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Fall Florals

Fall Florals Fall Florals Fall Florals Fall Florals Fall Florals

Fall has been incredible this year. It’s been so nice and warm here lately, and I am hoping and praying the winter will hold off for as long as possible. Yes, I am looking forward to Christmas, I love this weather.

Today I am sharing another LATTORI dress with you, this one is probably my favorite. The soft velvet flowers, the burnt orange, the incredible flare of the skirt. This is fall in a dress.

I hope you are enjoying every last bit of fall wherever you are. Please join our weekly link up and help us spread the word!


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Vera Wang Embrace Marigold and Gardenia

Disclosure: “This post was sponsored by Vera Wang Fragrances as part of an Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.”

Vera Wang Embrace Marigold and Gardenia

Vera Wang Embrace Marigold and Gardenia

Vera Wang Embrace Marigold and Gardenia

Vera Wang Embrace Marigold and Gardenia

Summer has always been my favorite season. Maybe it has to do with my upcoming Birthday, maybe with the warm weather, maybe with the summer travels. I’ve always enjoyed and looked forward to the June-July-August stretch. This year, among other things, I get to spend my summer with a new fragrance – Vera Wang Embrace Marigold and Gardenia.

Vera Wang Embrace Marigold and Gardenia perfume is a way to feel confident and beautiful in your own skin. This newest member of the Embrace Collection empowers me to feel beautiful everyday. Its soft peach color, reminiscent of the first vision of sunlight, enhances my day leaving me feeling fresh and embracing my womanhood.

Fragrance has always been a big part of my life. From playing with my mom’s perfumes in pretty bottles when I was little, to noticing and complimenting others on their choice of perfume, I’ve always been drawn to new scents. I try and find a different fragrance for every time of the year, and this summer Vera Wang Marigold and Gardenia fragrance makes me feel confident, beautiful and desirable in my own skin.

In preparations to celebrate my Birthday I wanted to remind you how important it is to remember to celebrate ourselves every day! There are so many special moments that happen to us that need to be cherished and embraced, but sometimes get ignored and forgotten. I have been using Vera Wang Embrace fragrance to help me remember these moments, maybe it’s a combination of olfactory, maybe my mind is just playing games with me, but I believe in the power of this dreamy fruity and floral fragrance.

Now it wouldn’t be fair if I went on and on about this fragrance and not given you a chance to try it! I-C is hosting a contest for the Vera Wang Embrace fragrance collection pack and you can enter for a chance to win one of ten fragrance kits (A $75 value!). This includes all 4 of the following fragrances: Green Tea & Pear Blossom, Rose & Vanilla, Periwinkle & Iris, and Marigold & Gardenia. The contest closes July 12, 2016, you can enter by choosing a social media sharing option form the social media tool below:

Vera Wang Embrace Fragrance Collections

Vera Wang Embrace Marigold and Gardenia is available for purchase in-store and online at Kohl’s.

Like Vera Wang Fragrances Facebook Page

And remember this easy formula for a happy summer: minimum make up, maximum vitamin D, and a fragrance that embraces your senses 😉

Twin Cities Travelin’: Como Zoo and St Paul

Tuesdays have become one of my favorite days of the week. Aside from having Tuesdays Off (that’s my Tumblr btw 😉 ) I get to spend them with Jameson of Lessons with Coffee and explore Twin Cities like never before.

2014-07-08 10.19.44


Last week we went to Como Zoo, and since I’ve been there multiple times on field trips with kids from work, I knew I wanted to visit Conservatory Gardens. We did however tried to take a picture of giraffes walking outside through the fence, to which a little girl told us that we have to walk around and go through the entrance to do that.

The Conservatory Gardens was a lot of what I expected and more. The inside is beautiful, but I think the Japanese Garden was my favorite, including the bonsai exhibit. Did you know that all bonsai trees are shaped like a triangle? And sometimes there are accent plants that can’t be higher than the top of the pot next to them? I learned so much that day. We met a really helpful volunteer, who told us about the Japanese tea ceremony and the tea house. I love tea, but I don’t think I could drink that green tea that they serve there.

2014-07-14 06.44.57 2014-07-14 06.48.20 2014-07-14 06.49.11 2014-07-14 06.49.33


2014-07-11 09.28.43 2014-07-14 06.50.34

2014-07-08 10.57.19 2014-07-08 10.56.53 2014-07-08 10.56.42


2014-07-11 14.35.11


After we visited the Conservatory Gardens the plan was to stop by The Russian Tea House on University Ave. But apparently that place is only open on Fridays 11-3! Too bad, so sad! And I was!

2014-07-08 11.58.01


So instead we stopped by Second Debut, took pictures in front of the awesome mural. And then drove to Grand Ave and ate lunch at Salut!

2014-07-14 07.07.47



Stay tuned for the nest Twin Cities Travelin’, it’ll be my Birthday edition one! Until then – Have fun!

Z & J

2014-07-12 22.34.14

From the Bottom of my Heart <3

2014-02-14 19.09.49

Happy Valentine’s day! 

2014-02-14 18.22.50

A little update on my blog – I am now self-hosted. It was a tough decision, but a right one. I hope you will support me and keep following me! The next step is redesigning my blog and finding the right theme, plugins, and all that! So if you know anyone, or you are that  someone! Shoot me a line! I am brining BeingZhenya.com to a new level!

Have a great weekend everyone and remember – YOU ARE LOVED!



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L-O-V-E {Thrift Style Thursday}




Vintage + Thrifting + Dresses + Purses + Shoes + Art

There are so many things I love! Family, husband and values aside. Let me be “shallow” for once, let me talk about my passions, let me talk about the loves of my life!

I love blogging, I absolutely adore all my readers and blogger friends. I don’t think I can live without you! I love Thrift Style Thursdays, I love the inspiration, the ideas. I love the new levels you all take me on! Love is easy, give love to receive love. Think love. See love. Wish love.

Love the simple things. Love yourself. Love to love.

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Thrift

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“Nothing inspires me more than people”, is what I usually say. But nothing, nothing inspires me more than the city. “Hi, honey” – is what came out of my heart flying over Manhattan. Can someone please explain the feelings and emotions that I have? Because I can’t put them in words. I can put them in the images, and share them with you, and hopefully through this post, you will feel inspired too!

20140104-182039.jpg 20140104-182048.jpg 20140104-182058.jpg 20140104-182212.jpg 20140104-182201.jpg 20140104-182151.jpg 20140104-182123.jpg 20140104-182225.jpg 20140104-182238.jpg 20140104-182249.jpg 20140104-182306.jpg 20140104-182352.jpg 20140104-182341.jpg 20140104-182329.jpg 20140104-182319.jpg 20140104-182432.jpg 20140104-182421.jpg 20140104-182407.jpg 20140104-182446.jpg 20140104-182533.jpg 20140104-182521.jpg 20140104-182504.jpg 20140104-182456.jpg 20140104-182707.jpg 20140104-182628.jpg 20140104-182608.jpg 20140104-182555.jpg


2013-12-17 18.19.59

2013-12-17 18.13.46 2013-12-17 18.18.00 2013-12-17 18.18.47

2013-12-18 22.06.54 2013-12-18 22.07.50

This Christmas, above all, give love!

Happy Holidays,


You are Diamond!


Today my husband’s grandparents are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary! How awesome is that? 60 years with the same person! Sam also has his Grandpa’s wedding band, which is more meaningful to us than any words can describe!

So Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary Bob and Betty, and may the 5 o’clock gins continue for many many more years!

We love you,

Sam and Zhenya!

PS. The photo was taken on their wedding day (May 15, 1953), and is a curtesy of my mother in law!

One Year Ago Today…

… I married my best friend, and a year later we still haven’t killed each other! I think this is quiet an achievement!

And to celebrate my 1 year wedding anniversary on my blog, here is some advice/wisdom I learned from my wedding:

1. All I cared about was getting my guests fed, seriously! That’s why there was bacon wrapped stake on the menu!

2. Another thing I tried my best to do was keep the wedding under 10 grand, and we were able to accomplish that as well!

3. I wanted a really good photographer. And I found one, on Craigslist! You never know where good things in life come from!

4. I didn’t stress out over anything, well maybe a little, but things seemed to have somehow fallen in place, I found a hairstylist/makeup artist, an extra bridesmaid (thank you Annemarie 🙂 you were a rock star ), did my own flowers, nails, and toes, rocked a pair of 5 inch suede heels, which I still have and wear.

5. Here is the TRUTH, all I wanted from that wedding is for it to be over, so that normal life could begin. And that’s the most important thing to remember – one day is nothing in comparison to a lifetime spent together. I still have wedding photos that need to be framed!

Call me lazy, or boring, or weird, but a wedding is a wedding, but marriage is way WAY more important. So enjoy your day, but don’t get too obsessed!



PS. Please show it to all the brides you know!

And as a bonus and for all of you who missed it, here are some of my favorite shots from that day!

Check out my hot penguin pants 🙂 Yes, I am that trendy!

The ceremony and the picture taking got the best of me, and I was really tired by the time we got to this point:

But we still pulled off this Hollywood style kiss:

My favorite part of the reception was the cake:

Needless to say this cake ended up in my nose, my eye, my hair 🙂 But it was exceptionally good!

It’s important for the bride to stay goofy – so here is an asparagus mustache for you 🙂

I liked the little place cards too, and yes my real full name is Evgeniya, though I rarely go by it:

And did I tell you I did my own flowers? And that they came from Costco and that I paid less than $120 for them???

Oh wait, I did, so never mind 🙂

Thanks to my heels I was taller than Doug

And almost as tall as Sam

Would I want to live through my wedding day again? Probably not, but I am loving every day I spend with my husband, so there 🙂

Also here is the original post from a year ago, feel free to check it out as well!

Husband Separation Anxiety

When you’ve been in a long distance relationship for as long as my husband and I prior to our marriage, (I am pretty sure there are very few of you, and some of you who are reading this are shaking your heads saying – Long Distance Relationships are a bad idea), you are going to understand what I went through going to Fargo last Monday.

You see for the longest time ever whenever we would go on the highway I would think we were going to the airport. For about two months I kept on thinking that I should be leaving on a Sunday! I even had the urge to pack. Old habits die hard, so eventually, after being married for 4 months, I am finally starting to break the pattern. I even agreed with one of the characters on “How I met Your Mother” when he said that long distance relationships aren’t a good idea. And even though ours worked out, it was difficult.

So last week when my friend Kara asked me to go to Fargo with her, and I said yes, I had this anxiety overwhelm me, and the only question in my head was – What is Sam gonna do? Now you all know my husband is not helpless, he survived college on pop-tarts and pizza, but I was still worried. So the night before I made him a big pot of Sloppy Joes, packed him a lunch for Monday… Oh yeah and did I tell you I was coming back Tuesday? 🙂

In the end it all went well, I was busy helping Kara look at apartments, went shopping for Christmas presents, and ate so much pizza and cactus bread at Pizza Ranch, that I want to go back there and have more 🙂

I did miss Sam and he missed me, and it was a good experience for both of us. I realized that I can be away from him for a few couple days, and he could be on his own, but we both realized that we do like being around each other more than being apart!

I really hope I am not the only one out there who has this disorder! Let me know how you fight yours 🙂



PS. I am seriously excited to celebrate Christmas with him this year, it’ll be our first year as husband and wife! YAY!