January Book Club


Hi and welcome to a new category on my blog – the monthly book club! This is inspired by an actual book club that I am beyond excited to be a part of. My friends Sarah and Kaitlyn of The Duck and the Owl are the ones who set it up, and everyone that you keep seeing in my group photos on Insta is in it too! This month we are reading The Mothers by Brit Bennet.

I look forward to reading this book, and I will be sharing my review and thoughts at the end of the month. Meanwhile, if you would like to read along, we would love to have you!

He is checking out some weird books!

That’s what the librarian is going to say if she looks at my fiance’s record:

– Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella

– Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

and The Lies that Chelsea Handler told me – requested

He will be notified once that last one is ready to be picked up too!

I hate using other people’s things, especially library cards. I really don’t want them to know what I read. Because I usually read God knows what. At least I strayed away from the HP series. Now Sophie Kinsella and I have a long lasting relationship. Ever since I started nannying for the G family in New Jersey, she’s been there for me. Then I moved to NYC and had to deal with the K family. Sophie was there for me no matter what. Yes, sometimes her name was Madeline Wickham, but she was good nevertheless.

She makes me feel good about myself, and my minor shopping addiction. I love shopping, especially for hair products. And those of you who know me, also know about the hair struggles I’ve been through! Anyways, my point is – Reading is Sexy and go check out your local library, mine has birch trees out front 🙂

What are you reading this week?