Weekly Wear


Sperry’s Boots – thrifted, Jeans – 10 Dollar Mall, Vintage top – thrifted, Gap cardigan – thrifted


Dr.Marten’s – thrifted, Jeans – 10 Dollar Mall, Madewell T – thrifted, Scarf – Wild Ruffle,
Jacket – Tommy Hilfiger – thrifted 


Ombre Jeans – Opitz, Target flats – thrifted, Top – Buffalo Exchange, Cardigan – thrifted, Necklace – thrifted


Jeans – Buffalo Exchange, Striped blazer – 10 Dollar Mall, White Knit Vest – J.Jill – thrifted, JCrew top – thrifted, Necklace – Wild Ruffle 

Happy Saturday, and welcome to my new weekly wear series. Every Saturday morning I will be here, showing you what I wore that week. Showing you, how my daily style changes throughout weeks, months, seasons. This will also be a link up, a chance for you to show some of your weekly outfits. Who is excited?

Apparently this week started on Tuesday, since I completely forgot to photograph the Monday outfit. Plus I wanted to make it interesting and not have the same background or pose. Thursday look was also featured in this post. But I think Friday one is my favorite. I have officially mastered layering.

I guess the theme for this week’s Weekly Wear is I thrifted it, I wore it. The Madewell top and Tommy Hilfiger jacket were thrifted on Tuesday. The black jeans from Friday look and Striped top from Thursday were my steals at the $1 Earth Day sale at Buffalo Exchange. The jeans are actually high waisted, and I promise to style them with a crop top sometime soon! I was ecstatic when I fit into them on Friday morning. It literally made my day.

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Estee’ Lauder Idealist

I did it, I fell a victim to the spell of EL and the Idealist, but I didn’t get the Even Skin Tone Illuminator, I got the Pore Minimizing one instead! It looks like this:

So, what does it do?

This fast-acting serum delivers our most dramatic skin resurfacing benefits-more efficiently than ever before.

With Idealist, your skin looks and feels like your ideal skin:

Virtually poreless.

  • Pores appear 1/3 smaller-instantly.
  • See a 69% reduction in the look of pores in just 4 weeks.

Unbelievably soft and smooth.

  • Repairs the look of uneven skin texture,

flakiness and roughness.

  • Smooth it on and instantly enjoy that soft, seamless, silky feeling you love.

Incredibly clear and even-toned.

  • See more clarity and luminosity.
  • Gives skin an overall more even tone.

(description from EL website – there is a description in Russian below which is more detailed and explanatory – and I personally like it more, if you can read Russian go see for yourself 🙂 )

Now I have tried this one on many times while bored at work 😉 and decided to splurge on a product that I knew worked and that I needed, especially with summer right around the corner!

And thanks to my Macy’s discount I got the large one for the price of small one! I  can’t pick mine up until tomorrow, but the post just couldn’t wait!

Have you splurged on anything lately?



Я пала жертвой Эсте Лаудер и заказала себе Идеалист! Правда я не стала заказывать себе тот, который выравнивает цвет лица, я заказала тот, который сужает поры! Выглядит он немного по-другому (см. фото выше).

Что же делает это средство?

Сыворотка Idealist выравнивает тон кожи, уменьшает видимость черных точек, закупоренных пор и “микротеней”. Кожа светится здоровьем и выглядит помолодевшей и сияющей.

Всего через 4 недели самые передовые и быстродействующие ингредиенты обеспечивают великолепный результат, значительно уменьшая видимость пор и даря ощущение мягкости и гладкости – кожа выглядит здоровой и ухоженной.

  • Улучшает текстуру кожи, исчезают шелушение, краснота, неровности. Заметно улучшает цвет лица, со временем кожа приобретает безупречный, ухоженный вид.
  • Тройное содержание глюкозамина и эксклюзивный экстракт каштана мягкого действия помогают коже избавиться от сухих, тусклых, омертвевших клеток. Глюкозамин – производное сахара, обладающий уникальными отшелушивающими свойствами. Этот компонент ослабляет межклеточные связи, помогая коже естественным образом избавляться от омертвевших клеток.
  • Уникальный разглаживающий полимер мгновенно делает незаметными несовершенства поверхности кожи – морщинки и огрубевшие участки. Легкая текстура позволяет сделать поры совершенно незаметными, при этом не забивая их.
  • Экстракты морской водоросли и карликовой пальмы контролируют выделение жира на поверхности кожи.
  • Запатентованная технология Bubbles TechnologyTM создает необыкновенное ощущение при нанесении: Idealist скользит по коже и обеспечивает ей ощущение свежести по мере того, как микропузырьки преобразуются в воздушно-бархатистую текстуру.
(Русское описание взято с русского сайта компании Estee’ Lauder – как вы можете понять – оно отличается от английского, более детальное и понятное!)
Я несколько раз пробовала это средство на работе (от скуки) – и в конце концов решила на него раскошелиться!

Ну и ко всему прочему, с моей скидкой и специальной акцией в Macy’s я купила большой флакон этого средства по цене маленького! Ну и моя подруга как обычно добавила мне пробников, но о них в другом посте!

А на что вы раскошелились в этом месяце?

Всем отличного дня!


Rainy Day Outfits

This morning as we walked out of our building, there was smell of rain in the air! And the asphalt was still wet!

The smell of rain is probably one of my top favorites! And it inspired me to write this post!

Even though it’s warm and sunny in Minneapolis today and as one of my friends said “The 50 degree weather got me all excited about fall … and now it’s 80 again. Darned injuns. We don’t need a second summer”, I have decided to blog about perfect fall/rainy day outfits.

1. Boots with Skinny Jeans

I am really loving the blue jeans/brown boots combo! It’s not tacky, it’s classic! And I am all for leather boots for rainy days instead of rain boots! There are so many leather protectants out there, you shouldn’t even be afraid to ruin your boots! And remember – suede is perfect for dry and warm days!

2. Poncho Sweaters

They come in many colors and variations, with collars, pockets, and sometimes, even hoods! The first one is actually from Target, and is only about $25. I am not a huge fan of the one Jessica Simpson is wearing, but tastes differ! The last one is my favorite, I am absolutely loving the front pockets and the ribbed hem! And I couldn’t resist putting in this Missoni for Target picture in here for good measure, even though this poncho is probably only available on eBay for three times it’s original price!

3. Maxi (or any kind of dresses) with Jackets

I am absolutely in love with this trend, and even though most of my dresses aren’t maxi. I love the idea of transforming a summer outfit into a fall one! Don’t have a maxi dress or a skirt? Don’t worry! Just put some tights with your dress, throw on a jacket and a scarf and carry on!

I hope you all are having a wonderful week! I have more exciting posts coming up for you guys this week!





30 Day Sephora Blockbuster Challenge

Here is what I have 

But do I use it?

So for the next 30 days I am going to mostly use this palette!


So that these eyeshadows don’t go to waste!

So that these lip sticks don’t go to waste!

And all the other products also get to put to good use!

And to get out of a makeup RUT!

Stick with me to see my every day looks!



Some thoughts on Interpreting

I’ve always wanted to become an interpreter. Growing up at church I was always looking up to some of the girls who got to interpret during the Sunday Services and some conferences. Interpreting was definitely a skill I wanted to acquire. This past year I’ve been trying my hardest to stay away from interpreting jobs as much as I could. The reason? I spent over 2 years in the States, watching other people’s kids. I thought I lost the skill. And then the orphanage trip came up, and I realized I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to visit the place where I’ve spent so much time during my college years (visiting the kids and building relationships). I figured I’ll be fine interpreting whatever came my way. And in spite of the few “bloopers” like forgetting the russian word for “balance”, I actually did pretty well. And I am not bragging. So today as one of my posts I decided to share some thoughts on Interpreting with you:

1. Translators and Interpreters are different. Translators write, Interpreters speak. But I don’t get offended if I am called either one of those. Or you can just call me Zhenya 🙂 (FYI some people will get offended, so keep that in mind. But translator is so much easier to say!)

2. You don’t need a degree to become a great interpreter. I know people who are engineers, people who are musicians, mathematicians, etc… and they all are great Interpreters. I myself don’t have a degree in interpretation, I was a cultural studies major in college. So there!

3. It’s easier to interpret into your native language. So if you are Russian it’s easier to interpret into Russian. Not the other way around (from Russian into a different language). But here is the catch. If you’ve lived in a foreign country for a while (as long as me, which is not long), it’s easier to interpret into the other language. It’s sad, but it’s true. I find it easier to interpret into English. And, yes, I have to admit, I forget Russian words.

4. The key is listening. I’ve mentioned earlier, that I had role model interpreters to look up to when growing up. So when they interpreted, I listened. I kept my ears open, not only to what the speaker was talking about, but to the way the interpreter was putting it in my native language.

5. Practice, practice, practice. Go on YouTube, find some videos to watch, get on Skype, find friends from all over the world, practice your language skills. Try and get as many interpreting jobs/gigs/opportunities as you can. Sometimes, especially on the early stages, you might even have to do it for free. I was fighting for every opportunity to interpret, I interpreted a lot for free, and I was always so honored if I got a chance to interpret in front of other people.

6. Grammar is important. I also teach ESL and it bothers me so so much when I hear the he say, i must to do, if it will rain,  and all these other lovely mistakes. UGH! For a while I’ve been obsessed with taking all these on-line grammar tests, to make sure my level hasn’t dropped. I still do them now, and being a teacher, I am always making sure that I have gone over tests I give the students myself.

7. You can’t lose the Interpreting gene. Once you have it, it’s there. The gene, the skill, whatever you call it. If being an interpreter is your true gift, your real calling, then you are going to succeed no matter what. It’s like looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself you are gorgeous! You will not lose the skill.

8. Don’t be lazy. Interpreting is not English 101, it’s not something you can do after completing 5 year courses. It’s a skill. And the language is alive, it’s changing. No one calls the mirror a looking glass anymore. And there is a difference between velvet and corduroy. If you think you are going to get away with something, you probably won’t. And as harsh as it sounds, you’ll never be a pro. And the language factor is not the only one that matters now. We all are human beings. We get tired, we get headaches, tummy aches, and all other not so fun aches. Sometimes we lack sleep, sometime we are worried, sometimes, just hungry! So if you are interpreting for a series of classes, or for the whole day, make sure you take enough breaks, drink water and if such a need comes up, have someone to sub for you!

9. Public speaking. This is what Interpreting is. And each and every one of us has a fear of that! So here is one important thing to consider – gotta get rid of that fear! You never know who you are going to interpret for. I  have interpreted for mayors, and 4 year old orphans! Feel the difference!

10. Looks. This is a job where your appearance is important, where BO is unacceptable, and outfits matter. They will judge you by your looks. You are a speaker! And you get 50% of the attention, if not more! So take care of yourself, because everyone wants to look at a beautiful, well-groomed person.

I hope I was able to help, and if you are considering this career, well, the best of luck to you!