I’ll take Silk over Cotton Any Day

Another day, another day off in pictures!

It started with me trying to organize this mess:

Which I think I tackled pretty well.

Then I met up with one of my girlfriends for an afternoon of pastries, coffee and consignment shopping!


And a close up of my skirt!

Remember what Diane Von Furstenburg used to say:

Be a woman, wear a dress!

My lunch (we actually split each one of those pastries in half 🙂 )

My new car NOT

My J.Jill $12 jacket:

Masha and I also ran across some interesting looking pants while at Fashion Avenue on 50th and France:

So what it’s going to be? Parrots? Dolphins? Dachshund? Or flowers?

When I came home, I made this recipe

It’s super easy and really tasty, and it’s okay to stray away from the ingredients list every once in a while, I didn’t have any fresh rosemary, but it turned out just fine! Also if you’ve ever been to Russia and tasted the Country Style Potatoes at McDonald’s there – those are even better! Seriously!

And for dessert, I had an Ugly 😉

It’s a giant meringue pastry from Patisserie 46 in South Minneapolis, tastes divine and costs only $1! Yes, I got myself 2 🙂 Plus the nuts used in this are walnuts, which makes it even better!

How was your day? And what do you think of the dress and the blazer? Please do share!



Everyday Fashion from Around the World: North of France

Today’s outfit is all the way from France, I really appreciate Anna jumping in and agreeing to share her outfit and a bit of her life with us!

Anna lives in the north of France, has a career, loves taking walks around the city and travelling.

Jeans Jacket – Mango
Jeans – Camaieu
Flats – André
Sunnies – Mango
Scarf – Promod
Purse – Galeries Laffayette
Bracelets – H&M, I AM

I hope you all took a trip to the north of France with Anna today!



Сегодняшний наряд дня для моего блога согласилась представить Анна, она живет северо-востоке Франции, работает, любит городские прогулки и путешествия.

Наряд Анны состоит из

Джинсовая куртка – Mango
Джинсы – Camaieu
Балетки – André
Очки – Mango
Шарф – Promod
Сумка – Galeries Laffayette
Браслеты – H&M, I AM

Я надеюсь что мы все смогли побывать во Франции, благодаря Анне и ее наряду!