Luminess AirSupremacy


Hello friends,

How have you been? After two weeks of not posting anything, and evaluating and reevaluating my existing blog space, I came to a conclusion that it’s better for all of us if I post more reviews and tutorials (especially the DIY kind), and if you want to see my outfits, there is Instagram for that!

A couple months ago I got the opportunity to try Luminess AirBrush System, and when I was offered to try the new Mist Airbrush Foundation, I couldn’t resist. The less I touch my face the better my skin looks, it’s an easy rule I’ve been following since I was 13 and started using makeup. I must admit following is a strong word though, because when I am stressed, I am stressed and I start touching my face, picking at anything that may be healing, and then having to deal with all the consequences. Even makeup brushes cause breakouts when the midterms and finals hit.

That’s why airbrushing is my saving grace. Not only do I not touch my face with my hands, I have also eliminated the step of having to touch it with the brushes.


Now the Luminess AirSupremacy boasts

  • superior build-able, yet breathable coverage;
  • ideal for sensitive skin;
  • dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested;
  • paraben, fragrance and oil free;
  • never tested on animals;
  • no mess application;
  • minimizes fine lines, wrinkles and texture.


The starter kit comes with 5 products and 2 brushes. I got the shade fair, I think that’s the shade I received last time, and I was very happy to see that Luminess Air remembered my preference. The 5 products that come in the kit are:

  • Refreshing and Moisturizing Mist Face Primer (2 oz.)
  • Ultimate Flawless Mist Airbrush Foundation Shade 2 Bloom (2 oz.)
  • Ultimate Flawless Mist Airbrush Foundation Shade 3 Golden Beige (2 oz.)
  • Natural Finish Mist Airbrush Blush (2 oz.)
  • 18 hour long-wear mist makeup sealant ( .5 oz.)

The kit includes two brushes, a small blush/powder brush and a Pro-Air blender sponge brush, which I haven’t used yet. The purpose of the Pro-Air Blender is to help get rid of the over-spray or blotchiness, and remove any excess makeup. The brush is an alternative method of applying foundation if you don’t want to spray it directly on your face.

Every product needs to be shaken for about 5 seconds before you apply it. And as far as the word “mist” goes, the only one that’s truly a mist in my opinion is the primer. The other products are more of aerosols, which explains why there is a brush included in the set – the alternative method of applying foundation.

What I like about the kit the most is it includes everything that you need. I stopped using eyeshadow primer, because the foundation covers the eyelids. The line has a nice fragrance to it. The product is a little drying, so definitely layer up on that moisturizer in the morning and definitely at night. Airbrushing creates an even tone, and helps correct all the discolorations that I have on my face, including the redness caused by breakouts. Here are some before and after photos for you.

IMG_3235 IMG_3236

Sorry about those, didn’t mean to scare you!

Overall, the system definitely wins over the current Air Brush System I own, even though they are the same brand. It’s the ease of use and no need to clean the dispenser afterwards that has me sold on this one over the existing one. One major advantage of this line and the brand overall is a little really goes a long way here. And the less I use, personally, the better my skin looks.


The product is available on the website and on QVC. And if you have any more questions, don’t hesitate and reach out to me on social media and through the comments.

Disclosure: the product was complimentary. All opinions are my own. 

Thrifting for Jewelry – Once in a Blue Moon

I have this amazing friend (I am not going to mention any names today), who loves thrifting and consignment shopping as much as I do! Another thing great about her is that she is extremely good when it comes to finding gems in the dirt, literally. A lot of times we don’t see anything special at the jewelry stand when we go thrifting, but she is extremely thorough and always finds something special. But once in a blue moon (well, actually more often than that) she scores! And scores big! Today when she came over, she had an awesome story to tell!

Last week as she was driving home, she got an urge to stop by one of her favorite consignment store locations (sorry, but I am not going to mention any stores either). And here is what she’s got:


Now all three of those necklaces came to $21. And I guess excitement and pure joy were written all over my friend’s face. When the cashier noticed that, she obviously asked – Find anything good today? – to which my friend said – Oh, definitely. Now that caught the cashier’s attention and she then asked my friend how much it was all worth. To which my friend replied – Ring me up first, please! Then I’ll tell you! The cashier thought it was all a joke, so when after everything was paid for my friend said that it would’ve cost around $500 on eBay, the face of the cashier definitely dropped!

So let’s break it down, compare and talk semi-precious stones:

1. The first necklace from the left – a sterling silver tube that is magnetically attached to the pendant. You can actually remove the pendant and just wear the necklace. My friend paid $7 for it, it costs $89.95 on eBay:


It’s a Joseph Esposito necklace, you can now find some of his jewelry on QVC.

2. The blue necklace is sterling silver and sodalite. Again, it was only $7, and here we have two off of eBay, one for $44.50 and one for $259


3. And finally prehnite and sterling silver necklace, which again was $7, can be also found on eBay for $220 and $309.99


I had to share this with you today, not because I want to brag about my friend’s finds, but because I want to help you all out there find something special and unique at a thrift store, and be proud of it! I also have nothing to do with the eBay sellers mentioned above, those links are just examples of prices available on the Internet.

Now the most important part – how do you know it’s a stone, and more over, how do you know it’s a semi-precious one?

1. Well, first of all a stone is always going to be heavier than plastic, it’s a given.

2. Second, if you put it against your skin (cheek or temple, ideally) you’ll feel the cold. Plastic warms up against your skin.

How do you tell what kind of stone it is? Here is when you are going to have to learn, there are tons of books on gemology, a lot of times they are bright and colorful and will make a great addition to your coffee table!

I hope this was an inspiring and useful post for you all, and remember thrifting is always a treasure hunt!