Tory Burch Diaper Bag and other events of the week!

Alright, so from Johnny Weir getting married, to the new season of The Bachelor and the Biggest Loser premiering this week, somewhere in between I found out that Tory Burch makes diaper bags! The ones that look like this:

Which I think is absolutely amazing! So if you ever have kids, dear readers, make sure to put this baby on the baby registry! Get it?!? LOL

In other news, Kim K got a hair cut! I bet $1 that these bangs are clip-ons 🙂

What? You don’t believe me that clip on bangs exist? Well they are available on amazon, and they are on sale!

And finally – out of all spring trends that are falling from Fall 2011, these two are my favorites:

Polka dots

 and bright pants:

But my favorite fashion looks still come from!

Have a good week everyone!




Over, over, overrated

This is a top 5 list of the most overrated celebrities out there, including movie stars, reality stars and singers. They were individually handpicked by me, and will hopefully entertain you this Friday nigh.

5. Megan Fox. Even the Transformers can’t transform that!

4. Snooki. Before or after the POOF, who cares? This reality TV celebrity isn’t only associated with the duck phone and orange skin now, but with the entire State of NJ :/

 And think about it, this girl almost died of anorexia, was she worried her boobs shrunk one size?

3. Kim Kardashian. I am pretty sure that by now the entire state of Minnesota hates her. And the Midori ads are all down!

2. Taylor Swift. The perfume, the Covergirl ads, the whole Romeo and Juliet reenactment. She should hook up with Mr.Bieber, they would make a perfect couple.

Surprisingly enough, her POOF is sometimes bigger than Snooki’s! What’s up with that? I know that for a lot of you she is a real role model, some perfect person, you can’t get enough of. But one can’t keep up the “perfect” profile forever!

1. Kristen Stewart. I am pretty sure I am going to get slaughtered by you, for putting the Twilight’s main heroin on the list, and moreover making her a number 1. But how can you be a fan of this?

At the same time I have nothing against Dunkin, the best place ever, and they should open one in Minneapolis already! Target’s gingerbread house is just not enough!

Alright maybe this is an old one, but this? You gotta be kidding me! The girl can’t act!

The title for the above picture is – You found Kristen Stewart, now can you find her hair?

Anyways, I hope you didn’t take this too seriously, neither did I! The peanut butter chocolate chip cookies are all done, tomorrow we are going back into the FASHION ZONE!