Shabby Apple Tulle Skirt




I hope everyone had a happy 4th! I am really excited to share these photos that my friend Blake shot last week at the Rose Gardens by Lake Harriet. If you’ve never been there, and you live in Minneapolis – it’s a must see/go place this summer.

The skirt is from Shabby Apple, and it’s the kind of tulle skirt I’ve always wanted to have. I had a really hard time deciding between the lengths, but went for the maxi. It is so unique and special and makes me feel, well, like a princess.

I paired it with a few of my favorite pieces, like the graphic Tee from Minneapolis Institute of Art, and two of my button downs. The skirt calls for heels and fancy necklaces, as well as red lipstick and a lot of smiles.

A few of my friends, my husband and I are starting Whole30 tomorrow! So stay tuned for updates, and some delicious recipes! Meanwhile, twirl!
















DSC_0393 DSC_0409


The Other Maxi Skirt


Winter’s spell fell upon my wardrobe in the shape and form of cozy cable knit sweaters. I can wear them for days, paired up with jeans, skirts, layering over dresses, and just to stay warm when I am at home in my sweats.

The beauty of it, is that it’s handmade, and thrifted! My knitting skills are nowhere close. So when I find an item like that, I make sure to add it to my collection.

The choice of skirt was easy, I went with a maxi, because it’s easy to wear in the winter! Think of how many layers of leggings can be hidden under there!

Happy Friday! Stay warm!



I was also tagged by Kristi of Alligator Toe to do the Winter Tag! Let’s do it!

1. Favorite winter nail polish?
To be honest I’ve been so bad staying on top of my manicure, that at this point I will use whatever catches my eye! It’s usually some shade of red, or a dark color. I haven’t bought nail polish in a long time, and even though I try to follow trends, they all go by so fast, that I am focusing on using up what I already have for Project Use UP/No New Make Up for a Year!

2. Favorite winter lip product?
I am all about bright red lipstick this winter. Or a bright lipstick in general! Normally these lipsticks come with a moisturizing ingredient, so I have been able to cut down on using chap stick! I really like my Rimmel lipsticks from the Kate Moss line, Boots No 7 has a great one, and I shared it with you a couple weeks ago. And of course I love my red pencil lipstick by Faberlic. I will cry when it’s gone!

3. Most worn winter clothing piece?
Actually the sweater featured in this post 🙂

4. Most worn winter accessory?
The leg warmers! Who would’ve thought! But I’ve been wearing mine with Dr. Marten’s, peeking out of my boots a la cuffs, etc! They are so nice and warm to have! Plus they came from a thrift store and cost only $2.

5. Favorite winter scent/candle?
I got a candle from my mother in law, it smells amazing! I still have the poinsettia and the candle, they are the only Christmas things left, I put everything away! But I just can’t part with these two items! The candle is called Holly & Ivy, by the way.

6. Favorite winter beverage?
I have been drinking spicy chai hot chocolate lately! It’s an organic and fair trade brand called Lake Champlain. I don’t know how I lived without it! If I don’t have that, then tea is my second choice. Being a Russian, that’s a big part if our culture! On the side note: I drink way too much coffee and not enough water 🙁

7. All time favorite Christmas/Holiday movie?
Love Actually and Bridget Jones – what can I say? I love my Brits!

8. Favorite Christmas/Holiday song?
Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens… – I think it’s called My Favorite Things? I know it’s not really a holiday song, but it was for me last season!

9. Favorite holiday food/treat?
I love the holiday specials at Starbucks! The peppermint mocha, the ginger bread latte! I am a sucker for those kind of treats 🙂

10. What is your favorite holiday gift you received this year?
A trip to New York, my husband bought me the ticket and said: GO! So I went! And I loved it! I came back a better person.

11. What was your favorite activity from the holidays this year?
– I have a couple. Staying up late and talking with Sam’s step-sister and her husband, while the Bud light Cranberritas kept magically appearing in front of me!
– Being in New York for the holidays, spending time with my best friend, cooking Russian food and watching old Russian movies on New Year’s Eve!

I am going to tag all of you to do this post if you are game! Please let me know if you go through with the answers, I would love to read them and get to know you better! I hope you learned something new about me!

Emerald Maxi {Thrift Style Thursday}


There is something mysterious and endlessly sexy about a maxi skirt! There is a saying in Russian – “Within every woman there is a mystery” (Есть в женщине какая-то загадка), and the maxi skirt adds on to that, concealing the legs, and leaving more to the imagination.

My emerald green silk skirt has been in my wardrobe for the past 2 years, it’s a vintage Sears brand, and came from a Salvation Army. Yes. it’s worn out in some places, there are a couple of stains, but it’s beautiful to me, and I hope to you as well! I never had much luck finding a good maxi skirt at a thrift store, probably because I am looking for something specific.

Tips on finding a perfect maxi skirt:

  • Look for a light fabric, like chiffon or a silk blend.
  • A lot of times vintage maxi skirts have amazing prints, so don’t ignore those.
  • A maxi skirt is easy to alter to fit your body! The elastic can always be taken out, and replaced (if it’s a wide vintage type of elastic with three rows of stitches, cut it off altogether and create pleats or a new casing altogether)
  • A maxi dress can be easily turned into a maxi skirt!



I paired my skirt with a peplum top and a beaded knot necklace that I’ve had for years. When outside, I threw my Via Spiga coat over the whole ensemble, added this brown Etro clutch to match my suede Mexx boots, and was ready to get out the door, only to get right back in 😉

ViaSpigaCoatMaxiSkirt MaxiInTheWinter

I will be honest with you, I put together another maxi skirt outfit, that I was going to share in this post, but decided to save for next week! But this is how excited I am because tomorrow is FRIDAY!


And as always – check out how other girls styled their maxi skirts!

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Enjoy your day!


Boutique GW


Here I am at Goodwill in Rosedale, going through the racks with skirts like a maniac, when I hear

– Oh that’s a size 6, that’s going to be too small.

So I start a conversation with this woman, find out that she is going to a party the next day and that skirt would’ve been perfect for the event. So blah-blah here, there and everywhere, the lady turns out to be Russian (and no, we didn’t become best friends on the spot 🙂 but we had a nice chat). I told her my Xanax pills story, she told me that one of her coworkers has a code word for Goodwill (not everyone is as comfortable telling the world that everything they buy is from a thrift store) – Boutique GW, hence the title!

Once again, if you are living in the Twin Cities area and want to go thrifting, shoot me a message! There is contact info in the “About Me” section, or there is always Twitter!

Now the fun part, the finds! I have released a teaser (haha I know I sound so official) on Istagram on Saturday, showing the tag to my newly thrifted Christian Dior skirt:


And here is the skirt itself:


It’s going to be perfect for fall/winter, since it’s so warm! Are you ready for price now? $2.99 It was 50% off, so $1.50! That’s my kind of price for Dior! Basically everything that you’ll see in today’s post was 50% off, so hold on tight to your chairs!

Anthropologie HWR brand cardigan, $2.50 originally $4.99


Another HWR top for $2.50 originally $4.99 (both pulled off the New Arrivals rack)


J.Crew dress size 2 $3.50 originally $6.99 I got it for a special event which I am going to keep a secret now, there will be a separate post dedicated to it!


And – SURPRISE – here is some crinoline:


I also got this Webster dress in XS (it was a limited collection for Target this past summer), only $3, originally $5.99 (I used my Choose to Reuse coupon book on this one! Thank you to Hennepin County for a great program) I rarely buy Target brands at thrift stores, unless they are limited collections 🙂


I got a couple more sweaters, this one is Isaac Mizrahi, $2.50, originally $4.99



A Club Room sweater in L  $2.50, originally $4.99 (It’s men’s I know, it’s too big for me, I know) but it’s a perfect oversized baggy sweater to cozy up in and if I ever want to – I can make Sam wear it!


Up next – Adrienne Vittadini dress in M, this was the most expensive purchase of all – $4.50, originally $8.99. Another perfect fall dress, and don’t you just love this zig-zag pattern? Plus it has this awesome exposed zipper! Ah – can’t wait to wear it!


I also got a few skirts! They were all $1.50! I would’ve gotten more, but decided not too. See I can control my thrifting addiction (yeah, right!)

This one is a Banana Republic, in size 4


This one is 100% silk Winter Silks (oh the irony) skirt in size 8 (look at me, I am all over with my sizes today!) I totally fell for the pattern, can you tell?


This one is a made in USA no brand, size 16 very light, very see through pleated skirt, which I bought

1. because I fell in love with the color

2. because I fell in love with the pleats

3. because I knew I could make it work!

So I am simply going to adjust the elastic in the waistband, wear a slip underneath and rock my skirt and boots look this fall!


I know that some of you are going to say “Little House on the Prairie” about this skirt, but it’s a brand new vintage (if vintage can be brand new 🙂 ) Susan Bristol in size 12. It reminded me of the traditional Russian scarves, can’t wait to style this piece for you!


And finally this turquoise necklace, that was $3.99


I hope you enjoyed this haul, please let me know what you liked the least and what you liked the most! I will be styling these pieces and blogging about it shortly!

Hope you all had a great weekend!



PS. Some of the purchased items were stained, but I got all of the stains out! Let me know if you want a post on how to get rid of stains on thrifted clothes!

Maxi skirt transformation!

I have been looking for a perfect maxi skirt since the beginning of the summer! Needless to say they are in style right now, but I wanted it for a different reason too. You know how you can hike it up and wear as a dress? That is exactly what I was going to do! I finally found the skirt that I liked, and I knew it’s color would go well with pieces that I’ve already had in my closet, including the accessories. Here is the skirt:

And the close up on the pattern:

The maxi skirt as a skirt:

With some accessories:

And a belt

Now the same skirt as a dress:

I added this BCBG jacket for a more work-appropriate look!

This skirt/dress also looks great with this turquoise necklace

Tomorrow I will show you another necklace that looks great with this dress. It is going to be a “refurbished” necklace, that belonged to my Grandma. But I am not going to give it away just yet!

Happy Saturday everyone! What are you going to treat yourself to this weekend?