Sarah Jessica Parker on Shoes, Life and New York

Yesterday Nordstrom had a Twitter chat with Sarah Jessica Parker. I was lucky enough to have time during the day for this (you can see how straight my priorities are 😉 ) and got to ask one of my favorite celebrities a few questions, which she answered. What I really liked about this chat was how little self-promotion or brand-promotion SJP actually did. She mostly answered questions about her every day life, and as usual was inspirational and kind. So here is some everyday wisdom from @SJP in 140 characters or less:

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Who is your favorite celebrity and what would you ask them if you had a chance?

Happy Friday! 


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Happy Easter Outfit of the Day!!!

Christ is risen! I hope you all are having a great day celebrating with your families and  loved ones! Sam and I recently got back from a church service, and I thought I’d share my outfit with you!



Suede Boots – Mexx – bought in Russia

Skirt – thrifted, refashioned, with a vintage slip underneath – Goodwill Outlet, Steeple People

Top – The Limited – freecycled in NYC

Coat – Bitten by SJ Parker, from Steve & Barry’s (for those who remember that store!) NYC

Bag – Vintage Coach crossbody – Salvation Army

Scarf – thrifted in NYC

Necklace – thrifted in NYC

Have a blessed day!



Sunday Post: Stories from My Closet: Bitten Coat

When I first moved to Jersey in 2008, I was obsessed with Bitten, that brand by Sarah Jessica Parker, which only existed for a couple years, and was sold at Steve and Barry’s, which went under when the crisis hit.

I have a couple of Bitten items left, but the one I love the most is this houndstooth pattern coat:


This was my very first piece of outerwear that I accessorized, and it also got me hooked on Art Deco, and the whole 20’s theme, here is how…

It was one of those weekends when I took the train from Jersey to Penn Station, and after meeting up with one of my Russian girlfriends and taking about 20 pictures of the Flat Iron Building, which is my favorite one of all times:


we decided it was too cold to hang outside, and ended up on the corner of 5th Avenue and 42nd street:


So after going through the metal detector and the security bag check, we ended up in library/architecture/culture heaven:




But the best part of the whole experience was the Art Deco Exhibition,

that talked about the rich history, legacy and influences behind that movement. As we all know, a lot of good things come from France, so did all this!

Don’t you wish you could just put that same dress on and go walk around Central Park? I certainly do! I always get complimented on that coat, even when people say I look very Mary Tyler Moore, I just hope they refer to her younger years!

To be honest I don’t remember much from that whole day, just the feeling of excitement that I could go and be inside NYPL for the very first time in my life. I would go back there several more times, to see the original Winnie-the-Pooh toys and first edition of the book, to take kids I was babysitting to story time, to simply get some books, or to just take a break from walking around Manhattan all day…

I can’t wait for fall now, so that I can wear my Bitten coat again…


Once Upon a Time…

So we all know the story of “Little Red Riding Hood” (in Russia she is known as “Little Red Hat”). A couple days ago Sarah Jessica Parker, dressed as Little Red Riding Hood appeared on a red carpet in Moscow, she even wore a cape!

The shoes were a KILLER!

I mean what other better color to wear in Moscow, Russia, but RED? Did she wear her RED cape in RED square? I am sure she did a good job promoting her new movie – I Don’t Know How She Does It – in a country which has seen more RED in 70 years than the whole world in centuries.

No one said it was too late to dress up at 46! I can now proudly say that I wore a LRRH during a Halloween party on ’08! And no one wrote about me anywhere in the papers:

But back to Parker though! She did have several changes of a dress. And you can see the Kremlin in the background 🙂 All of you Russia lovers should thank me for pointing that out!


So which one of her outfits do you like the most?



PS. As lame as I am going to sound, I absolutely love SJP and am now going to read the Vogue issue with her on the cover!

PPS. I do kinda wish I was in Russia to see SJP at the premiere, but at the same time I lived in Manhattan for a year, and never saw her 🙂