Tuesdays Off


Sweatshirt – Peter Pilotto for Target, Dress – Persunmall, Leggings – ProSkins, Boots – Ana (thrifted)

Peter-Pilotto-For-Target-How-To-Style-Sweatshirt Peter-Pilotto-For-Target-How-To-Style

Days off are blogging days. That’s how they are classified at our house. They are days I get up early, make Sam’s lunch and see him off to work. I often skip breakfast and spend the entire morning in bed with my laptop. I catch up on blogs, my Social Media channels, and any shows that may be on Netflix or Hulu. This week I am catching up and watching live New York Fashion Week.

I often work out on my days off, and am really looking forward to checking out the new Barre DVDs that I got my hands on! I do it all in the basement, or in my living room, where is more light.

Tuesdays are also Twitter chat days, and once a month it’s #FashionUnfold, while other days, it’s just random chats, usually British! But I love my UK blogger friends and talking to them. Twitter keeps me connected to the whole world.

Sometimes I have coffee dates with friends. Honey and Rye has been on my list for a while now. But no one wants to go there with me! Maybe you? Sometimes I go shopping and buy things, but sometimes I don’t need anything.

This week I have hope. This Tuesday, after having checked out the weather for the next 10 days, I saw something promising in the forecast – 35F! That is above and beyond what I’ve been hoping for for many weeks now, along with thousands of others here in the North Pole Minnesota.

Tuesdays are also my days to take pictures. There are a lot of new additions to my wardrobe that need to be styled, worn, photographed. I do dishes and laundry in between. The bathroom needs cleaning too.

Some nights I am lucky and we go get Papa Murphy’s for dinner, sometimes we have left overs. But either way, I am always so happy when Sam comes home!

What are your days off like?


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Celebrity Inspired {Thrift Style Thursday}

how to look like a celebrity

You will often find me killing time on the internet. Who doesn’t these days? We tend to lose ourselves in all the images and ideas streaming through. That’s where I find inspiration for most of my posts, including Thrift Style Thursday.

Having been browsing celebrity looks for a while now, and trying to at least look for something remotely resembling winter appropriate outfits, I came to a realization that you only need a few things to copy any celebrity’s street style:

1. Skinny Jeans

2. Boots

3. Sunglasses

4. Leather anything (bag, jacket, skirt, clutch, etc.)

5. Bold lipstick

Black leather outfit

Black leather jacket – TJMaxx, Sunglasses – Lucky – TJMaxx, Leopard print shirt – Savers, Black Skinny jeans – Savers, Boots – Steeple People, Purse – Fossil, Lipstick – Ageless Derma in Cranberry, Scarf – Express, Watch – Marc by Marc Jacobs

Black and leopard outfit ideas Leopard and black celebrity street styleAnd there you have it! A celebrity inspired look, that actually speaks to my heart due to the abundance of black!

Happy Thrift Style Thursday! Join us, because every week is a new styling adventure!


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Top 5 Winter Looks

1. Chunky Sweater + Corduroys

2. Monochrome
3. Maxi
4. Fur
5. Puffy Coat

White, Wine {Thrift Style Thursday}

2014-01-28 16.22.35

2014-01-28 16.24.07

2014-01-29 21.50.31

Imagine you are walking down the street, minding your own business, when a garage door opens and you see a girl in retro glasses with a camera on the tripod pointed straight at you? And it’s way below freezing outside! That’s how I freaked out one of the neighbors on Tuesday. But as long as the pictures get done, what do I care? Plus I always talk to strangers, and maybe that girl will see this post! Wouldn’t that be fun?

Once again I am sharing Minnesota winter with you on the blog, this time it’s a Thrift Style Thursday theme – Winter White. Pairing up the white chunky knit sweater with the wine colored corduroys I created a simple, yet comfortable look. My 60’s inspired sunglasses couldn’t be more handy in this weather. That snow is bright! You can’t have a winter Minnesota look whiteout scarf and mittens, so I added those in! And finally the vintage white cross body bag, that I haven’t worn in public yet (only in my posts), to complete the look.

2014-01-28 16.28.11 2014-01-28 16.29.21

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What do you like/dislike about winter?


Grey Craze


20140126-201152.jpg Jeans – CK, Booties – Target, Sweater – Chico’s, Blazer – Vintage, Scarf – Charter Club, Mittens – Lost and Found, Hat – Target + DIY



If “50 shades of grey” and song “If I were a boy” had a love child, that would be this outfit!

I’ve been on a grey craze lately. But when you feel the softness of this cashmere scarf, and the warmth of the vintage wool blazer, and realize the coolness of the DIY beanie, it all falls in place and the world is at peace.

Meanwhile inside the house, I’ve been working on adding to the decor. I finally framed this gorgeous print by Rebecca Plotnik.


Having been in search for inner peace, I have realized that I am often stressed and irritated in my own home. I’m putting a stop to that and cutting off anyone and everyone who is bringing stress into my life.


My love for coffee is obvious and never ending, and it only made sense to combine it with my other passion – social media. Sunday afternoon I got together with Lindsey of Mavatar, to talk Blogging, Shopping, Styling and Olympics! Uncommon Grounds on Hennepin and 28th is one of my favorite places, and I love meeting all of you, my social media friends! So if you are ever in town, don’t hesitate to tweet me!

2014-01-26 17.31.27
Happy Monday! I’m bummed out school isn’t closed today, but what can I do?


The Other Maxi Skirt


Winter’s spell fell upon my wardrobe in the shape and form of cozy cable knit sweaters. I can wear them for days, paired up with jeans, skirts, layering over dresses, and just to stay warm when I am at home in my sweats.

The beauty of it, is that it’s handmade, and thrifted! My knitting skills are nowhere close. So when I find an item like that, I make sure to add it to my collection.

The choice of skirt was easy, I went with a maxi, because it’s easy to wear in the winter! Think of how many layers of leggings can be hidden under there!

Happy Friday! Stay warm!



I was also tagged by Kristi of Alligator Toe to do the Winter Tag! Let’s do it!

1. Favorite winter nail polish?
To be honest I’ve been so bad staying on top of my manicure, that at this point I will use whatever catches my eye! It’s usually some shade of red, or a dark color. I haven’t bought nail polish in a long time, and even though I try to follow trends, they all go by so fast, that I am focusing on using up what I already have for Project Use UP/No New Make Up for a Year!

2. Favorite winter lip product?
I am all about bright red lipstick this winter. Or a bright lipstick in general! Normally these lipsticks come with a moisturizing ingredient, so I have been able to cut down on using chap stick! I really like my Rimmel lipsticks from the Kate Moss line, Boots No 7 has a great one, and I shared it with you a couple weeks ago. And of course I love my red pencil lipstick by Faberlic. I will cry when it’s gone!

3. Most worn winter clothing piece?
Actually the sweater featured in this post 🙂

4. Most worn winter accessory?
The leg warmers! Who would’ve thought! But I’ve been wearing mine with Dr. Marten’s, peeking out of my boots a la cuffs, etc! They are so nice and warm to have! Plus they came from a thrift store and cost only $2.

5. Favorite winter scent/candle?
I got a candle from my mother in law, it smells amazing! I still have the poinsettia and the candle, they are the only Christmas things left, I put everything away! But I just can’t part with these two items! The candle is called Holly & Ivy, by the way.

6. Favorite winter beverage?
I have been drinking spicy chai hot chocolate lately! It’s an organic and fair trade brand called Lake Champlain. I don’t know how I lived without it! If I don’t have that, then tea is my second choice. Being a Russian, that’s a big part if our culture! On the side note: I drink way too much coffee and not enough water 🙁

7. All time favorite Christmas/Holiday movie?
Love Actually and Bridget Jones – what can I say? I love my Brits!

8. Favorite Christmas/Holiday song?
Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens… – I think it’s called My Favorite Things? I know it’s not really a holiday song, but it was for me last season!

9. Favorite holiday food/treat?
I love the holiday specials at Starbucks! The peppermint mocha, the ginger bread latte! I am a sucker for those kind of treats 🙂

10. What is your favorite holiday gift you received this year?
A trip to New York, my husband bought me the ticket and said: GO! So I went! And I loved it! I came back a better person.

11. What was your favorite activity from the holidays this year?
– I have a couple. Staying up late and talking with Sam’s step-sister and her husband, while the Bud light Cranberritas kept magically appearing in front of me!
– Being in New York for the holidays, spending time with my best friend, cooking Russian food and watching old Russian movies on New Year’s Eve!

I am going to tag all of you to do this post if you are game! Please let me know if you go through with the answers, I would love to read them and get to know you better! I hope you learned something new about me!

Leopard & Military


When the weather gets gloomy, so do my outfits. Even though I try my hardest not to be affected by pre-winter Minnesota, it’s hard not to! All I want to do these days, is curl up into bed with a good book (I finished two over the last weekend!) and drink unlimited amounts of tea and my favorite Chai flavored hot chocolate. But the errands, unfortunately, don’t run themselves and the blog must go on. At least this time around I had fun new accessories from Fossil to play with 🙂

2013-12-01 14.11.40

Fossil purse and watch were provided through my Klout membership

2013-12-01 14.11.45 2013-12-01 14.12.00 2013-12-01 14.12.48 2013-12-01 14.12.56

Does the weather affect in your style? If so, how?


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Don’t Put Yourself in a Box

2013-11-24 17.09.36

2013-11-24 17.11.02 2013-11-24 17.11.58 2013-11-24 17.13.25

I am going to be honest with you, it is too cold to be wearing this leather jacket out and about here in Minneapolis. But I absolutely had to, one last time! I also think the dress I am wearing is too boxy, but the jacket helps create more of a silhouette. So I am going to put the jacket away for the winter, and the dress away for the donations.

I have also finally figured out how to curl my hair with the Hana flat iron I reviewed last week! And I am in love with the result. I am even thinking about getting rid of my old curling iron and definitely getting rid of my old straightener.

In other news, I will be heading back to New York December, 26. By myself, just because.

What’s new in your life? Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Where will you be celebrating?



90’s Style: Plaid and Dr. Martens are Back!

2013-11-17 18.47.48 2013-11-17 18.48.14 2013-11-17 18.48.48 2013-11-17 18.49.15 2013-11-17 18.49.32

I am going to be honest with you, I can’t get enough of the Dr. Martens I thrifted. They are amazing! And since I told you a story from high school in my last post, I figured I’ll tell you another one from my past today! What can I say, I guess these shoes bring back the memories 🙂

I was in 7th grade when I discovered thrift stores. There was one big one in Vladimir (my home town), and everyone thought it was the new IT spot. I remember the first time I went there with my mom right before 9th grade. I got a lot of new T-shirts, some overalls (I wish I still had them to style this year 🙂 ) , anyways…

After I got the hang of thrifting, I started wearing more and more new clothes to school. And of course other kids started noticing it. I had a friend in school, his name was Max, and I am pretty sure he knew what was going on, so every time I would wear something new, he’d joke around and say that I got humanitarian aid from the States.

Too bad you are not around anymore, Max…

Happy Tuesday and have a great day!


Velvet, Vintage, Lingerie

2013-11-09 12.34.44-1 2013-11-09 12.36.55-1 2013-11-09 12.39.13

2013-11-09 12.37.08 2013-11-09 12.37.30


I have always wanted to try the lingerie as outerwear trend. So when putting an outfit together for the Minneapolis Blogger Brunch, I finally got it. I’ve had a slip that went with one of my Anthropologie dresses, and every time I put it on, I feel so feminine, so flowy, so sexy… So I simply paired it with my vintage pleated cobalt blue skirt, and a velvet thrifted blazer from Express. I added my “Being Zhenya” necklace and a sapphire ring from Berricle, and was ready to brunch!


Image via Pink and Navy Stripes

Have a great Monday everyone and give other Minnesota fashion bloggers some love!

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