Black Pearl Lounge. Samantha Rei’s and Apatico’s F/W Collection 2015



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Last Friday I had a chance to finally see Samantha Rei and Apatico new F/W 2015 collection that I have been stalking on Instagram and Facebook since the end of last year. And it was amazing! The collection made the 28 year old me want to go to prom, get married, and go to all sorts of fabulous events that I have been lucky enough to attend again. The whimsical spirit of the designer, perfectly paired up with Apatico’s head pieces in the 1912 Gale mansion was some sort of a new age fashion time machine, make me forget the year and the date on the calendar.

Rei’s collection, inspired by 1920’s Shanghai was filled with sequins, beading, fur and feathers in black, lavender, gold, silver, mint, royal blue and forest green. It was magically unforgettable for this trouble maker.


Thank you again for an amazing night Samantha!

Photogrpahy credit FairShado Photography

Envision MPLS 2014


Gorgeous venue with the best view of Minneapolis




Art created right in front of our eyes



Gorgeous Sigma ladies


Stellar performance by Shiro Dame


That model has a message for you!

New venue, new Envision. Orchestra hall is a perfect new home for you! Spacious and airy, that place is like no other. Who knew, that it’s not just for concerts anymore? Fun show, interesting designs and a lot of friends, new and old. I couldn’t have asked for a better Saturday night.

EnvisionMPLS EnvisionMPLS-Orchestra-Hall EnvisionMPLS-Orchestra-Hall EnvisionMPLS-Orchestra-Hall


Samantha Rei Designs


Zhenya of, FashionFanatic5, ParckerXL, Lauren Payton

Overall the music and the food were great, New venue is a perfect fit. Some of the designs were questionable, as well as girls in masks going down the runway. A section on workout gear could’ve sat out, but the leggings were great. The second part of the show, presented more collections as a whole. My favorite looks were by Samantha Rei, Caroline Hayden, and a few random pieces from here and there. The best part of the show for me personally was seeing local Minneapolites dressed for the event. There were so many beautiful people in the crowd, I can definitely see our fashion scene growing for the upcoming fall MN fashion week.

How was your weekend?

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10th Annual Full Fashion Panic // Minneapolis, MN

Minnesota Fashion Week has come and gone. And I am here with the recap! Breaking the chronological order, I am going to post about MCAD 10th Annual Full Fashion Panic, that took place last Saturday night. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have also attended both nights of The Shows at Aria, but I will post about them later!

So what is Full Fashion Panic? It’s hard to describe, but it is definitely anything and everything, but a college fashion show. In the words of Samantha Rei: “FFP is a fun show and a great way to introduce people to alternative fashion”.

This year it taught us how the alternative fashions of lolita, steampunk and cosplay play a role in Japanese fashion design. The Full Fashion Panic Fashion Show explored these connections through a high-energy runway show.

Designers include: Kelly Keene, Endorphinz by Payton, Punkktual and Haus of Elle.

And once again, I have pictures and a video for you! So sit back, relax and enjoy the recap of the show!



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Meet your host! Isn’t she darling?

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Inspired by Pirates

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