Plushenko should be mentioned in Russian National Anthem

And according to my husband he is, this is how Sam sings the first 2 lines of the Russian National Anthem (disclaimer: if you are extremely patriotic, don’t read this, otherwise I’ll get accused in blasphemy! LOL)

Rossiya Bolshaya

Raz Dva Plushenko…

So you get the idea πŸ™‚

But in spite of being a sour loser at the last winter Olympics, he goes and gets a 7th gold medal at the European Championship. It’s one heck of achievement indeed. I mean where is Lysacek? Where are other skaters? Plushenko has turned himself into a skating king, and the only person who can follow in his steps is Johnny Weir, he is half Russian anyways!

The commentary to the video is in Russian, but you don’t need to speak the language to understand the movement and the final score πŸ˜‰

Have a fabulous week!




Tory Burch Diaper Bag and other events of the week!

Alright, so from Johnny Weir getting married, to the new season of The Bachelor and the Biggest Loser premiering this week, somewhere in between I found out that Tory Burch makes diaper bags! The ones that look like this:

Which I think is absolutely amazing! So if you ever have kids, dear readers, make sure to put this baby on the baby registry! Get it?!? LOL

In other news, Kim K got a hair cut! I bet $1 that these bangs are clip-ons πŸ™‚

What? You don’t believe me that clip on bangs exist? Well they are available on amazon, and they are on sale!

And finally – out of all spring trends that are falling from Fall 2011, these two are my favorites:

Polka dots

Β and bright pants:

But my favorite fashion looks still come from!

Have a good week everyone!




Etsy: Yay or Nay?

A lot of time I’d be walking through a store and then spot something totally cool and handmade looking! I’d look at the price tag and think to myself – why are they charging so much for it? And then I have the second thought – I can totally make this myself! I know I am not the only genius out there who has had the same thought before, but I just don’t see why someone would charge almost $200 for this knit throw (which is only 15% wool and 85% acrylic)

So the question of the day is – should I open my own Etsy shop? Please vote and comment below!



PS. On the other note – congratulations to Johnny Weir, he is proof that Americans don’t only marry Russian women, they also marry Russian men!