Capes and Jewelry Racks

2013-10-07 13.31.46

Sewing isn’t just a fun hobby that I do on the side, it is an essential part of my personal style. There are a few items that I’ve made myself that really make me proud. I am like a nerdy child at the 5th grade science fair who can’t stop showing off what she’s made! That’s how I was with my scarf from yesterday’s post and well, that’s how I am going to be with my cape today, though this one is a little bit overdue.

I made this cape last year from wool fabric that I thrifted at Steeple People. And the pattern and inspiration came from an amazing book called DIY Couture by Rosie Martin.

2013-10-07 13.33.37

The cape was extremely easy to make, I did though have a little hard time with the lining, due to the light weight fabric that I picked. And instead of buttons or buckles, I am using my Grandmother’s vintage pin to keep it intact. 2013-10-07 13.33.04

I am sure you’ve also noticed the new addition to my dining room wall! Yes, I have finally finished this jewelry rack. Back in the apartment days, Sam and I used it for what it was supposed to be, a rack in our bathroom. But after we moved into our house, there really was no room for it. So it hung there in the garage looking pretty miserable. Until I came across a similar rack upcycle idea by Danielle. And I knew what had to be done! I quickly found some shabby chic looking fabric and mod podged it to the wood. The sides got decorated with nails, and pegs got primed, painted and touched up with some acrylic gold.

2013-10-11 06.42.55

2013-10-11 06.43.33

Thank you, Danielle, for the idea, and thank you for reading the post! Tomorrow I will be presenting at the Minnesota Blog Conference in St Paul, so if you are going to be there stop by and say hi!

Happy Friday,


My 50 cents Cape

Last week when I was at the library, I decided to stop by the “sewing/fashion” section and browse around! I was able to score some amazing books (great for beginners and more advanced seamstresses or DIYers like me 🙂 )

As you may have guessed, that’s why I went thrifting for fabric last Saturday! (Haul post here)

My first project came from this book:

2012-12-04 22.01.25


There are a total of 10 different projects in this book, and each one of these projects has 8 variations! It’s a very inspiring book, even if you are not looking for any inspiration! Plus the step by step instructions are so easy to follow, that t makes sewing and designing  a lot more fun!

I chose this cape as my first project. And my 50 cents of wool were perfect for it!

2012-12-04 22.01.38


The amount of fabric was just right! I spent about 3 hours on Sunday night working on this:

2012-12-02 21.32.18


I couldn’t be more proud! But it’s not over yet! I have some nice velvet that I want to use to decorate the cape, but I want to ask your opinion, so please take a minute and vote:

I hope you are as in the mood for the new Hobbit or a re-run of The Lord of the Rings as I am 😉