Style It: Midi Skirt

2014-10-29 06.34.37

My new favorite midi skirt by Joa is one of the most tactile textural pieces that I’ve owned. Also one of the few grey ones. The thick polyester makes it perfect for chilly fall days, and the coming winter. And of course the polka dot pattern. I will be honest this pattern has grown on me over the past few months. Here it’s very subtle, and I really like that.

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you are all dressing up and having a party this weekend! I’ll have some pics on my Instagram today and tomorrow! So make sure to check those out.

2014-10-29 06.31.50


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In Heels

Here I am, sitting drooling over a pair of loafers, or as we call them, boat shoes. Yes, everyone wants to be on the boat, especially in the summer, especially in such cute loafers

But I wanted to talk about the importance of wearing heels! Yes, I firmly believe every woman should own a pair or two. Even if your heels are only as big as these kitten ones

The benefits of wearing heels include:

– toning your legs and butt better than any shape-ups

– learning how to balance

– a self defense tool at your feet, literally!

– boosting your sex life

I am not encouraging you to wear heels every single day, wear them once a week, or once a month, or on special occasions only. But please, please, please own a pair. And loafers, well, they’ll always be there!