Pleated Midi Skirt + Monday Mode Link Up

Pleated Midi Skirt Pleated Midi Skirt Pleated Midi Skirt Pleated Midi Skirt Pleated Midi Skirt Pleated Midi Skirt

Hello loves, i hope you had a great week! I took about a week long break from posting on Instagram, and it felt so great! I know a lot of you missed me, but I am back now. You see this much needed break helped me get my ideas and thoughts together, and I can’t wait to share more of my real life with you, like the no make up post work out Zhenya.

Fun fact, last weekend was my high school reunion. The Russian high school I graduated from in 2003 and sworn to never go back to. And I haven’t really. Partially because I’ve been living here for so long, partially because I hated high school. However there was something inside that was pushing me to go. Of course I wasn’t going to make it, but I wanted to talk to the people I spent 10 years in school with, the people that I wrote and passed notes to in class, the people that shared my hatred for gym class with, the people that pushed me to do better, be better.

I hope you all have people in your life who motivate you and help you better your best! Here is to the memories!

Outfit details: Pleated Midi Skirt – Zara sale ($19.99), Williams Ankle Boot from Free People ($30 on clearance), Ettika chocker, and white vintage sweater ($2.99) – yes, I am back in the thrifting game! I can’t wait to show you more of my thrift and vintage finds, I love the local thrift stores here 🙂

Thank you for linking up with us every week! We can’t wait to see your posts!

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Knee Slit Black Jeans + Zombie Apocalypse

image1 image5

Weirdest dream last night, zombie apocalypse in Russia, and I somehow ended up in it. I had to pack my clothes, and didn’t have enough room in the suitcases, and didn’t have enough suitcases to begin with. Sam and I got separated and I was with my family, my grandma was alive, and my dad was around too (so weird!), and we went to an old settlement of stone huts on a river. And the whole thing was weird. All I remember was falling asleep (in my dream), looking at the shooting stars and hoping to see Sam again, which I did, this morning.

I am telling you some days my dreams are way too crazy even for me.

But in all honesty if I were to take the zombies down, I’d probably wear this outfit.

Happy Monday!

image2 image3 image6 image7


Jeans: Target, Shoes: Forever 21, Tank: H&M, Kimono: Target

Where God Guides…

Here is someone I want you to meet. And no it’s not another Etsy maven, or a fashionista from down the street, they are my friends Christiana and Phil Brande, and their Baby B (who is yet to B born 🙂 get it? )


They are 9 short days away from departing the US and heading over to Prague, to teach at the Christian School there. See, they are raising money for their trip, and believe that God will provide, because they are following his calling!


They are beautiful people who spent over 10 years living and spreading God’s word and love in Russia (my home country), that’s where Christiana and I met, when I was 14 or 15. I was a part of the group from the Wesleyan church that went to a camp for orphans organized by a team from the States. And she has an absolutely calming peaceful presence, but radiates happiness at the same time! And after talking to them today, I felt so inspired and encouraged, and once again amazed by how Great our God is! And how big our small world is!

I don’t know when I am going to see them again, but I will definitely be following their blog and you should to! And if God puts it on your heart to donate to their ministry then bless your heart!



Just Say Ommm, Be Happy and Go Shopping






A couple weeks ago I attended one of the Minnesota bloggers meet-up events, which was a yoga class lead by Katie of  Strawberry Halls Forever. It was an amazing experience, not only because I got to meet other bloggers in the area, but also because it was my very first yoga class!


I have been doing yoga for over 4 years now, but never in a group! I am a loner (read cheapskate 😉 ) when it comes to working out. I love my work out DVDs and videos I find on YouTube (check out Fitness Blender – it’s one of the best resources out there!)

Now I got into yoga by accident, and let me explain how it happened! Back in my good old nannying days when I lived on the Upper West Side everyone and everything breathed and talked yoga! You see I was always more of a runner, and I loved my strength training as well! Remember Cindy Crawford’s videos from the 1990’s? Those were my go-to workouts for many years! My mom got me into them back when I was in 8th grade! And I still do them 2-3 times a week, though I’ve switched over to Jillian Michaels since then! But let’s return to the UWS though… I was really into FIT.TV and since the family I worked for had Warner Cable, I took advantage of it every day! I got into Gilad’s workouts, and Namaste Yoga by Kate Potter was on right after! So I gave it a shot and FELL IN LOVE! And have been doing it ever since! I tried other workouts by other instructors, but Kate Potter won me over!

And even though I’ve been doing yoga all by myself for a long time, I feel like it’s one of those experiences you need to live through as a group, so one of my goals this summer is to find a yoga class to join, so if you know of a good one in Minneapolis and western suburbs area, please let me know!


Another thing that I’ve come to realize is that I don’t really have any good yoga clothes, and to me being fashionable at yoga is much more important than when I go for a run. So as I was looking for cute yoga clothes, I came across C9 brand at Target!


They have very affordable and stylish work out clothes, designed specifically for yogis 🙂 And if you watch their website close enough, you can get coupons and discounts on C9 brand pretty often!


Show style and strength in this yoga top by C9 by Champion, exclusive to Target!

3312Bust a (yoga) move in these stylish, snazzy pants from C9 by Champion, a Target-exclusive line of fitness.


Love yoga? Or just love comfy, stylish yoga pants that keep you covered no matter what? Whatever your yoga pants-wearing style, C9 by Champion at Target has you covered!


What gives you peace and strength? Whatever motivates you, C9 by Champion apparel has you covered!
I am definitely going to Target to get myself some cute and colorful yoga tops and comfy stretchy pants (don’t worry, those will be worn to yoga classes alone 😉 ) Where do you shop for yoga clothes and what type/style of yoga would you recommend?
At Target Influencer Network, we support ethical blogging and strict adherence to the FTC guidelines pertaining to free samples and gifts. Participants in our programs are expected to do the same. For more information, visit:

Words Cannot Describe…



Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi, Russia

Photo curtesy of my cousin Katy Klimova

Have a great Sunday!



















Thanksgiving Outfitters: A Thrifter’s Tale

I tried my best to combine something thrifted, something vintage, something blue (oh wait, that’s a totally different story 🙂 ), and something modern in my Thanksgiving outfit. But a lot of it ended being something borrowed as well! So taking all of the above factors into consideration, it was almost like a wedding! Or was it? So without further adieu, I would like to present my Thanksgiving Outfit tale!

Once upon a time there lived a girl, who was absolutely fascinated by anything thrifted, vintage, or, even better, the combination of thrifted and vintage. And every time she put together an outfit, it was a special day, a celebration of sorts.

The morning of Thanksgiving our thrifter had a task, which appeared to be more challenging than it really is. How many of you have ever adjusted skirt waistband? How many of you have ever adjusted an elastic in the skirt’s waistband? Maybe due to the lack of sleep, or to the overwhelming memories of living on the Upper West side after watching Macy’s Day Parade, or to simple lack of attention (that, let’s be honest a lot of us suffer from) she had to redo the waist elastic 3 whole times! But it was totally worth it, because the skirt was $1.50 Goodwill find. Important lesson learned: When working with a wide elastic make sure it’s aligned properly before sewing it together!


The skirt was quite see-through, but a thrifted $2 vintage slip came to the rescue! The picture of which will not be included, because this is an appropriate, PG fairy tale !

The top that she wore that day came from far far away, all the way from overseas, from a country called Russia, because that’s where our thrifter was from. And it used to belong to her Grandmother. Unfortunately Grandma was now gone, but the memory of her lived forever in that vintage a little bit altered top! Lesson learned: Spend time with your loved ones and carry on memories of them not in your clothes, but in your heart!


Completed by a Mossimo top from a clarance rack at Target, $1 necklace from Steeple People, and the latest refashioned tote our thrifter threw on her modest black heels and walked to the car carriage, cherry pie in hand! Good thing it was 50F that day, or was it?

After a couple glasses of champagne, and traditional Thanksgiving lunch/dinner with a twist of cayenne pepper, the family decided to step outside for a nice walk, to let the food settle and make room for dessert, only to find out that the wind has picked up and the temperature dropped to 30F!

The weather’s cruel prank didn’t stop the family from their intended promenade. All it took was some extra clothes from parent’s closet.


The thrifter’s  fairy god mother mother in law spared the warmest angora coat and a beautiful beret, as well as a pair of stockings to keep the thrifter’s legs from freezing off.

And out they went into the cold! To take pictures and have lots of fun:


… for about 20 minutes or so, because it was indeed intolerable!

Lesson learned: No matter how cold it is, family time is important!

I hope you enjoyed my silly thrifter’s tale. Thrifting isn’t really that hard, but creativity is a must, especially when it comes to putting outfits together. And the final important lesson of the post is – Don’t overdo vintage/thrifted outfit. Take it slow and build up your confidence as you go along!

Have a great Wednesday everyone, we all need a little fairy tale in our lives every once in a while! I hope something magical happens to you today!

The Thrifter

Everyday Fashion From Around the World: Kazan, Russia

Happy Friday everyone, and today, since it’s such a gorgeous day here in Minneapolis, much much better than yesterday, I decided to share a little more sunshine with you that came from half way around the world, Kazan, Russia, to be more precise.

As you know I feature bloggers from all around the world and their outfits on my blog, so today, I am sharing some more of Renata’s photos with you. If you remember, I’ve already featured her a few weeks back, but when she emailed and asked me to post about her Outfit again, I couldn’t say no!

Don’t forget to check out her blog here!

“Hi guys!!! The weather is so great today! And  I decided to share something positive with you! Have a nice day 🙂Аnd be happy;)”

Tunic-Kira Plastinina
Shoes- H&M

Thanks for hanging out with us!



Making fun of the 90’s, because 90’s were FUN

Presented below is a visual list of items that were popular in the 90’s, needless to say – I am glad they stayed in the 90’s! And if you grew up in Eastern Europe, you have to recognize some of these!

The hideous hair ties

I don’t even have the courage to call it a scrunchie, this is a hideous cut out of a clown’s wig, at least that’s what it seems like to me today, but back in the day these were extremely popular. Perfect for Gay Pride, don’t you think?

Titanic Leo was everywhere, and so was Kate

 on T-shirts and Buttons

 Leggings were also popular

 Plus there were fuzzy sweaters and plastic headbands

 There was a ton of other stuff, and no I am not nostalgic, I just like making fun of the 90s, because 90s were FUN!


Russian Dolls

In Russia every woman is a doll.

Zhenya H

Have you seen that show? It’s on Lifetime! I first heard about it a bout a year and a half ago. One of my friends told me they had castings for a Russian version of Jersey Shore. That was when she told me to get on that show too. Now who is the crazy one?

My husband and I have watched the first episode together, once the second one came around, he couldn’t take it anymore, it gave him a headache. So now I am on my own!

2 episodes later I can definitely tell you that Russian Dolls are nothing like Jersey Shore, we, ladies and gentlemen, have been hit with another Real Housewives, it’s just they have a Russian accent.

The scene where one of the older women goes shopping for jewelry, after her husband just gave her $25,000 and she asks him – What can you buy nowadays for $25,000? is just like when one of the housewives (Teresa Giudice) goes jewelry shopping in Atlantic City. And, honey, back to your question about 25 quid – I have a lot of answers to that!

The one exciting thing about the show are the three young girls ( only because I can relate to them more, since we are closer in age)

Unfortunately that is the only thing that makes them relatable for me. At least one of them knows how to cook borscht!

One of my Russian friends told me earlier today that she has no desire to be associated with those women from the show. And the funny thing is – once you tell people you are Russian – they ask you one of the two questions (or sometimes both) – Are you a mail order bride? and Have you seen Russian Dolls?

I simply want to tell you, that not all Russian women are like the ones in the show. And not all Russian women are mail order brides either. We are not gold-diggers, or poorly educated blondes, who are looking for a sugar daddy. We just want a fresh start, and the possibilities, we would’ve never had in Russia. And if you see me in the street and start speaking Russian to me, I will probably reply back in Russian. I do say “Zdravstvyite” to the local jewish grandma’s after all.

So watch Russian Dolls, don’t watch it – it’s up to you, just remember – it’s TV and it’s all entertainment! So have FUN!



PS. And remember – this is what a real Russian Doll looks like 😉

Also, there are some pretty awesome Russian Doll necklaces available on the Internet and even at Target. I couldn’t find the exact picture of the one they sell there, but it looks something like this



The Zhenya, or There and Not Back

I know this is going to seem weird, that I blogged about my first day in America before blogging about my trip here. But sometimes I just like doing things backwards. And it’s probably the jetleg kicking in as well!

My mom and I left Vladimir at about 3 am on Wednesday morning, the cab driver was super fast, we got to Sheremetyevo in under 3 hours! There were a couple times when I really questioned our driver, and whether he had cut out his license out of a cereal box or not! Once at Sheremetyevo I checked my bags, and after spending a little bit more time with my mom, I went to the passports control. It didn’t take a lot of time, and I soon found myself catching up on the latest episode of Chelsea Lately.

That’s when I saw one of the Russian TV hosts, Vladimir Pozner. He’s been on TV well for forever! I remember watching him when I was about 6 or 7, because the cartoons were on, right after his talk-show. He was very nicely dressed and so tan! I was going to go get his autograph, but Chelsea Lately was more important, and I couldn’t find him afterwards, talk about missed opportunities here.

Terminal D was a very pleasant surprise, nice and clean, free wireless, a cafe called “Mama Russia”. I was hanging out by one of the outlets, watching the Kardashians and Jerseylicious and charging my Mac at the same time, which was further away from the gate. When I finally came up to the gate I saw that they have put the blue tape all around it and before you could get on the plane they checked your documents again.

And this is when the fun began. So apparently I was chosen by a computer for an additional search. I mean the girl looked through everything. Made me turn on all of my electronics. Had me take sips of my water. I also had a deodorant in my suitcase, I asked her if she wanted me to apply it. Then I said that it was okay for her to be searching my stuff, she was only doing her job, and that was probably the one way for her to make money. She also asked me if I was going for work. I said I was immigrating, getting married and all. After the search was over she wished me “happiness in marriage” and off I went, waiting in the gate area with other passengers. Other than me they also searched one other girl. I guess the computer was determined to only have the airport employees to search 2 people on the flight that day!

The good thing was – I got two seats to myself, which meant 2 blankets, 2 pillows, but no 2 meals, which weren’t good anyways. Sorry Aeroflot, food sucked!

Once I got States side, everything was a breeze, especially after I DIDN’T forget to pull out my New York State driver’s license.

Coming to Minneapolis, I also got 2 seats to myself! And arriving here was like coming home! I finally got to see the apartment that Sam wouldn’t show me on Skype, keeping it a surprise. I love every square inch of it! Already thinking about decorating it, but don’t want to buy everything just yet, with the wedding coming up I know I will be able to register for a lot of things.

Tomorrow I get to see my dress! I’ve never been more excited. Also, Sam and I have started premarital counseling!