This week, that week, what week?

I have been taking my lunch breaks in Mill Ruins Park:


Looking at the world from a different perspective:


Sharing my orange with a bee:


Met up with my friend Amy, I haven’t seen her since 2007!


Finally finishing my 3 week long lipstick testing for L’Oreal, and getting my reimbursement! YAY!


I’ve also been working on a lot of DIY’s here, so be patient with me! Also, some exciting news and announcements coming to my blog, hopefully on Monday!

Have a fab weekend!



The September Issue

“Vogue came. It’s pretty big” – that’s the text I got from my husband as I was leaving work today. I’ve been waiting for this issue since the last one came! I am serious! I love the September Issue.

But before we look through it together, I want to share a video with you, it’s 100% true, and I encourage you to watch it, and never ever act like this in a cosmetics department!

And now on to the Vogue:

Look how huge it is, compared to the game case:


The cover unfolded, as it often does, and revealed those cool covers/shots from December 1892 andNovember 1949. Yes, Vogue is 120 years old! I quickly cut those out, and am planning on framing them ASAP!


Couldn’t ignore this Mila Kunis ad for Dior! Yes, that’s how you become an A list actress!


This Dolce & Gabbana ad is so Russian to me:


Love the new O.P.I nail polish collection,look at how vibrant the colors are. I also had a ball reading the names! Can I please work as the nail polish name creator?


This issue was everything that I expected it to be and more! I am also excited and looking forward to trying this sample of L’Oreal’s BB cream


And shopping at Target when these new collections come around:


And finally, to top it all off, I wore a $140 skirt to work today, that cost me only $11.50! Yes, thrifting pays off my friends 🙂


What caught your eye in the September issue?



Zhenya’s Monday Ramblings

The not so well known “stars” of Russian Dolls, as well as some other women of Brighton Beach got featured in New York Magazine, in an article “Style Tribes: Russian Women of Brighton Beach”. And while some of these women look absolutely gorgeous in their furs and jewels, this photo totally creeps me out. I want to go grab my torch and set out on a witch hunt! Who’s coming with me?

Баба Яга добралась до сокровищ Кощея Бессмертного (Baba Yaga finally got ahold of Koshei’s treasure)

Last Friday I got sent this amazing L’ancome eyeshadow palette in 302 Violet Sweetheart – as some of you may remember I sometimes do consumer testing projects and surveys for L’oreal, and that’s how I get “paid” for it!

I have also been obsessed with finding workouts on Pinterest and pinning them to my Workouts board! How awesome is that? Oh wait, I’ve also been obsessed with doing them! And BodyRockTV! You all should try it!

Happy Monday everyone!



Earth Day Outfit

Happy Earth Day everyone, I hope you had a great day and reduced, reused or recycled! Here is what I got out of this day:

I recycled an almost empty tinted moisturizer at the Origins counter at Macy’s and got a full size Age Defense Moisturizer with SPF 25 – it usually comes in a jar, so don’t be confused by the packaging 😉

I also scored a free reusable bag at Target, don’t know what I am going to use it for yet, but it’s good to have!

The L’oreal sample came from the May issue of Vogue magazine.

And finally – free coffee in my reusable RBC mug from Caribou 🙂

I had to work today, which meant wearing black for the 4 hours that I spent at Macy’s, but then Sam and I went to a concert, and I went all out for that:

Shoes: Nine West Vintage America

Jeans: Ragstock

Shirt: Old Navy

Sheer Blouse: Ragstock

Jacket: BCBG Max Azria

Bag: Coach

Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

The show we saw was pretty good, we only stayed for one band (Step in Clouds), but they were giving away free CDs. I personally thought they sounded something like Augustana.

Earth Day is now one of my favorite holidays 😉 What did you do today?



Поздравляю всех с Днем Земли, я надеюсь что у вас был отличный день и вы каким-то образом помогли нашей чудесной планете! Вот что я вынесла для себя из этого дня:

Увлажняющий крем от Origins с SPF 25 – я сдала почти пустую бакну от tinted moisturizer фирмы Physicians Formula и получила полноразмерный крем бесплатно! Обычно он выпускается в банке, а не тубе, так что если вы пользуетесь фирмой Origins, не думайте, что я вас путаю!

В магазине Target мне дали сумку для продуктов многоразового использования, такие очень популярны в Америке! Я еще не знаю как буду ее использовать, потому что она небольшая по размеру, но в хозяйстве пригодиться!

Пробники от Л’Ореаль были в Майском номере журнала Vogue.

И наконец – бесплатный кофе из кофейни Caribou – я просто принесла термо кружку и все!

Я работала сегодня, так что в течение 4х часов я была одета во все черное, но вечером мы с Сэмом пошли на концерт, и я разрядилась на славу 😉

Ботильоны на танкетке: Nine West Vintage America

Джинсы: Ragstock

Розовая футболка: Old Navy

Прозрачная белая блузка: Ragstock

Пиджак: BCBG Max Azria

Сумка: Coach

Часы: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Концерт был неплохой, мы послушали только одну группу (Step in Clouds), они также раздавали бесплатные диски! Они чем-то напомнили мне группу Augustana.

С сегодняшнего дня – День Земли – мой любимый праздник! А чем вы занимались сегодня?



Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips Review

Being the coupon freak that I am, I couldn’t pass the $7 extra bucks offer from CVS last week – Spend $10 on Physician’s Formula cosmetics – get $7. So I went and got a few things. Today I am going to review a PF palette.

The one I got is called Pop Green Eyes. My eyes are green/gray, and since there was no Pop Gray Eyes, I had to go with green. The other reason why I went with this palette, are the colors. Even though I own a Sephora Blockbuster and other eyeshadow palettes, this one has some nice shades of green, turquoise and purple. I also decided to get out of my make-up RUT of using brown/golden shades! So here is what I bough:

The brushes and the primer are mine, but I wanted to feature them in this picture, and here is why:

– First of all, I always apply eyeshadow over primer. The one I have is something I brought from Russia, but once that runs out, I will probably try out L’Oreal De-Crease Eye Shadow Base.

– Second, I usually don’t use the applicators that come with drug store bought kits. So this morning, as I was getting ready to go to a swap (the swap recap coming tomorrow), I reached for my favorite brush – the one with the black handle in the picture. To my frustration and disappointment the eyeshadow didn’t apply very well, stayed on the brush, and wasn’t bright at all! I had nothing better to do, but grab the applicator – and oh my gosh – it WORKED! Physician’s Formula applicator did WONDERS, plus it’s angled – so you can apply eyeshadow very neatly especially in the corner of your eye. I absolutely loved it! Now I am not sure how long this applicator will live for – I had some bad experience with those types in the past, where they brake after a week or two. But, let’s hope for the best.

– And finally – the smaller brush that you see in the picture (originally came with Lorac’s Social Beautifly palette) was perfect for applying the highlighter shades. And it’s a perfect size for it too!

The downside of the palette – I guess the fact that all of the shades can kind of mix together, but I have been dealing with the same thing with my Revlon palette, and you train yourself to be more careful after a week or so!

I hope this was helpful to some of you. Let me know if you’ve tried any of the other palettes!