Thrift Style Thursday Link Up // June 22 // Crossing Bridges

Thrift Style Thursday Link Up Thrift Style Thursday Link Up

Thrift Style Thursday Link Up

Thrift Style Thursday Link Up

Between sponsored posts, photoshoots and accounting classes, I try and find some downtime.Β I have always loved this bridge connecting Sculpture Garden and Loring Park. And while Sculpture Garden lays there, demolished, sculptures removed, trees cut down, waiting for its reopening next June, Loring Park is still there. A little green oasis in the middle of the Hennepin/Lyndale construction mess. I find this comparison to be a strange yet applicable allegory to my life. I’m moving from Minneapolis where I’ve lived for the past 5 years. The move is exciting, stressful. I tend to worry, question my decisions, look for signs. But then I remember that I need to take ownership, stick to my guts, and keep going. It’s time to move on, and I will be doing just that!

I’ve been dying to wear this olive skirt for a while now. Sometimes I wonder if it’s too short for me, but today it was just right! The elephant print top has been my go to during hot and humid summer days, it has an open back, and is so breezy, I’m so close to being a covergirl πŸ˜‰

And now for the link up – share your looks, whether they are thrifted or not, and make sure to help spread the word about this link-up through social media if you have a chance! Thank you, can’t wait to see your looks!

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Monday I had a photoshoot with Eric at the Sculpture Garden, one of my favorite places in the Twin Cities. I lived in Loring Park for 2 years and the Sculpture Garden was just across the bridge, or the 6 lanes of traffic on Hennepin Ave. It always had this power over me, it made me happy, calm, collected. I got married at the Sculpture Garden, I also went there after my grandpa passed away a few years ago. It’s been my sanctuary. Plus the parking is only $3.50 a day, so πŸ˜‰

The green house is usually closed on Mondays, but one of the Emergency Exit doors was open, so we were able to get in, along with 30 other people or so. But no one seemed to care!

I kind of have to explain the pants. They are the most comfortable Bel Kazan creation I’ve owned. And they are not leggings. They are an awesome patterned sweat/legging/pant hybrid, that I want to wear everywhere now. And they look absolutely amazing with this moto jacket.

IMG_0126 IMG_0128 IMG_0129 IMG_0130 IMG_0131



I often looked at the clock

And time was never at standstill

Sometimes it was there to mock

Sometimes it was there to kill

But the numbers 9 11

They always stood out to me

I caught myself looking


Today they buried my grandpa

And I wondered if that’s why

If numbers were playing a trick on me

Or if it’s just life?

Today I want you to go and give your family a call, give them a hug, tell them you love them, tell them you miss them… Don’t fight, don’t argue, because at the end of the day it’s not worth it. You all have a purpose and a reason to be here, and it’s to create beauty and love and find that glow!


I love you all, and I want to say a great big THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to all of you who have been sending prayers and loving kind thoughts my way. You mean so much to me. I have been crying on and off again today, over 9/11, over my grandfather, and not being able to be in Russia. But I have also been crying happy tears, that I have a loving husband, and a family here, who take care of me. And I know that the Universe is watching over me. I have been seeing signs everywhere, from a hand wave of a small child, to watching a ladybug make it’s way around my chair while listening to the wind chimes at the Sculpture Garden.




Last Friday Night: Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Yes, I finally did it, I dragged my husband out to the Sculpture Garden, which is “ahem” a 10 minute walk from our house, and also a place where we got married almost a year ago!

I mean it never gets old, so here are a few shots:

My legs are almost see-through – I guess I’ve over worked out πŸ™‚ hmmm But hey I am wearing a thrifted Saks Fifth Avenue Shirt, so that’s legit!


Can you find the fish?

This never gets old (maybe because that’s the only thing in Minneapolis to look at?) Also, sorry random girls, you are now famous on my blog πŸ™‚


I told you taking pictures of the skyline never gets old πŸ™‚

Plants are afraid of the dark too, they need a night light!

Lights will guide you… if not home, then well somewhere πŸ™‚

One more fore the cheap seats in the back!

My favorite quote of them all!

Hope you had fun bumming around The Sculpture Garden with me! How was your weekend? What did you do? Where did you go? Who did you see?









Rehearsal Dinner Outfit

So it’s been a few days since the wedding and the rehearsal dinner, but I kinda feel like bragging about my rehearsal dinner outfit. I apologize for bragging in advance, but if you are a vintage lover like me, you’ll understand why πŸ™‚

So here is what I wore (I am the one on the right, in case you were wondering):

So let me break this down for you: top – Banana Republic – freecycled in NYC, belt- also freecycled in NYC, skirt – vintage Sophisticates by Pendleton – $1.99 – Salvation army. Too bad my Etra clutch isn’t in any of these pics, but it’s in my previous post. Now I wore all this with this pair of shoes from Target (these were my emergency shoes that I bought when my sandals broke in the middle of the street, and they go amazingly well with this outfit)

The shoes were on Clearance for about $13, I believe. Now the total outfit comes down to $16, not bad for a rehearsal dinner, I think πŸ™‚

Tomorrow I will let you in on another secret about the skirt!




PS. Our rehearsal dinner was held at Buce di Beppo – amazing place if you ask me!

Our Wedding Website

I am so excited about this, now that the wedding is only 19 days away! You all are more than welcome to check out our wedding website. I have added more info and some fun facts about us! The link is here

I really recommend that all engaged couples get a free web-site like this, it’s an easy and fun way to tell people about yourselves, and your wedding! I can personally say that I enjoyed putting this together for Sam and I. And let me let you in on a little secret: I love registering for gifts πŸ™‚

Have a great day everyone! Sending you lots of love πŸ™‚