Autumn in August

grey leggings target high waisted jeggings mossimo redesigned jeans four zhenyas

Target denim leggings | TJMaxx faux leather jacket | Popsugar hoodie| Frye boots | Target handbag | Forever 21 shirt | Coralized necklace 

The past two days have been a welcome fall preview in Minneapolis. The leather jacket came out, the hoodie made it’s appearance, denim leggings didn’t seem like too much or too hot or too anything… I am so excited for the rain and 60 degrees, but I am even more excited for school to start. Sam and I are going to campus on Thursday to hang out, visit the St Paul campus, because Sam has never been there, walk along the river, and get my books and planner (I really feel like my life has been in chaos without one). We are also looking forward to going to Boom Island Park!

Bel Kazan

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Classes are in full swing and all of a sudden I am busy with all my assignments and readings. But I love it. It does mean a little less time for the blog. A little less words. Though that’s what we need sometimes – less words.

Here is a dress so beautiful and unique you may think I am weird. It’s a Bel Kazan. And is more of a summer dress than anything. I really don’t care what season it is though, I just want to wear it.

I styled the dress two different ways. Do you like it more with a sweater over it or a leather jacket?

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!

2015-01-26 08.40.57

Hello, Moto!






Happy Saturday!

Above all else today I wish you spring, and joy, and edge! I wish you the ability to freely express yourself and be who you are, and be with who you want to be!


I’m wearing: Dress – JCrew – thrifted, Faux Leather Jacket – TJ Maxx, Cut out boots – Forever 21, Tote – Free People, Sunnies – Lucky


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Wrapped in Shawlsmith

I will never get tired of fall! The scarves, the leather, the layers I get to wear! Check out how I styled this summer boho dress on a sunny November day!

2013-11-02 15.55.36 2013-11-02 15.55.46

2013-11-02 16.13.06 2013-11-02 16.14.20

2013-11-02 16.12.40

2013-11-02 14.53.00

Nothing speaks more style to me this fall than a boho summer dress styled right for chilly days. I am wearing a cardigan and a leather jacket on top of mine! Paired up with fold over booties, and a Shawlsmith scarf, I am ready to take on the weather and the day!

Fold over boots  10 Dollar Mall

Boho dress 10 Dollar Mall

Levi’s Motorcycle jacket 

Scarf – Pippen – Shawlsmith London

Get 25% off your Shawlsmith order with this code SSL25

Happy Monday everyone! What are you wearing today?



Disclosure: I have been provided the Shawlsmith scarf for free in exchange for my honest opinion and styling tips. 

Learning Leather

As you know I freecycle, when I lived in NYC I freecycled a lot, here in Minneapolis, not so much. Maybe because I don’t need all that lumber or coal that’s being offered 😉 But last weekend I got some leather, and it’s amazing! I don’t even know where to begin. You know the really soft kind, the one that you touch and go – Ahhhhhhh! Yup, that kind! So now all I need is a few DIY projects, to put my leather to work! Here are some things that caught my eye, now am I going to have time to do them all? Hopefully! How soon until I post a DIY leather project? Well, maybe as early as this Friday! So stay tuned! And here are my picks!

Leather Journal

 Bow Leather Cuff  

 Leather Necklace

 Leather Bracelets

 Leather Cuffs 

Leather Earrings   Leather Head Band

 Leather Belts

 Leather clutch 

All of these projects are also collected on one of my boards on Pinterest – so come check them out and get the instructions from there!