How to Become Popular on Pinterest


First of all, let’s make it clear, it’s not PinInterest, its Pinterest. There I said it! Now let’s cut to the chase. How can someone, how can you, how can I become popular on Pinterest?

A lot of fashion and beauty bloggers will agree with me, Pinterest drives traffic, and depending on the popularity of the pin, it can drive hundreds of people to your site. Add that to FB, Twitter and Google traffic, and you are looking at a pretty popular blog here.

I am going to share what works for me, what works for other, and what doesn’t work.

Here is what doesn’t work:

Pinning the same image to every board. I have several board related to fashion, whether they are personal style, outfits you can see on my blog, thrift finds, or wish boards, they are all pretty much the same. But if I pin the same image to all of them, what’s the point? It only gets annoying.

Sitting and waiting that followers will come. That’s just plain stupid. Everyone should realize by now that there is a lot of people out there and while some of them couldn’t care less about followers, some are very competitive and everyone wants to be a social media manager these days. You get the idea.

Here is what should be self-explanatory:

Connecting Pinterest to other social media channels.


Using the appropriate hashtags. I recommend using to help you discover the appropriate hashtag for the pin, related to its’ theme.


Filling out not just the name, but the board description and category, when creating something on Pinterest.


Here is what works:

Professional photos and collages: When I create look books, and pin those images, it’s what drives the most traffic.

Following, commenting, inviting your friends to join Pinterest. 

Joining Pinterest link swaps. You can find a lot of them in theme related Facebook groups.

Joining group boards. When you check out my Pinterest Profile, you will notice that all my boards start with The… (The DIY, The Style, The Vintage, The Weekly Wear, etc), all the other boards are group boards. A group board allows several pinners to add to it. There are many benefits of being a part of the group board.

Adding a Pinterest widget to your site. If you are a blogger, I am sure there is room on your sidebar for that! And while you are at it, add the hover “Pin It” button too! Since I blog on WordPress, I use plugins for that.

I hope you find these tips helpful, and good Pin away!

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Zhenya’s Monday Ramblings

The not so well known “stars” of Russian Dolls, as well as some other women of Brighton Beach got featured in New York Magazine, in an article “Style Tribes: Russian Women of Brighton Beach”. And while some of these women look absolutely gorgeous in their furs and jewels, this photo totally creeps me out. I want to go grab my torch and set out on a witch hunt! Who’s coming with me?

Баба Яга добралась до сокровищ Кощея Бессмертного (Baba Yaga finally got ahold of Koshei’s treasure)

Last Friday I got sent this amazing L’ancome eyeshadow palette in 302 Violet Sweetheart – as some of you may remember I sometimes do consumer testing projects and surveys for L’oreal, and that’s how I get “paid” for it!

I have also been obsessed with finding workouts on Pinterest and pinning them to my Workouts board! How awesome is that? Oh wait, I’ve also been obsessed with doing them! And BodyRockTV! You all should try it!

Happy Monday everyone!



Decorating White Keds

A few weeks ago I got a pair of Mossimo (Target brand) white keds at Goodwill outlet. Surprisingly, they fit. And they are extremely comfortable too. But I want to add a little more of a personality to them. So tonight, after Sam and I took a long walk around Lake of the Isles, I came home determined to look up some ideas on the Internet and Pin them! But I also want to ask your opinion, and based on the vote (assuming there is one), I’ll transform the ordinary into extraordinary and share my experience with you!

So here are a few ideas from my Pinterest board:

You can also view them if you visit this link.

I am also kind of tempted to put lace on them, you know me, I’ll stick lace on anything 🙂

So please let me know which idea you like the best, by either commenting or voting! And I’ll post a DIY next week!



Learning Leather

As you know I freecycle, when I lived in NYC I freecycled a lot, here in Minneapolis, not so much. Maybe because I don’t need all that lumber or coal that’s being offered 😉 But last weekend I got some leather, and it’s amazing! I don’t even know where to begin. You know the really soft kind, the one that you touch and go – Ahhhhhhh! Yup, that kind! So now all I need is a few DIY projects, to put my leather to work! Here are some things that caught my eye, now am I going to have time to do them all? Hopefully! How soon until I post a DIY leather project? Well, maybe as early as this Friday! So stay tuned! And here are my picks!

Leather Journal

 Bow Leather Cuff  

 Leather Necklace

 Leather Bracelets

 Leather Cuffs 

Leather Earrings   Leather Head Band

 Leather Belts

 Leather clutch 

All of these projects are also collected on one of my boards on Pinterest – so come check them out and get the instructions from there!