge for me, someone who grew up in a metric world! But I am sure I can conquer all those inches and a half ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now, I will be sharing my projects with you, I will also be using lace and trim in DIY’s and smaller projects!

I want to ask you for advice though, if you sew, or know someone who sews/designs/fixes/tailors clothes, send them my way, I would love to talk to them and get some advice! (My mom is the first person I am going to turn too, because she sewed a whole bunch of clothes for me when I was younger, but I would love someone else’s advice!)

Thanks for reading and subscribing, I love everyone’s advice and comments! Hope you all had a great weekend! I have something special for you all tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜‰



Great Vintage Finds and Thoughts on becoming a Vegetarian

Today has been one strange day, but every day is strange in Zhenyaverse! That’s why I blog about my life, and not my neighbors life. Besides if I blogged about their life, you all would be depressed and crying your eyes out. Well, let me tell you a secret, there are sad times in my life, especially when I go visit my Grandpa at the hospital. Good thing he will be home soon!

The first thing I want to share with you, is that Sammy D from Sammy Davis vintage added me to her blog roll! Yup! I made it, I am famous now ๐Ÿ™‚ You can check it out hereย , I am right there under Fab Fashionistas! That’s right, it’s me! Love you Sammy D! I will be bringing you vintage from Russia! ๐Ÿ™‚

As some of you know I have recently made myself a skirt, and it’s all vintage too, because fabric is from the 70’s or so, it has paisleys people! Alright! (Can you tell I am hyper? Because I am, it’s all that coffee I’ve had tonight! Coffee and yoga! If you have never done yoga check out Namaste Yoga by Kate Potter, right now! Go and google it! She is that amazing! Well finish reading the post first! ๐Ÿ™‚ ) So today I was looking around and found these amazing pieces of fabric, in the colors that I absolutely love. I also found a pair of white gloves, so if you have any ideas when and where to use them (other than Minnie Mouse on Halloween), I will be extremely grateful.

My mind wanders on! I followed a recipe I learned from one of my friends at the Bridal Shower, and made this wonderfully – amazing vegetarian dish.

Now vegetarian or not, it’s worth trying. The veggies are from the frozen food isle, so is the dough! Butter the pan, put it all in, sprinkle salt and spices, add some oil, cover up with the dough, and bake for about 40 minutes at 350 F. For those of you chicken lovers – you can add that too!

I have tried becoming a vegetarian before. A few years ago when I worked at DHC, my friend Jessica showed me a book called “100 things to do before you are old and boring”! And one of them was “being a vegetarian for a week”. Back then my week ended several days early, because I just couldn’t resist spaghetti! Yes, I have great memories of camp food! So maybe now, I will actually stick to the plan! Let’s see if I can be a vegetarian for a week!

PS If you love sewing and have ideas on what magic I can do to those vintage fabric pieces, let me know!