Palm Saturday

2014-10-20 11.44.32

Happy Weekend! Fridays are now indeed my FriYAYs since college started. And even though I enjoy school, I still like my weekends more.

I have been looking for something new and different to wear, something to stand out in! That’s why this re:named ensemble is perfect! Besides someone on Instagram has already called this flashy ;) Mission accomplished!

I especially like this outfit because, even though it is a crop top, it covers in all the right places, and my belly button isn’t showing (I’m like Taylor Swift when it comes to showing my belly button). And it was so easy to style for fall – all I had to do was add tights, cardigan or a jacket (this is actually thrifted! I am still thrifting in case anyone is wondering ;) )

2014-10-24 12.15.17 2014-10-24 12.16.23


2014-10-24 12.21.12 2014-10-24 12.20.09 2014-10-24 12.17.45

Check out more ways of how to style your midi skirt or crop top! I know I won’t be giving up that trend anytime soon!

Croptops Midi skirts And check out re:named and their pieces! I am literally obsessed with that brand!



Layers of Fall #ThriftStyleThursday


Fall has always been about layers for many, and I am no exception. There is something about cozying up in a favorite sweater or scarf. It’s to the point of emotional attachment almost. And I don’t even want to try and explain it.

When fall becomes an accessory, you know you are doing it right!




It’s been a tough September for the Thrift Style Thursday group, but after everyone has reconsidered, we came back together, maybe not such a large group as before, but we are determined to bring you style and love every Thursday! Even if it’s not all thrifted ;)

Spoolish // Sandpaper Kisses //  Lipstick and Yarn

Aligator Toe // Buttons and Birdcages // Bethie the Boo

The Frye

the-bird-is-the-word stone-arch-bridge

frye-boots-birthday new-frye-boots my-frye

Some of you may know that yesterday was my Birthday. And, just like that I got myself a pair of Frye boots. I can’t say I always wanted ones, and have been dying to get my hands on them, but at the right place and the right time, well, now I own a pair. And just like that, they walk me now.

Hope you all had a great day!

Love, have fun and Frye!






Chambray Romper


chambray-romper chambray-romper-straw-hat chambray-romper-moddeals chambray-romper-fringe-shoes

In my search for a perfect chambray shirt, the replacement of the Ralph Lauren one that I loved and wore out, I got sidetracked and got this chambray romper from moddeals instead. It’s going to be hot this summer, so why not? And, indeed, the hot weather makes me forget the winter terror, helps me relax and enjoy the sunshine, the green grass, and long walks with my husband. I don’t think I would be able to make it through without summer!

being-zhenya-black-white minneapolis-fashion-bloggers

Here are some of my other favorite rompers, available from Shopbop:


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Weekly Wear {May 17}




Another week has come and gone, and this was a tough one. Sam’s grandma passed away, and even though we all know and feel that she is in a much much better place, and what’s more important, with the one she loved her whole life, Bob, it’s still hard oh the family.

I had a very hard time at work. The last two days have been from hell. I don’t know if it’s something in the water, but I am starting to lose my patience, and the best parts of my days are spent in bed or on the couch. I haven’t really worked out in days! And that’s not typically me.

I also went back to juicing. Mainly to go through all the vegetables in the fridge, so now almost all my recipes include carrots or celery. But once I am through with them, I’ll go back to Costco for more exciting combos.

Summer is looking more exciting than I expected. We are starting it off by getting new siding for our house (it still has the original 1950’s wooden tile) during Memorial Day weekend. Then we are road tripping to Milwaukee for a fun and exciting Midwest Bloggers event called Blogger Bazaar! And another road trip to my friend’s wedding in Colorado in July, we’ll be staying and hiking there for about a week afterwards. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a Chicago trip in August! And grateful for Sam who is on board with me when it comes to all these trips.

And tomorrow we get to go somewhere new and exciting for our family! So keep and eye on my Instagram. If you follow me on Twitter, you know what it is! But since it’s not my news to tell, I am going to stop, wish you all a great Saturday and invite you to link up your outfit posts!

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Эта неделя была очень нелегкой. В прошлые выходные умерла бабушка Сэма, и хотя мы все понимаем что ей сейчас намного лучше, и она с любимыми людьми, это очень тяжелая потеря для нашей семьи.

На работе был ад! Особенно в четверг и пятницу. Я просто не хочу там появляться. А когда прихожу домой, то только и хочется лежать на диване. О спортзале я давно забыла, что для меня удивительно.

Но я снова начала делать домашние соки. Основным ингредиентом сейчас является морковка или сельдерей, но это просто потому, что надо опустошить холодильник. Когда все это добро закончится, то можно будет съездить в Costco и купить другие продукты. Тогда миксы будут интереснее.

Лето обещает быть веселым и продуктивным. Через пару недель мы начинаем менять сайдинг на доме. Тут пока все облицовано деревом из 50-х!

В середине июня мы едем в Милуоки на распродажу одежды, аксессуаров и прочее блоггеров. Называется все это блоггерский базар. В июле мы едем в Колорадо на свадьбу, и задержимся там на неделю, чтобы насладится природой. И я очень сильно надеюсь, что в августе у нас получится съездить в Чикаго! Безумно рада что мой муж поддерживает все эти идеи, поездки и события!

Всем отличных выходных!

Styling in St Paul




Coat – Via Spiga, Purse – Forever 21, Jeans – Express, Heels- Unknown, Sunglasses – Lucky Brand


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2013 in Outfits

2013 Has been a great year! I can’t express how grateful I am for all the opportunities that have come over the past 12 months! I really had a great time growing and developing! I left refashions behind to pursue style and beauty blogging. Don’t get me wrong, I still throw in an occasional DIY or two, but refashions weren’t really my thing! I had an amazing time being a part of Verizon Wireless Style Voices, traveling to Chicago and having fun with my new devices. If it wasn’t for Verizon the images on this blog would’ve still been crappy iPhone quality! And now I am finishing the year off with a trip to New York, follow my adventures on Instagram and Twitter! The hashtag is #backinNYC and I’ll see you in 2014!

Happy New Year!



2013-12-22 10.01.19

2013-12-17 18.18.47

2013-12-15 17.43.02

2013-12-15 16.21.06

2013-12-09 19.03.54

2013-12-07 21.38.52

2013-12-05 06.32.57

2013-12-01 11.45.49 1488045_10153613818745604_110916615_n

2013-11-28 11.49.10 2013-11-28 11.53.07

2013-11-24 17.11.02 2013-11-23 15.31.43

2013-11-19 17.39.36 2013-11-19 17.37.37

2013-11-17 18.20.37 2013-11-17 18.20.03 2013-11-17 18.21.05

2013-11-11 10.38.55 2013-11-11 10.43.41

2013-11-09 12.36.55-1

2013-11-03 13.39.13

2013-11-02 15.55.36

2013-10-27 14.26.56

2013-10-23 20.01.50


2013-10-20 16.13.30 2013-10-20 16.13.41

2013-10-16 18.18.20

2013-10-17 07.03.12-1

2013-10-09 18.14.2311

Proskin after

2013-10-07 13.20.091


2013-09-28 14.21.28

20130926-111420.jpg 20130926-111444.jpg

2013-09-21 16.39.13

Pic 3

2013-09-18 19.11.44 (1) 2013-09-18 19.11.20 (1)

2013-09-15 15.16.56 (1) 2013-09-15 15.16.07 (1)

2013-09-11 18.37.13 (1)

2013-08-24 16.10.48

2013-08-23 18.05.18


2013-08-12 14.00.08

PicMonkey Collage2

2013-08-08 20.31.351

2013-07-31 20.33.00

2013-07-28 15.53.08 (1)

2013-07-03 19.01.54

2013-06-13 20.11.24

2013-06-02 19.45.24

2013-05-27 16.15.41

2013-05-19 20.43.48

2013-05-20 19.16.18 (1)

2013-05-18 16.33.35

2013-05-18 16.42.43

2013-05-13 18.30.16

Walker 4

2013-05-05 15.37.58


2013-04-21 18.56.20


2013-04-07 20.48.48

2013-04-06 18.14.16


2013-01-13 19.44.32 (1)


Fit Fur a Queen {Thrift Style Thursday}

2013-12-15 17.43.02

2013-12-15 17.43.51

When it comes to fur, I like it all! It’s warm, it’s cozy, it’s snuggly. I hate getting out of bed these days, especially when the alarm goes off at 5.45 am. I am so not a morning person (are you?), that’s why comfy oversized sweaters, dresses, and this vest have become my uniform!

Fur also brings memories of the Russian fairy tales, I used to watch as a child!

Princess or not, this outfit makes me feel like a million bucks!

Happy Thrift Style Thursday!


2013-12-18 22.04.02 2013-12-18 22.05.25

Looking for more fur?

Martyna // Spoolish

Miche // Buttons and Birdcages

Nout // Sandpaper Kisses

Justine // The Two Cent Chick

Alex // Snippets with Alex

Oh hey 90’s, how are you?

2013-11-17 18.20.03


2013-11-17 18.18.11 2013-11-17 18.19.18 2013-11-17 18.20.37 2013-11-17 18.21.05

When I was in 9th grade, everyone who was anyone seemed to have had Grinders, a European (?) version of Dr. Martens. Some people still had Dr. Martens, but I don’t think I was friends with any of them ;) Everyone called Grinders – sh*& stompers, and that was probably one of the reasons why I didn’t want to buy them, nor did I have the money. I didn’t start working till I was 16, and that was already after I graduated high school.

But I lucked out, and now, 12 years later when I am 27, I can finally go back to my high school years, rocking a pair of Dr. Martens that I scored at the brand new Goodwill here in St. Louis Park! I spent about 2 hours thrifting there on Saturday morning, even got a 15% discount and scored some amazing work out gear and home decor (more on that later and on Goodwill blog!)

How did you spend your Saturday?


PS. Don’t forget to enter my Giveaway for a chance to win $50 to Uncommon Goods!

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The New Icons

2013-11-03 13.39.13

I love a plain white T and jeans outfit, and it only makes sense that it’s my go-to look on the weekends! It’s comfy, chic and I can’t even tell you how important a great pair of jeans is!

2013-11-03 13.39.06 2013-11-03 13.38.50

I have finally convinced Sam to climb to the top of the stairs at the south side of Main Street in Stillwater! And it was amazing! Oh the view! We also took a walk around the block at the top of the hill. I don’t know what it is about Stillwater, maybe it reminds me of New Jersey, the first place I really lived in in the US… but I love it! It’s just so historical compared to everything in Minnesota! Sam says he’d rather stay on the west side though :)

2013-11-03 13.30.29

I am wearing:

Scarf10 Dollar Mall

Striped Blazer10 Dollar Mall

The New Icons Shirt – Romwe

Color Block Crossbody Bag10 Dollar Mall

Jeans10 Dollar Mall

Flats - 10 Dollar Mall

2013-11-03 13.48.59 2013-11-03 13.52.12 2013-11-03 14.04.16 2013-11-03 14.06.48

I hope you enjoyed the outfit and the pictures! Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for Thrift Style Thursday post :) Girls and I will be styling hats!