Tuesdays Off


Sweatshirt – Peter Pilotto for Target, Dress – Persunmall, Leggings – ProSkins, Boots – Ana (thrifted)

Peter-Pilotto-For-Target-How-To-Style-Sweatshirt Peter-Pilotto-For-Target-How-To-Style

Days off are blogging days. That’s how they are classified at our house. They are days I get up early, make Sam’s lunch and see him off to work. I often skip breakfast and spend the entire morning in bed with my laptop. I catch up on blogs, my Social Media channels, and any shows that may be on Netflix or Hulu. This week I am catching up and watching live New York Fashion Week.

I often work out on my days off, and am really looking forward to checking out the new Barre DVDs that I got my hands on! I do it all in the basement, or in my living room, where is more light.

Tuesdays are also Twitter chat days, and once a month it’s #FashionUnfold, while other days, it’s just random chats, usually British! But I love my UK blogger friends and talking to them. Twitter keeps me connected to the whole world.

Sometimes I have coffee dates with friends. Honey and Rye has been on my list for a while now. But no one wants to go there with me! Maybe you? Sometimes I go shopping and buy things, but sometimes I don’t need anything.

This week I have hope. This Tuesday, after having checked out the weather for the next 10 days, I saw something promising in the forecast – 35F! That is above and beyond what I’ve been hoping for for many weeks now, along with thousands of others here in the North Pole Minnesota.

Tuesdays are also my days to take pictures. There are a lot of new additions to my wardrobe that need to be styled, worn, photographed. I do dishes and laundry in between. The bathroom needs cleaning too.

Some nights I am lucky and we go get Papa Murphy’s for dinner, sometimes we have left overs. But either way, I am always so happy when Sam comes home!

What are your days off like?


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Wish List. Timeless.

After having talked to a lot of fashion bloggers, many of which I am proud to call friends, one goal or resolution seemed to stand out for 2014 – Buy more timeless pieces. Invest into timeless pieces.

I think the problem or issue with style and fashion bloggers these days is that we spend so much money on trends, that by the end of the year half of our closet goes out of style.

So today I picked a few pieces from Persunmall.com that I would like to have in the new 2014 year, and that I consider timeless. (Right in time for Santa too 😉 )


1. Princess Style Dress – here 2. Simple White Dress – here 3. Elegant Heels – here


4. Vintage Inspired Dress – here 5. Heart Shaped Bracelet – here 6. Layered bracelet – here

7. Black and white dress – here 

What is your 2014 fashion/style goal or resolution? And what piece do you consider timeless?

Happy Holidays,