Surgery and Other Things


Hi friends,

Typing today is difficult, literally. I had an elbow surgery last week, and am still in a splint, which is supposed to come off tomorrow (can you hear me yell CAN’T WAIT!!!), but I’ve been down to one hand when it comes to typing, doing dishes, putting on makeup, and all the other things you do with two hands.

Here is the list of things I miss doing with my left hand/arm the most:

  1. Doing my hair and makeup.
  2. Flossing.
  3. Driving.
  4. Wearing my wedding rings.
  5. Typing.
  6. Cooking and cleaning.
  7. Knitting and crocheting.
  8. Carrying stuff.
  9. Opening a jar.
  10. Being able to hug Sam and scratch Mason at the same time when I sit between the two of them on the couch.

Over the past two weeks I had an amazing opportunity to travel to Milwaukee and Seattle for job interviews. And this story, unlike the trip and fall has a happy ending. I have a job lined up after college. It’s still surreal and I sometimes have to pinch myself, but I am beyond excited.


Milwaukee was unbelievably warm at 70 F when we landed on Thursday. A strange mix between St Paul and Chicago, it was captivating. I couldn’t stop exploring, and may have ended up barefoot in the streets, because I couldn’t take my heels any longer. But it’s all snapchat history now.


Seattle was amazing. I’ve never been to the West Coast before, and it was beautiful with all it’s rain, water and mountains. There is a Russian place called Piroshky Piroshky, and even though they didn’t have the Vatrushka I wanted, I got my Russian pastry fix and a discount on top of that. I also got to meet a lot of amazing people and see one of the fastest growing companies that has been making a lot of news from the inside.

I will be back more often now, I promise. I think I’ve promised it at the end of every post lately, but I will be, I am going to try!

Draw My Life

Hey everyone, I made this Draw my Life video as an introduction for my Creative Problem Solving class this semester and I thought it would be fun to share it with you! Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Twin Cities Travelin’: Como Zoo and St Paul

Tuesdays have become one of my favorite days of the week. Aside from having Tuesdays Off (that’s my Tumblr btw 😉 ) I get to spend them with Jameson of Lessons with Coffee and explore Twin Cities like never before.

2014-07-08 10.19.44


Last week we went to Como Zoo, and since I’ve been there multiple times on field trips with kids from work, I knew I wanted to visit Conservatory Gardens. We did however tried to take a picture of giraffes walking outside through the fence, to which a little girl told us that we have to walk around and go through the entrance to do that.

The Conservatory Gardens was a lot of what I expected and more. The inside is beautiful, but I think the Japanese Garden was my favorite, including the bonsai exhibit. Did you know that all bonsai trees are shaped like a triangle? And sometimes there are accent plants that can’t be higher than the top of the pot next to them? I learned so much that day. We met a really helpful volunteer, who told us about the Japanese tea ceremony and the tea house. I love tea, but I don’t think I could drink that green tea that they serve there.

2014-07-14 06.44.57 2014-07-14 06.48.20 2014-07-14 06.49.11 2014-07-14 06.49.33


2014-07-11 09.28.43 2014-07-14 06.50.34

2014-07-08 10.57.19 2014-07-08 10.56.53 2014-07-08 10.56.42


2014-07-11 14.35.11


After we visited the Conservatory Gardens the plan was to stop by The Russian Tea House on University Ave. But apparently that place is only open on Fridays 11-3! Too bad, so sad! And I was!

2014-07-08 11.58.01


So instead we stopped by Second Debut, took pictures in front of the awesome mural. And then drove to Grand Ave and ate lunch at Salut!

2014-07-14 07.07.47



Stay tuned for the nest Twin Cities Travelin’, it’ll be my Birthday edition one! Until then – Have fun!

Z & J

2014-07-12 22.34.14

Fear Not

My biggest fear was I was going to hate it! Having lived on the east coast for 2 years, one year within a 30 minute train ride from Manhattan, one on the Upper West Side, New York had it’s spell over me! But I had the fear of being delusional. The night before I left I couldn’t sleep. Whether it was stress, or my sinuses infection, I kept waking up on the hour every hour. Less than 2 hours on the plane and it’s like I never left. The flipping each other off cab drivers, the view of Manhattan, it was all there and it was the same. I changed. New York didn’t. It stayed true to itself. And for this, I am grateful.