Katie Holmes Inspired

Growing up there were certain shows I watched, certain celebrities I liked, and Katie Holmes was probably at the top of my list. Remember her as Joey Potter in Dawson’s Creek? I have actually been watching some of the episodes from the first Season recently!

And I definitely like Katie before Tom!

And her all-white outfit!

In fact I liked it so much, I decided to copy it!

It’s summer after all, and that is a good enough reason to wear white! And I love love love white! So white it up, up until Labor Day weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

Lace Top. Part 2

As my friend Erin would say: “The hooker top is finished!” And as promised, I wore a tank top underneath, I also wore it with a white pair of jeans that I originally bought for my summer Katie Holmes (circe Season 1 of Dawson’s Creek, if any of you remember that show!) and I am sorry, those white jeans were the first thing i grabbed in my closet. I didn’t want to wear the top with a pair of black sweats, that’s just tacky! Anyways, the top is finished, and so am I. I taught 6 ESL lessons today, my brain is fried, my eyes won’t close (yes close, because I had some cheap-o left over coffee, which I haven’t had for a month), and I haven’t had dinner! But yet, here I am on wordpress, posting the pics of my latest DIY! That’s dedication!

So here is what the new top looks like on the hanger:

And on me:

Have a good day everyone,