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Last Saturday Sam and I had a photoshoot in downtown Minneapolis with our friend Chan (he took our graduation photos). He asked us if it would be okay for him to photograph us as a couple. I have no idea how Sam agreed to that, but when Chan sent us some ideas Sam said he was going to put his own spin on it. Needless to say, I’ve never laughed so hard in my life during the shoot and after it when the photos were ready. So here is to Sam, thanks for being a part of my life for 10 years, and being married to me and handling my crazy, and making sure none of this blogging bullshit gets to my head for almost 5! And to Chan, who captured the relationship dynamics perfectly!

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Undiscovered Minneapolis: Lyndale Park Rose Garden

2013-08-12 15.10.46

This is a post of major FAILS!

Sam and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary this week! And since he had the whole week off, and I always have Mondays off, we decided to celebrate our anniversary August, 12! Our original plan was to go to Excelsior and spend the whole day on Lake Minnetonka. But then I decided I wanted to go to Minnehaha falls,  which later turned into – I want to go to Lake Harriet… Having lived in Minneapolis for a little over 2 years I have to admit, I’ve never REALLY been to Harriet. I’ve seen it, I’ve driven by it, but never walked around it! Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve never walked around Calhoun either, but I’ve been there plenty of times!

So we end up by the lake, and it’s a beautiful day… And then I remember that Patisserie 46 can’t be that far away, and since it’s our anniversary I just have to have one of their desserts, or at least the Big Ugly (a giant piece of meringue).

Of course on the way there we get sidetracked a lot, and I want to know the rental prices on the paddle boards, and I want to go stand on the dock (which I never do), and there is a kid who wants to run me over on his trike…

Then I see this:

2013-08-12 13.58.28

And memories of Brooklyn Botanical Gardens mixed with Conservatory Garden in Central Park flood my mind, and all of a sudden I have to have a picture of every single flower there, and a dozen pictures of the fountain!

2013-08-12 14.04.23

2013-08-12 14.04.45

2013-08-12 14.05.14

2013-08-12 14.00.08

2013-08-12 13.59.47

Common sense and Sam’s words of wisdom finally help me put my Samsung Galaxy away (but it does take great pictures! Doesn’t it?) And we continue our way to 46th street.

Having spent an extra 15 minutes trying to get to Patisserie 46 from the Rose Garden (there was a lot of road construction going on, so we had to take a detour), we come to find that it’s closed on Mondays. Which my phone informed me of, and I ignored the message an hour earlier.

Starving and upset (I didn’t get my sugar fix), we decide to go back to the car, brainstorming where we should eat. By the time we reach Harriet again Sam’s step-dad calls and says that he’s on his way over with Sam’s nephew! We hurry back home, having decided to eat at home, because A. It’s cheaper, and B. We don’t have to spend any money!

After Sam’s PB& J, and my sandwich with mustard and kielbasa, we head over to Mann 6 to watch Elysium. And let me tell you, Matt Damon isn’t all that bad! He does have a funky shaped nose though.

Plus dinner was amazing at the Convention Grill in Edina!

Now let’s fast forward to Wednesday, which is our actual anniversary. I get up at 5.45 and by 6.40 I am out the door to get to work. Having worked an 11 hour day, and watched Revenge (my latest obsession) on my break, I come home to a somewhat clean house, and decide to make something out of a zucchini, one of the mom’s in class brought for us. And only at about 8 pm that night, with the help of my in-laws, I find out that it is in fact our anniversary, and if it wasn’t for them wishing us a happy one, I would’ve forgotten all about it.

The moral of the story is: When you are married and you are forgetting your anniversary – it’s a good sign, that means you are not counting the days!

Happy Anniversary honey! I am not counting, I promise 🙂



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You are Diamond!


Today my husband’s grandparents are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary! How awesome is that? 60 years with the same person! Sam also has his Grandpa’s wedding band, which is more meaningful to us than any words can describe!

So Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary Bob and Betty, and may the 5 o’clock gins continue for many many more years!

We love you,

Sam and Zhenya!

PS. The photo was taken on their wedding day (May 15, 1953), and is a curtesy of my mother in law!

One Year Ago Today…

… I married my best friend, and a year later we still haven’t killed each other! I think this is quiet an achievement!

And to celebrate my 1 year wedding anniversary on my blog, here is some advice/wisdom I learned from my wedding:

1. All I cared about was getting my guests fed, seriously! That’s why there was bacon wrapped stake on the menu!

2. Another thing I tried my best to do was keep the wedding under 10 grand, and we were able to accomplish that as well!

3. I wanted a really good photographer. And I found one, on Craigslist! You never know where good things in life come from!

4. I didn’t stress out over anything, well maybe a little, but things seemed to have somehow fallen in place, I found a hairstylist/makeup artist, an extra bridesmaid (thank you Annemarie 🙂 you were a rock star ), did my own flowers, nails, and toes, rocked a pair of 5 inch suede heels, which I still have and wear.

5. Here is the TRUTH, all I wanted from that wedding is for it to be over, so that normal life could begin. And that’s the most important thing to remember – one day is nothing in comparison to a lifetime spent together. I still have wedding photos that need to be framed!

Call me lazy, or boring, or weird, but a wedding is a wedding, but marriage is way WAY more important. So enjoy your day, but don’t get too obsessed!



PS. Please show it to all the brides you know!

And as a bonus and for all of you who missed it, here are some of my favorite shots from that day!

Check out my hot penguin pants 🙂 Yes, I am that trendy!

The ceremony and the picture taking got the best of me, and I was really tired by the time we got to this point:

But we still pulled off this Hollywood style kiss:

My favorite part of the reception was the cake:

Needless to say this cake ended up in my nose, my eye, my hair 🙂 But it was exceptionally good!

It’s important for the bride to stay goofy – so here is an asparagus mustache for you 🙂

I liked the little place cards too, and yes my real full name is Evgeniya, though I rarely go by it:

And did I tell you I did my own flowers? And that they came from Costco and that I paid less than $120 for them???

Oh wait, I did, so never mind 🙂

Thanks to my heels I was taller than Doug

And almost as tall as Sam

Would I want to live through my wedding day again? Probably not, but I am loving every day I spend with my husband, so there 🙂

Also here is the original post from a year ago, feel free to check it out as well!

Husband Separation Anxiety

When you’ve been in a long distance relationship for as long as my husband and I prior to our marriage, (I am pretty sure there are very few of you, and some of you who are reading this are shaking your heads saying – Long Distance Relationships are a bad idea), you are going to understand what I went through going to Fargo last Monday.

You see for the longest time ever whenever we would go on the highway I would think we were going to the airport. For about two months I kept on thinking that I should be leaving on a Sunday! I even had the urge to pack. Old habits die hard, so eventually, after being married for 4 months, I am finally starting to break the pattern. I even agreed with one of the characters on “How I met Your Mother” when he said that long distance relationships aren’t a good idea. And even though ours worked out, it was difficult.

So last week when my friend Kara asked me to go to Fargo with her, and I said yes, I had this anxiety overwhelm me, and the only question in my head was – What is Sam gonna do? Now you all know my husband is not helpless, he survived college on pop-tarts and pizza, but I was still worried. So the night before I made him a big pot of Sloppy Joes, packed him a lunch for Monday… Oh yeah and did I tell you I was coming back Tuesday? 🙂

In the end it all went well, I was busy helping Kara look at apartments, went shopping for Christmas presents, and ate so much pizza and cactus bread at Pizza Ranch, that I want to go back there and have more 🙂

I did miss Sam and he missed me, and it was a good experience for both of us. I realized that I can be away from him for a few couple days, and he could be on his own, but we both realized that we do like being around each other more than being apart!

I really hope I am not the only one out there who has this disorder! Let me know how you fight yours 🙂



PS. I am seriously excited to celebrate Christmas with him this year, it’ll be our first year as husband and wife! YAY!



The RUT: Marriage Wisdom from my Husband

My husband has great ideas, sometimes he doesn’t bring them to life though. That’s why I am here! So here I am today, presenting my husband’s wisdom on marriage:

Wisdom 1: Want to spice up your marriage? Try switching seats on the couch!

Stay tuned for more!


Carrie Bradshaw Habits Die Hard

Having lived in NYC I often find myself contemplating over what it’s like to be Carrie Bradshaw. Before I moved to the Upper West Side she seemed to be quiet a realistic character, after having lived there, she became the complete opposite. Why? Well maybe in the end of the 90’s you could make a living writing a weekly column for a local newspaper, but definitely not nowadays. The writers definitely fix this dilemma and take care of my confusion as the show moves from season to season, and she starts getting more jobs, like writing for Vogue, and turning her columns into a book, which is pretty neat, and I wish Candace Bushnell would write a book like that! I think it would be fab. Anyways back in Season 2 episode 14 Carrie talks about her pattern. I know that not because I am a freak and have memorized all scripts from all episodes, but because there is such an amazing thing as, where by simply typing in – sleeping till noon – Sex and the City, I found what I was looking for. So here is what she says: “I was thrown right back into my old pattern: Greasy Chinese, sleeping till noon…and feeling restless”.

Somehow I can really relate to this, this past week has been really strange, I have been sleeping till noon continuously, eating some crap food, and the restless feeling often came in the middle of the night preventing me from going to sleep. The only other time I remember myself sleeping till noon was the year I met my best friend Kat, 2000. She would call me on the phone, waking me up, and we would talk for hours. Well what else was there to do? We were teenagers. I honestly think my body is getting ready, it’s preparation time. What am I preparing for? The wedding! Marriage! Married life. Waking up early to make breakfast, pack lunch and see my husband off to work. Over the past few days I started cooking again. I am still amazed at how easy it comes to me. Surprisingly easy. So I am trying to plan ahead of time, and try to predict my future pattern.

I think it’s going to look something like this

But in all seriousness, I think I am going to become an early riser and a napper. The opposite of me being a late riser and a napper right now. I will also be a lot more selfless, since I will have another person to care for (my husband). I will definitely need one of those thingys

Or a cheaper printable version that you can get on a variety of different websites. I will definitely show you what I am going to go with when I actually come around to it.

And of course I will go back to my pattern of making comfort food, and that means BAKING. So dear future neighbors in Downtown Minneapolis, you are in luck! Just don’t piss me off, or I will put laxatives in your zucchini bread!

Have a happy 4th of July weekend!