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There is nothing like the smell of wet wool! It was a rainy day today in Minneapolis, and I got caught in it while I was on the phone making my next $16 haircut appointment at the Aveda Institute…

This sweater came from Goodwill in Hopkins last Saturday as I was thrifting for something striped for my Refashion Runway contest! It caused a big discussion at work today too! But one thing for sure – it’s one of the most comfortable sweaters you want to wrap around yourself on a day like today, and if this is the route our weather is taking this year, I am sticking to my decision!


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I am Wearing:

Sweater – Alcott & Andrews // Jeans – Express // Flats – Nine West // Top – Target

PS. What do you think of the sweater?

Vintage America

Target is not the only store that is famous for collaborations with top designers. Macy’s has recently started selling Karl Lagerfeld’s collection, and Nine West has launched a new collection called Vintage America.

When I first saw the NW add, I was immediately drawn to it, I loved the song, the idea behind it. And I got extremely interested in the collection! The mystery for me was Karen Elson. I had no idea who she was. And maybe for some of you her name means a lot, and stands out for a million pictures, shows, designs, etc… I still didn’t know one tiny bit of information about her.

I started reading about her, and she turned out to be a model, singer/songwriter, gone designer. After I read that one sentence about her, my respect towards that Brit skyrocketed and if I admired her after just watching the ad, I started admiring her even more for all the other achievements!

Her magazine covers are also worth checking out! (I just picked a few out of many)


The Karen Elson for Nine West Vintage America Collection collaboration combines the musical spirit of the Nine West Vintage America Collection with Elson’s ethereal fashion and love for vintage treasures.

The vintage-infused footwear, handbags and jewelry collection drew inspiration from the 1930’s Dust Bowl and show girls to create the perpetually cool “on the road” and “stage” accessories, which incorporates rich color tones, sequins and vintage charms.

The story of the collection is told through three of Elson’s songs off her debut album The Ghost Who Walks, and ties to the designs.

Karen designed this limited edition collection bringing her signature passion for vintage to life.

You can read more about this collection and collaboration in Elle, NYMagazine, T Magazine, Huffington Post and many others. But I wanted to share my favorite pieces from the collection with you.




I hope you enjoy this collection as much as me, especially if you are a vintage lover. It’s amazing to see the designs of the past obtain a new twist in the hands of contemporary artists!

PS. Like this post if you dig her hair 🙂 Her songs are also worth listening to! Not everyone will like them, but they are definitely something!