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Can you believe the weekend is finally here? Even though I only had a 3 day work week, I am exhausted! I guess it’s time to spill the beans and share the big, life changing news. Starting this September, I will be a full-time student at the University of Minnesota. I got my acceptance letter last Saturday. Field of study – Retail Merchandising. I am pretty psyched, especially for all the math!

It’s huge! I am almost 28, going back to school, quitting my job, with so far my blog being the only source of income. To be 100% honest, this is like going to first grade. Sam is busy picking out a new laptop for me. I am busy deciding on when to quit.

Of course I’ve set goals, and there are goals beyond my reach, I have always been like that. Setting crazy huge goals, and now it’s up to me to achieve them. I hope you stick around with me on this journey, because believe it or not, this blog and I are in a committed relationship!

Let’s hope I graduate before I am 30!

Happy Saturday and I hope you enjoy my outfits!

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Наконец-то наступили выходные! Хоть я и работала всего лишь 3 дня на этой неделе, я как сдутый шарик. Сегодня наступила пора раскрыть карты! Я поступила в институт. Так что в Сентябре я пойду в Университет Миннесоты. Письмо о том, что меня приняли, пришло неделю назад. Очень хочется уже пойти на классы, особенно по математике!

Мне почти 28, я иду снова учиться, увольняюсь с работы, и мой блог будет моим основным источником дохода. По ощущениям – как первый раз в первый класс. Муж копошиться выбирает мне новый компьютер, а я все никак не решу, когда же мне уволиться.

Целей – море. Я так всегда – настрою планов, а потом только и остается что их исполнять! Надеюсь что вы меня поддержите, потому что блог никуда не пропадет.

Главное выпуститься до 30!

Отличных всем выходных!

K is for Kimonos and Kaftans {A-Z Challenge}

kimono-inspired Kimonos-Kaftans

I am a little behind on my A to Z challenge, but here is letter K post. I am really excited about it, because I made it all about kimonos and kaftans (caftans). I know a few brave people who have actually worn those in real life, and looked amazing! I am hoping to be able to pull one off sometime this summer. But don’t you just love oriental inspired clothing?


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2013 in Outfits

2013 Has been a great year! I can’t express how grateful I am for all the opportunities that have come over the past 12 months! I really had a great time growing and developing BeingZhenya.com! I left refashions behind to pursue style and beauty blogging. Don’t get me wrong, I still throw in an occasional DIY or two, but refashions weren’t really my thing! I had an amazing time being a part of Verizon Wireless Style Voices, traveling to Chicago and having fun with my new devices. If it wasn’t for Verizon the images on this blog would’ve still been crappy iPhone quality! And now I am finishing the year off with a trip to New York, follow my adventures on Instagram and Twitter! The hashtag is #backinNYC and I’ll see you in 2014!

Happy New Year!



2013-12-22 10.01.19

2013-12-17 18.18.47

2013-12-15 17.43.02

2013-12-15 16.21.06

2013-12-09 19.03.54

2013-12-07 21.38.52

2013-12-05 06.32.57

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2013-11-28 11.49.10 2013-11-28 11.53.07

2013-11-24 17.11.02 2013-11-23 15.31.43

2013-11-19 17.39.36 2013-11-19 17.37.37

2013-11-17 18.20.37 2013-11-17 18.20.03 2013-11-17 18.21.05

2013-11-11 10.38.55 2013-11-11 10.43.41

2013-11-09 12.36.55-1

2013-11-03 13.39.13

2013-11-02 15.55.36

2013-10-27 14.26.56

2013-10-23 20.01.50


2013-10-20 16.13.30 2013-10-20 16.13.41

2013-10-16 18.18.20

2013-10-17 07.03.12-1

2013-10-09 18.14.2311

Proskin after

2013-10-07 13.20.091


2013-09-28 14.21.28

20130926-111420.jpg 20130926-111444.jpg

2013-09-21 16.39.13

Pic 3

2013-09-18 19.11.44 (1) 2013-09-18 19.11.20 (1)

2013-09-15 15.16.56 (1) 2013-09-15 15.16.07 (1)

2013-09-11 18.37.13 (1)

2013-08-24 16.10.48

2013-08-23 18.05.18


2013-08-12 14.00.08

PicMonkey Collage2

2013-08-08 20.31.351

2013-07-31 20.33.00

2013-07-28 15.53.08 (1)

2013-07-03 19.01.54

2013-06-13 20.11.24

2013-06-02 19.45.24

2013-05-27 16.15.41

2013-05-19 20.43.48

2013-05-20 19.16.18 (1)

2013-05-18 16.33.35

2013-05-18 16.42.43

2013-05-13 18.30.16

Walker 4

2013-05-05 15.37.58


2013-04-21 18.56.20


2013-04-07 20.48.48

2013-04-06 18.14.16


2013-01-13 19.44.32 (1)


Summer of Outfits

Click on the images, they will take you to the posts 😉

2013-06-05 21.05.30 (1)


2013-06-02 19.45.24


2013-06-13 20.11.24




2013-07-02 19.06.52


2013-07-03 19.01.54






2013-07-14 16.18.05


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2013-08-08 20.31.351


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2013-08-23 18.04.041


2013-08-24 16.12.05





{27 Dresses} Dress 3: Top Knot

Have you ever wondered what your hair would look like after you’ve been wearing it in the top knot for the whole day? Today you’ll find out!


Here is a dress I’ve had since my NYC days, so circa 2009. I got it at the famous Housing Works on the UWS! I absolutely loved that store, for some reason there was always something there for me! So if you can – go check it out! It’s on Columbus and W 74th St!

And if you ever wondered what a top knot does to your hair… Well, here is the answer!



Happy Hump Day!
The weekend is almost here!

Barefoot in Grays and Yellows

2013-07-02 19.04.44

I have finally decided to stop caring, and start wearing my weekend aka nice clothes to work. You know when you have a job which implies getting dirty? And you start saving the better clothes for the weekend? Kind of? Well, there are only so many weekends in the year! And after wearing this to my daycare job today, and hearing the compliments from parents and my co-teachers, this rule stays 🙂

2013-07-02 19.06.52

Old Navy skirt and T

I hope you had a great Tuesday! Enjoy your Wednesday and Happy 4th!



Summer Life & Style Bucket List

Summer is here, which means it’s the perfect time for a summer list! Here are a few things I  am putting on mine:


– Post more summer style outfits and photos, thanks to my Samsung Galaxy camera and my new Nokia Lumia 928 it’s going to be a breeze! Thank you Verizon!


– Create a summer 2013 playlist!

– Work out at least 3 times a week, be it yoga, a Jillian Michaels DVD, or simply jogging in the park, I am going to do it!


– Introduce you to “Story and a half of our Life”!


– Post more refashions and DIY projects – It feels really good to inspire my readers, so I want to keep that going! It also feels really good to be featured on Craft Gossip 🙂

2013-06-13 20.07.17

– Yard Sale (I have come to realize how much clothes I have. And maybe being a fashion blogger, somehow justifies me, but I don’t think the closet space or the lack of the latter does 🙂 )

– Do a Giveaway on my blog, it was a while ago that I hit 1000 unique WordPress subscribers! Thank you and keep an eye on my blog, because there will be something special coming up for you all very very soon!

I hope you all have an amazing summer! I know I will 🙂



Guess what? ROMWE is having another great sale – $19.99 Flash Sale on 200 Crazy Leggings 6/18 – 6/20 So Hurry! http://www.romwe.com/manage_activity/200+_leggings_flash_sale/


Oversize Me OOTD

Everyone knows that these days it’s the baggier the better, to a certain extent of course! When I put something oversized on top, I make sure to go skinny on the bottom, and this is how it usually turns out:



Top – Old Navy size M (it’s HUGE!) but since it was bought on sale for a ridiculously small amount of money, and they didn’t have size S anywhere, I got it. It’s comfy and soft, almost at the point where I want to wear it around the house with a pair of sweats, but am fighting this urge!

Jeans – X2 Denim by Express, thrifted at Savers, $8

Scarf – Christmas gift from a few years ago

Floral necklace – Gofavor.com, that necklace was ordered for about $4 back in the day when I went through – Let’s order as much cheap crap costume jewelry from China as I can. If I could, I would return every single product I ordered there, because… well you see the crossed out word above! The metal is so cheap it fades away after 2 or 3 uses. This necklace has been kind of okay, but I don’t want to jinx it here! So I’ll keep wearing it out and about, and maybe later you’ll see it in one of my DIY projects!

Boots – Christmas gift from Sam 🙂 <3

And of course my Marc Jacobs Watch! I have to wear it, everyday, yes, that’s how much I like that watch!

On the other note, winter isn’t going anywhere here in Minneapolis. After a snow thunderstorm last Thursday I am hopeless, on the verge of depression, someone please help! At least this blog is becoming more bright and colorful, I’ve finally figured out how to create a row of social media icons on my blog, yay me 🙂

In other news, I have a lot of DIY projects coming up for you dear readers, so stay tuned!



PS. Did you notice I am not wearing any make-up in this picture?













OOTD: Friend’s Baby Shower

One of my really good friends is having her second child, so last Saturday I drove out to Eden Prairie, to spend an entire afternoon with her! And here is what I wore:



J.Crew thrifted dress – $4 – Salvation Army

Nine West Wedges – Opitz Outlet St. Louis Park – $28

Anthropologie Cardigan – $2.50 – Goodwill

Trench – bought a very long time ago in Russia

Coach leather cross body – $4.99 thrifted – Salvation Army

Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch (bought at full price at Macy’s)

Ralph Lauren Pink Quartz Necklace – $10 Clothes Mentor in Minnetonka

Here is me and the mom-to-be, isn’t she gorgeous?



I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!



Vintage Romper Refashion

Yay! DIY Friday is back. Or refashion Friday. Or Friday posts in general! I’ve been actually pretty good at posting on a regular basis this week! I’ll try to keep ’em posts coming. Especially now that my blog has a Facebook page! I tend to feel like this more and more often:

But on with the refashion! I got this vintage romper off of Freecycle.org over the summer, and have been wanting to make it into something more wearable ever since!

I mean how hideous is this piece? But I loved the fabric, the pattern, you know how I am!

So I cut of the shoulder pads, cut off the legs, and then made a high-low hem line. I kind of had to, because of the fact that there used to be pants and a crotch seam:

Next step was hemming it, then cutting the sleeves to make them shorter, and hemming them as well!

I also had to go over some of the seams, because they were going apart:

Stay tuned for the Outfit post featuring this piece! But here is what it looks like on the hanger:

I am washing it right now, according to the label instructions:

Don’t you also love how the makers of this dress were undecided about the size?! Is it a Medium or a Large? Well, it fits me! That’s all I care about!

Have a fab weekend everyone!