Bel Kazan

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Classes are in full swing and all of a sudden I am busy with all my assignments and readings. But I love it. It does mean a little less time for the blog. A little less words. Though that’s what we need sometimes – less words.

Here is a dress so beautiful and unique you may think I am weird. It’s a Bel Kazan. And is more of a summer dress than anything. I really don’t care what season it is though, I just want to wear it.

I styled the dress two different ways. Do you like it more with a sweater over it or a leather jacket?

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!

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Fall Style Minneapolis


Last week I had an amazing opportunity to style several of Josi’s dresses for fall! If you remember this post, you know that Josi is a Minneapolis based designer of fabrics, and she has recently started her dress line! Back in May I got to try on the mini, and now she has come out with a maxi!

Enjoy the looks, let me know what you think, and don’t forget to go visit Josi and Austin at 1008 Marquette Ave.

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 Maxi + Denim + Boots 



NecklaceLayering MaxiDressWithBoots

Sweater + Maxi + Belt 

SweaterOverMaxiDress MaxiDressBelted

Mini + Hat + Heels + Leather Jacket





The Scarf 


Weekly Wear June 7


Another week has come and gone, and it feels like summer. Summer is stellar. It’s my favorite time of year, after those 2 weeks in may when everything is in bloom.

I changed a lot this week! Tuesday was a photo shoot day, Thursday was Elvira’s graduation! I am so proud of her, and all her accomplishments. I also have a fun haul from Moddeals to share next week (some of the pieces are already featured in today’s post), so stay tuned.

That’s all. Happy Weekend! Don’t forget to share your weekly wear posts! Meanwhile, you can find me on the couch, blogging, reading Divergent, and watching Orange is the New Black. Tomorrow I’ll be sailing on Lake Minnetonka. Adios!




weekly-wear-tuesday weekly-wear-polka-dot-dress








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